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    I love anime, and soon, I'm going to make my own manga.
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  1. [quote name='Dagger']So, how does this differ from the [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=50596][u]Anime Suggestions[/u][/url] topic? I gather that the point of this thread is to convince others to watch your favorite series, right? You've hinted at some kind of larger structure, but only in vague terms. Would you have any serious objections if I merged the two threads? ~Dagger~[/QUOTE] Erm... Excuse me... but I just want to catch good opinions on other anime's you know before I watch them, get a brief description. I can get pretty bored with thing quickly so I'd bet
  2. :catgirl: Hey, hey people! Anyone from the UK, or outside coming to the London Expo this month? It's in 10 days. :P If you are, tell me what you'll be doing, and if you're entering the cosplay competition then note down what you're going as. I'm going as Mew Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew ~ Nyah! :catgirl:
  3. [quote name='strwpoptart'][COLOR=Green][FONT=Garamond]I like action, comedy, and romantic animes. The ones that manage to have all 3 in one (with obviously good graphics and/or drawing) are the best and most awesome animes. For example, Fruits Basket didn't have so much in the way of action, but it had a bit of romance and mystery in it and of course it has comedy so all in all a great Anime. DN Angel had romance, a little comedy but not much, and of course action, so this was an awesomr anime too. Of course there are many other great ones out there that need mentioning, but we all know wha
  4. [Hayao Miyazaki] Well I can watch Hayao Miyazaki's Shows all day! I have 3 DVD's of his at the moment, and they are; -Spirited Away -Kiki's Delivery Service -Princess Mononoke But I could watch spirited away over and over again, no matter how boring it could be for you, that's your opinion not mine! Woo! That's why I chose this avatar, containing Chihiro. It's sooo cute!
  5. Toonami I would think is getting boring, I know that Naruto is off the channel, I liked it to, but try finding programmes that would or might have a connection between anime. :animesigh I used to have CNX but now it's all onto toonami... :animecry:
  6. Well, interesting but how could someone not like anime? It's pointless... Japanese cartoons (anime) is great! The most best ever cartoons, I wouldn't know who would refuse to watch them, even though it dosen't sound delightful, still they could figure out the genre. Since I got my friend to watch Spirited Away, she didn't seem too bothered about it, I thought, 'What's the point in watching other cartoons than anime all the time'? Think of it, that's how BORING life could be. The first anime I saw was Dragonball Z, I think, or I can't think of anything else I saw before, that was 8-10, 1
  7. Well I mean that your favourite anime would be the star of the week, and convince more people to watch them... Really it's just a fantasy, nothing special, but they could be good. But you really have good tags on the topic, interesting. Maybe if people vote the same, your anime would be popular for the week, so would you. Chihiro,xxx
  8. [B]Anime Stars; This thread would be about what's interesting about your favourite anime? Explain Why.. I'd just like to think which anime would be perfect for others and me to watch, to catch the latest on it. Would your anime be the top Anime Star of the Week? Voting will come soon, but first describe. I'd really vote for Spirited Away, also Naruto. I'd like to add... :animeswea ...that if you'd like to add more, then feel free! :rolleyes: Besides, your anime may be the best.
  9. [B][I] Anime is literally japanese cartoons, for an example DBZ, a detailed anime cartoon. :animeswea Other cartoons like spongebob, are not anime! spongebob is American unfortunately... :animeswea Well my favourite shows from anime is DBZ, Princess Mononoke, Kiki's Delviery Service, Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro and the rest from Hayao Miyazaki. :catgirl: I enjoy these, but there are many more anime I like, xxx chihiro... :D
  10. I think it's a bit crap, by the way I don't really watch DBZ, but I've seen a few when my bro watched it.... he's quite moaning about them not being on for a while... But I guess toonami is getting really boring with new shows going in and cool shows going out.. xxx chihiro...
  11. [FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode] Personally I would think Pokemon Advanced Battle is my first fave, anything else is cool. Except most robot stuff, it just don't make sense.. Poll now open, vote! xxx chihiro. Mostly I would think Hayao Miyazaki, is cool, I just die for his cartoons, I like to collect DVD's of his and maybe some collectibles. Seriously Vote.
  12. You should know that now cartoon Network don't show stuff like Dragon Ball Z anymore or Zoids, they first placed them on CNX then/now toonami.... xxx chihiro
  13. [B]I think the new anime is better, think of all the anime on toonami right now, you know... anyway, the detail in most anime is perfect, and it's ex. I'm practising to be a japanese cartoonist... even though i'm not japanese... but I'm very into Hayao miyazaki, and his anime cartoons.
  14. [B]Well, I have 3 DVD's of Hayao Miyazaki's; Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke... I thought they were absolutely great! I can draw Kiki, - my friends like it, But anyway Spirited Away was my favourite, then Kiki's Delviery Service and Princess Monon... I'm tryin' to get more DVD's to complete my collection. I'm practising to be a Japanese Cartoonist one day, nothing to brag about really... :catgirl: :D
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