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  1. [quote name='Hug Monster][COLOR=Purple']That's kind of how my freshman year is going. School is just so damn frivilous I pretty much just don't care how I do, long as I pass. I've gotten so bored int the afternoons that I tend to fall asleep when I get home, wake up near bed-timea and stay up watching anime.[/COLOR][/quote] Heh. I wish my life was that slow. I can barely keep up with everything I have going on especially with midterms around the corner.
  2. The second riku fight was definetly harder than ansem's second form. You have to be skilled in guard and counterattack skills to win that one. Also, bass from megaman battle network series was hard.
  3. My username comes from a video game called Tales of Symphonia. The first part "cruxis" comes from an evil organization in the game. The second part "Seraphim" Comes from the four seraphim in cruxis.
  4. I have another one! Anyway, it was during the day of my birthday. I had to serve mass that day in church and I didn't appreciate waking up at 6:00 in the morning to do it.
  5. Thanks! I really appreciate it. By the new pm me if ya ever want to talk about anime! Thanks again!
  6. What would be your perfect date with any anime character of your choosing. Mine would be watching the sun go down while in the arms of rei ayame from neon genesis evangelion.
  7. I hate to ask this, but could you also find a rei pic from neongenesis evangelion to put on my sig and avay. Thanks!
  8. Can anyone give me the link the a rei picture I can use for my sig. Also,could you find one for my avatar? Thank ya! :animesmil
  9. What would be the perfect date for you with any anime character? For me, I would cuddle up with Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion and watch as the sun went down. [color=#ff6600]When replying to this thread, please answer the question and give a reasonably detailed description or explanation. [quote]....... :catgirl: :catgirl: :animeblus :animeblus :catgirl: :animeshy: :animenose :animestun :animeknow :animeknow :animeknow :o :o :catgirl: :catgirl: :catgirl: i'm so embarrassed lol but i would pick INUYASHA!!!! :animesmil :animesmil :animesmil[/quote] is [i]not[/i] an accepatable response. In fact, it's bordering on banworthy. -Lore[/color]
  10. Rei Ayame from neon genesis evanfelion. I would love just to sit and cuddle with her while watching the sun go down.
  11. Can someone find me a picture of Riku's soul eater for my sig? It'd be appreciated.
  12. Who here is a fan of .hack legend of the twlight bracelet? I personally like it. My favorite character is shugo.
  13. I'm getting a couple of video games and several anime DVD's.
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