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  1. Gaming

    I've been playing a lot of Forza 3 on my Xbox. It's actually quite fun! Also, it's great seeing my boyfriend's inner car-nerd as he's telling me all this information about every car I win. =P Other than that, I've just been playing Aion on my computer. I haven't played another MMO since Guild Wars first came out, but I'm in love with it. In fact, I haven't played in a long while.... *goes to play*
  2. Hello! I lack the magical ability to make pretty CG things with photoshop, so I was hoping that someone could make a simple set for me.
  3. There is a very famous homeless man in Richmond... and most Richmonders have seen him or heard him at least once. He's an old black man, riding his bike around the city with all of his possessions packed onto the bike. All he does, is bike and quack. Loudly. Constantly. It's the strangest thing I've ever seen.
  4. I've been smoking some indica heavy weed for about 5 hours straight and I just finished another bowl. Thought I'd give this thread a try. =3 10:26- Start writing this message 10:30- deciding if it would be smart for me to smoke some more 10:32- Giggles about something she heard on Loveline 10:33- Runs out of things to say I'd like to note, that when I'm high I try to be more elloquent then usual. However it takes forever for me to word each sentence just right, not to mention that my fingers and hands are shakey. Damn hands.
  5. I'm sure that if you live in America, then you have at least heard of American Idol. If not, I am aware that most other countries have their own version of it. So I'm asking you all what you think of it. Do you like/hate it? Would you consider auditioning? What are your thoughts generally about it? I just figured that as big as the show is, I'm sure that some of you must watch it. What is my opinion? I've watched the show with my mother, every episode, for the past 2 seasons. I am a singer, and an emense(sp?) lover of just about every type of music, therefore it interests me. I am espically interested now that a 'rock' artist got so succesfull. At first the only genres being played were R&B, Pop, Country, and Jazz, and although I appreciate all of those (except most country), I really get excited now watching artists like Constantine and Chris Daughtry. I am actually planning on auditioning the summer before I go to college. I have been singing all of my life, and although I'm not that confident (which can be a good thing, if you see all of the overconfident contestants who can not sing a note, then argue with the judges which is my biggest pet peeve) I still believe that I have a good chance. I'm not really expecting to win, but if a band who is into the music that I like to sing sees me, then I might still have a carrer. Anyways, what do you all think?
  6. [QUOTE=NIKI12345]Hmm I have to think about this one for a minute...... Well I have made up mt mind I would die a painless death Would you ratherbe shown all the sins you have done Or Would you rather see all the lives that you destroied?[/QUOTE] Hmm.... I think that I would see all of the lives that I had destroyed, even though it is the harsher option. It is sort of a reality check. Would you spend $1,000 on anime figurienes? OR Would you spend $200 on a prostitute?
  7. Art

    Ok, it has been a couple of days now, so I'll claim Han Ki-tae's character. I hope that I get it done in time... -^^- __________________________________________ [QUOTE=han ki-tae]It's been a while since I've posted anything at all. Here goes my entry. I loved the way he looked. So thoughtfull at the same time seeming not to care about a thing. Sad eyes, with no emotion. HEHEHE. Paradox guy I would call him. The second drawing is my character. No name - just a sketch i guess. Feel free to draw her as you please.[/QUOTE]Alright, I think that I did well. Yes, it is a bad picture of the drawing because I'm instaling my scanner as we speak. I'll edit in a better version as soon as I can. [url="http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/47871822/"]http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/47871822/[/url] Alright, My original's name is Mene. Her only specific charastics are her pink curly hair and her bright green eyes. -^^- Have at her: [url="http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/46717676/"]http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/46717676/[/url]
  8. I'm planning on going to Nekocon X (:catgirl: ) this year, and I hope to cosplay Black Mokona, Sakura from Tsubasa, and Yomiko Readman from ROD. Last year at Nekocon was my first convention and even though I was only there for one day, it was the most fun that I have had in a long time. Sadly, since I can't get a job until my grades go up, I won't have the money to go to any other Con. Oh well, I should take it slow anyway. :rolleyes:
  9. Art

