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  1. Darkeldar201

    Gaming Grand Turismo 2 Help

    My Say just keep trying until u beat it thats what i did (it was annoying)
  2. Darkeldar201

    Gaming Devil May Cry 2 (Devil Never Cry)

    I loved the first 1 its like my favourite game the second one might be even better!! :beer:
  3. Darkeldar201

    Gaming PS2 Only $199!

    How come ever time i buy somthin it allways gets slashed by like 100$ just me luck i get a 300$ think now its 200$
  4. Darkeldar201

    Gaming Legend of Dragoon help

    cool that seems good to use thanx Darkeldar201:alcohol::beer::sick::stupid:
  5. Darkeldar201

    Gaming Rockstar Games

    [COLOR=crimson]Rockstar games rule!!!! they should make alot more destructive games like State Of emergency[/COLOR] [COLOR=firebrick]Darkeldar201[/COLOR] :alcohol:
  6. Darkeldar201

    Gaming Baulders Gate: Dark Alliance

    has any1 playedthe game? it awesome if u like diablo 2 ul like this it has stuff like platemail and long swords and spells its really cool Darkeldar201:alcohol: [size=1][color=blue] I want to take this opportunity to ask that we stray from posting cheats in the forum. This forum serves as a place to discuss games rather than how to cheat in them. If anyone wants cheats for this game, they can pm Darkeldar201. Also watch e-slang like "ul." It serves in making posts difficult to read. Thank you. -Crazy White Boy [/size][/color]
  7. Darkeldar201

    Gaming Legend Of Dragoon i need HELP on it!

    yo single h whats the best way 2 beat the last boss in dragoon cause i keep on getting him to his last stage when i have full health and then he keeps on confusing me so how do i avoid that and i hate those 1 hit kos Darkeldar201 :alcohol:
  8. Darkeldar201

    Gaming Have I Missed A Resident Evil Game??

    can't forget code veronicax its good and the graphics r amazing but surviver the graphics are lame and the game is too short
  9. Darkeldar201

    Gaming Top 5 Xbox/PC games put together?

    doesnt any1 here like the diablo games????? well heres mine 1. Diabo2 Lord of Destruction the rest i havnt realy thaught of Darkeldar201:alcohol:
  10. Darkeldar201

    Gaming Maximo: Ghosts To Glory

    Maximo is not that bad but its too hard and the enemies are annoying, once you kill one anotherone gets you. Once you loose your armour your in your underpants, and you can only have full armour for 20 seconds,but you are invincible for that time exept for if you fall in a hole or somthing. i give this game a 5/10 Darkeldar201 :alcohol: :hippy: :confused:
  11. Darkeldar201

    Gaming Legend of Dragoon help

    i did like a million things i even saved up every potions till every1 was like 50 hp left then i used healing rain then i turned to darts specail and i made rose use astral drain 5 times and i made haschal use his punching and then i made dart use his strongest move and it still didn't work but i made him 2 his last stage Darkeldar201 :alcohol: :hippy::laugh:
  12. Darkeldar201

    Gaming Resident Evil Online Screenshots

    yo for once i actually have good news! their making two more Resident evil games! Resident evil 1.4 and another 1. they have to be good. Darkeldar201 :alcohol: :mrt: :butthead:
  13. Darkeldar201

    Gaming Resident Evil: The Movie (R)

    I think the movie takes place before the game, to show you how the zombies were created. (ps: coming March 15: in theaters every where) Darkeldar201:alcohol::mrt: :hippy:
  14. Darkeldar201

    Gaming Legend of Dragoon help

    My Albert and kongol are very weak and ive been training them for a while, but my 3 best ppl(including Dart) are haschal and rose Darkeldar201:Alcohol: :hippy: :buthead:
  15. Darkeldar201

    Gaming Legend of Dragoon help

    ive tried that site alot and it got me far but it didn't get me passes the boss Darkeldar201:alcohol::hippy::p