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    I like Green Day and other gothic bands.
  1. Mew Mew Power. Its like, for little kids and its kind of like sailor moon, which alot of people dont like.
  2. One of my friends names was Star, so I thought it would be cool to have two r's in stead of one. My other username, which I didnt use here, is Angel of Death. My old soc. teacher from last year called his siste that, so I thought it was cool so I made it one of my usernames.
  3. I just started playing DDR Extreme(first time, never played any game like it before!) a couple weeks ago and im already on light mode. My favorite song to do is 321 Stars and Butterfly. (I play the japanese versions)
  4. My first crush was this gothic guy(he loovees anime!), who I was friends with in the 7th grade named Mike Brissie. The day before I was going to ask him out, I saw him in the hall kissing this girl I really hated. Now, he never talks to me and is always with that girl. :animesigh My life sucks.
  5. [QUOTE=Lady Katana][color=darkblue]Not true. If other kids can't pick on clothes, they'll pick on shoes, accessories or whatever else they find to just demean someone. [/color][/QUOTE] But, that also eliminates one problem: kids wont judge other kids for what they wear. [quote name='Baron Samedi][size=1']It's just occurred to me - this isn't a question for an English assignment or anything, is it?[/size][/quote] No, but I just didnt want people just to say 'no I dont think people should wear school uniforms' I wanted to know why they feel that way. [b][color=DarkSlateBlue][size=1]Starr112, please don't double post. I've merged your two consecutive posts together, but in future please just use the 'EDIT' button in the bottom right of your post if you feel the need to add something. [/size][/color][/b] [right][color=DarkSlateBlue][size=1]-Raiyuu[/size][/color] [/right]
  6. Should there be school uniforms? Give reasons for your answer. I think there should be because then kids wouldnt get picked on for wht they wear.
  7. Starr112

    Gaming Ddr

    I know Dance Dance Revolution is kind of old, but I think its a really good game. (even though I'm not too good at it :animeswea .)Anybody else play DDR?
  8. Here's some of my new art Tell me what you think!! [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v510/saralybee/Drawings/Zakuro.png[/img] --This is Zakuro from the Tokyo Mew Mew series. [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v510/saralybee/Drawings/Kawwai.png[/IMG] --This is Yuki from Fruits Basket [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v510/saralybee/Drawings/Ichigo.png[/IMG] --This is Ichigo also from Tokyo Mew Mew.
  9. [quote name='lilkid']hey try to straighten ur face it looked like you were going for it and the neck is a little shorter looking at it on the right[/quote] I know, but I did this like a year ago, so my drawing was worse that it is now.
  10. You know the piece of text under your name and 'member' or 'new member', how do you put text there?
  11. [quote name='kuronekolovesed']Sooo.......I'm popular. Wooot. :animesmil[/quote] Im not sure your popular...
  12. [QUOTE=indifference][COLOR=Indigo]If you look closely you will see that all the avatars are 150 x 80 or smaller. Just right click on anyone?s avatar and then choose properties and you will see that the dimensions are all 150 x 80 or smaller. If the avatar you want to use is too big then you can either use software like adobe to make it smaller or you can go to the art request lounge and post the picture there as many members would be willing to help you by making an avatar out of the picture that fits the guidelines. [/COLOR][/QUOTE] I know but it wont even let me have a small avatar. All I could put is this gir one and a couple others.
  13. ..she's on this site. kuronekolovesed is her name on here. So this is what she looks like.
  14. [IMG]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y58/vashroxmysox/Customs/Scanned/Picture.bmp[/IMG] I drew this a looonnng time ago, but I'll still show you people. :catgirl:
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    How many posts do you need to be a member?
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