    Hey all. Some of you may remember me, mabye not. I havn't really posted in at least six months... But on the the point. I'm a long time "artist" but I've never had the chance to really get any constructive criticism. Therefore, I will be posting a new drawing every once-and-a-while. That, and if anyone knows how, Iwould like to know how to digitaly color my drawings with GIMP. I do notice there are tutorials for photoshop around this thread, but I havn't seen one for GIP just yet, and I am way too broke to even think of buying PS. Here is my best drawing so far (in my opinion): [url="http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/45534774/"]http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/45534774/[/url]
  10. Well, I just turned sixteen in late august, and already I have the most beasty (in a good way) job ever.... I work at Busch Gardens Europe as a Scare Squad member. I am in a clown themed maze and I scare an average of 200 people a night, working fridays saturdays and sundays.-^^- I love my job... Oh yeah, and I get $8.75 an hour. >=P
  11. As far as how I founf out about sex, when I was five my eleven year old cusin told me that he wanted to **** me, then explained exactly what he ment. Yeah.... So here is my sexual profile: Now, I am a bit obsessed with sex. I have several Frinds-with-Benifits, and out of a completly male friend group, I am the most horny the majority of the time. Sad, I know. In my head, I strictly divide sexual and emotional feelings. If I am ****ing someone, I keep that whole part of the relationship seperate from any feelings I might have for them. It just seems too complicated when you mix them. I mastrubate every day, and sometimes two or three times a day (and trust me, that is a hell of a lot for a woman) and watch pr0n and hentai quite often. My favorite place is in a pool, and my favorite position (although i don't know the name for it) is basicly me against a wall with my legs wraped around the guy's waist. Yeah, I am sure that all of you wanted to know all of that, lol.
  12. Heh, I lost. I swear to god, this game is the best thing ever invented. It keeps me very amused. A friend mentioned it to me two years ago, and I don't think that I have thought about it for over a year now. -.-; Damn you Des... I am now compeled to print out several copys of the rules of the game and post them all over school with a "Losers" sign-up sheet under it. -^^- 'Twould be awesome. Oh, and to those who said that they have won the game for all of the years before they were aware, you are worng. In order to win the game, you have to be playing the game, and in order to play the game, you must be aware of the game. First rule people...
  13. [quote name='Charles']lol @ the original poster being concerned about her boyfriend blocking her when he is ****ing someone else anyways.[/quote] He isn't ****ing someone else now, he was then and stoped.
  14. [QUOTE=Charles]Some of you insist that he shouldn't have asked the question unless he was prepared for the truth, but [b]the fact of the matter is that he probably just suggested the game as a means of finding out if she had sex with his good friend or not[/b]. Jealousy had probably been brewing while she was with him and he probably wanted to put his mind at ease. [/QUOTE] Just letting ya'll know that I started the game, not him. We talked this morning, and he explained a bit of it. He explained how he has had a pretty continous rivalry with this friend, and that he really didn't expect for me to list him. I said that I really didn't think before I posted and was thinking of a strictly sexual experience with no emotions attached, and said that if I did look back and add my emotions to the situation then it would have been him that I picked. I also explained how asking for specifics such as names really isn't a good choice, and would be akin to me asking him who exactly he ****** during one of our break-ups. (I had bought him a new box of condoms right before we had a fight, and they were all gone when we got back together. He admited to ****ing someone else, but won't tell me who it is). I really am not sure how he stands on this yet, but I'm hoping that I will find out soon... The only thing is, that I have a habit of forgiving him too easily. After how he treated me (he didn't just ignore me, he was extremly rude the next time that I tried to talk to him) I don't know wether to forgive him or not... I feel like I have a right to be mad at him, and that I shouldn't forgive just yet, but I'm not sure...
  15. Hello everyone. I figured that the best place to go with this is somewhere with a lot of experienced and different people, so here I am. I have been best friends with this boy for almost two years now. We both had crushes on eachother when we just met, but since I wasn't aware of his feelings I ended up 'chasing after' someone else. that person just happened to be a good friend of his, but we will get to that later. that year, since I was occupied with his friend, ended up going out with someone else the rest of that year. They broke up over the summer, and since he told me that were he not with his GF he would be with me, I immediately brought up the fact that we should be together. Since then we have had a lot of drama (for those problems in great angry detail, check out my LJ: [url]www.livejournal.com/~Dhampir_Rose[/url]. Tis about three posts down). Now, after school ended, we were on great terms. He admited to the fact that he had feeling for me the whole year, but was too afraid to tell me for some reason. We have been talking just about every day and things have been great until the other night. We were both bored and we were playing a little game. Asking eachother sex-related questions. So he ended up asking me: "With whom have you had your best sexual experience. Honest now." Knowing that I couldn't lie to him, I quickly asked if he would be mad at my outcome, and he said no. I then told him that my best sexual experience was with his friend that I went out with (at the begining of the post) and he immediately signed off (we were on AIM). So last night, after figuring out that he was 'ignoring' my main account, he was all kinds of pissed at me. This is the coldest that he has ever been to me, and it's tearing me up. He refuses to talk to me until tomorrow, when he comes over to pick up some notes of his. My main reason for posting this whole thing, is that I need advice. I can't wait until tomorrow to figure this whole thing out. I have been having a panic attack since our talk last night, and I need to go to class tonight and I don't think that I can handle all of this. If you have any advice at all, it will be appreciated. Am I wrong to think that he shouldn't be mad at what I said since he is the one who asked?