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  1. Now, this has probably been said before some where but I havnt read it, sorry if it has, I just though it would make an interesting topic. If you could shown someone ONE piece of anime, be it a series (particular ephisode?) or movie, to impress them, what would it be? Remember, one. I ask this question beacause im trying to get somone I know into anime but they ar'nt that keen, so what would really make someone who isnt familiar with anime go "Whoa! WTF!" (in a good way)?
  2. "Would you shut up about my disproportionally large right hand?"
  3. Ha, sorry bout before. Yes im new.
  4. Anyone seen Hayao Miyazaki?s latest, "The Moving Castle", I might go see it down the cinema this weekend, anyone seen it? is it any good? :cool:
  5. [URL=http://www.advfilms.com/titles/komugi/]Official Linkage! [/URL]
  6. Im new aswell, and sure ill give it a shot. errrr... Yeah, anime is good. Proper.
  7. Mine was probably Dragonball Z or pokemon, which I saw and though nothing of it, but after seeing FLCL I really started to get into it. Proper.
  8. Amen Although I think it would be good to see some Portis head Such as "Glory Box" or "Only You" (dont think they're american, then some of those otheres ie Led zeppelin and Pink Floyd aren't american) (sorry to be picky) (Ill shut up now)
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