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  1. To Des, I just saw the news from Beth and I am stunned. We drifted apart over the years but I sometimes reminisce back in time when we had theO chats, skype calls.. AIMs. You touched many lives in more ways than you probably knew. One particular time stands out to me, in the early days of our acquaintance. You went to boil some water in the microwave and I remember thinking, "who the heck boils water in a microwave??" That memory still makes me smile. You were incredibly kind, and such a genuine person. Like many others, I don't know what to say that can express how I feel in this moment. Lif
  2. http://chan.catiewayne.com/b/src/131655251350.png

  3. Excited for snow. :3

    1. Lyndy



    2. Pleiades Rising

      Pleiades Rising

      We finally had some last night, but it turned into freezing rain. Fun times, as always.

    3. Felix the Cat
  4. I'mma savour the views.

  5. Viewing your profile. What'cha going to do about it?

  6. Skype isn't working for me, so it wasn't really a password problem. Time to tinker with the settings.

  7. Tried signing into Skype the other day and forgot my password...then signed in the next day and forgot my new password! I really should use it more often.

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