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  1. Hey All: Thank you for your help. I found the answer on another site. HERE! This is the game I was talking about: [url]http://www.lupinencyclopedia.com/content/view/25/28/[/url] Now, does anyoen have any idea where I can find this monster? :D
  2. Hey All! I was lucky enough to play a demo of Wild Arms 4 and it is great. It is an RPG in a stlye that mixes Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. I just read that RPGland.com gave it a score of 8.5 out of 10. It comes out tomorrow and I am excited! I played earlier Wild Arms games and was not impressed, but this version is being produce by a brand new company XSEED and it plays great! They've got a new battle systme based on ares instead of single characters. It really opens up tons of new possibilities during the fights. Seriously, check it out! [url]www.wildarms4.com[/
  3. To begin, LUPIN the THIRD is my favorite Anime charater. I'd like to say that I wish they'd meak it into a movie, but I know it'd never live up to my standards. Does anyone know if there was Lupin the Third game that existes waaaay back in the 80's? The one I am thinking of played much like Dragon's Lair - you had to move the controller in the correct direction to keep the cartoon going. I have a memory of it from way back. Does anyone know anything about this? I think that the title may have been something called "Roof Jumper" but I am not sure? Thanks for any help.
  4. 1-2-3 Here we go! 1. What is the most awesome game you've played recently? 2. What game were you really excited about and then let down by once you played it? How would you have made it better? 3. What two characters (video game, anime, or comic book) would you mash together to create an amazing new video game? Where would it take place? Who would be the ultimate bad guy? Looking forward to your answers! :devil:
  5. Worst movie I have ever seen... Cabin Fever. Terrible.
  6. I say King Kong and loved it. LOVE IT! My least favorite section was the running of the Brotosauruses. I think the movie could have done without that. How can a human, with its' tiny legs, out run or keep up with a Dinosaur's 25 ft leg-span? I'm all for suspention of disbeliefe, but come on! What do you think?
  7. I grew up listening to Wierd Al. I've always felt that his 'impersonations" of songs that already existed were better than his originals. I've seen him four times in concert. he definitely puts on a good show. Has anyone seen his movie "UHF" ? It stars Wierd Al and Micheal Richards ("Kramer" from Seinfield before he was Kramer) Its a pretty good movie. I suggest you try and see it. :genius:
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