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    I know Inyuasha, Miroku (Hate em), Sango, Kagome, Shippou (Hate em), and Kirara, She bit me! >:(
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  1. "I'm still wondering about that big zoid we saw, how bout you Furio?" Furio gave out a rather loud growl "I remember it from somewhere, I just can't put my finger on it..." Kunai thought a moment "Hmm... I can't seem to remember, but something's telling me to go to the desert ruins..." Furio gave a panicing snarl "what is it?" Furio seemed alarmed of something "The ruins? dangerous? Nothing's to dangerous for me!" Furio sighed in a angry way "Stop being so paranoid... To the ruins!" He got in the cockpit and rode of into the desert, towards the ruins. ooc: I can't remember really, it was
  2. My new title "Fire mage" is the simplest things in the damn world, Im a mage... tht uses fire...
  3. The best gift in my life was love... Holy crap no! The best gift in my life was my new Nintendo DS w/ Nintendogs Chihuahua and friends XD
  4. Owner: What the Hell!? What happened to my cat!? Apparently he was shot in the back of the head with a pistol while it was eatting it's kibbles and bits... That was the smurfs new plan, death to all cats
  5. "Where did he go? He shouldn't have gone far... !" Lorna said in her Black Gun Sniper "Gotcha!" Kunai said "Where, How?..." Lorna Pondered "Camo, everyone knows Beserk Furys have those!" Kunai replied "I guess not everyone..." Lorna admitted "Take this!" Kunai, blasted the gun sniper off the cliff, which gave it critical damage at the fall... "Lousy, you left your guard down... It shouldn't be so easy to beat a Gun Sniper... After all, My town was obliterated by them..." he was angry, he shot an ion beam at a nearby mountain and blew it to pieces. "I could've caught up with those gun snipers!
  6. Prolly my fave FF char is Montblanc, the moogle from FFTA :D [IMG]http://nirvanag.com/bff/img/ffta/montblanc.jpg[/IMG] Not Because hes cute Not because hes cuddely AND DEFFINANLY NOT CUS HES FUZZY Because hes the first moogle in FF history to actually wield swords, staffs, guns, and Instruments, and also to KICK *** WITH EM
  7. :animenose DUH, why don't I look at my AVATAR! :animesmil :animesmil :animesmil
  8. Has anyone heard of Yankovic? He is a guy you makes songs from other songs... Such as the [URL=http://www.imagestorepro.com/ebay_song.html]Ebay song[/URL]
  9. Kenshin: Holy ****! What are you doing with my Sword!? Koaru: Doing what I should've done a LOOONG time ago... Kenshin: And... what might that be? Koaru: *Smiles evily*
  10. I heard its sorta like a hook, but some say its a slick box... which one is it!?!?!?
  11. Well, one of my problems are: Im trying to beat Fire Bowser in Lethal Lava Land on the DS, but its almost impossible (I did beat him once, but then my game died cus of lack of power) :animecry: My life is all a fender bender... lol :animestun :animesmil
  12. My title is from Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, Its a Red Mage and a Soldier = Red Knight!
  13. I usually whack my head on the wall and count every time my mom yells at me until she gets fed up and sends me to my room lol :p :p :p
  14. Before I Answer this, I would like to know if any1 is under 11 years of age, because i don't wanna explain something mature to under aged kids...
  15. If i had a Weapon, it would be a Black Greatsword with red outlines, and i would call it the [B]"[COLOR=Red]Blade of Supernova[/COLOR]"[/B], and i Would like a Samurai blade thats white and made of marble, i'd call it [B]"[COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Moon's Ray[/COLOR]"[/B]
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