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  1. Well... I'd have to go with my favourite game. Lost Magic, uses the touch screen... for everything. If not going for touch screen then I'd play mario & luigi. Animal Crossing is awesome too... if your not going for story and just fun and randomness.
  2. [QUOTE=PaganAngel][font="Gill Sans MT Condensed"][color="#993366"][size="2"] Was it just me, or did the boss on the airship subquest unlocked after you beat Infection make Skeith seem like a nancy schoolgirl? XD ...But I need some help, guys. I need to know how to get special grunties... so far I've only manage to raise an iron grunty and the dreaded noble grunties (Mon ami!). How do you get the others, like rainbow and poison?[/size][/color][/font][/QUOTE] Umm... his stats have to be bad to get so... I think it's like: 11 Golden Eggs, 3 Snaky Cactus, 4 Piney Apple, 1 Immature Egg
  3. [FONT=Impact]Arg, after like 4 months I still havn't been able to find .hack 3 or 4 and my uncle went out 1 day and got all 4 at one time... I got mad. I'll probably get it off him after he's done, but I still want to own a copy for myself. Can't wait to see the ending to this series. [/FONT]
  4. "On a new episode of Jerry Springer, You're wife is a Zombie and you're daughter's a... well the mix between them."
  5. Third place: [QUOTE=Dodeca][SIZE=1][B]Box'd Bob:[/B] Garr! The mighty Aqueous Bob caught in a cardboard trap of deadly proportions! Thou hast laid a trap most foul, terrorist filth! [B] Guard 1:[/B] Boy, that guy's a moron. [B]Guard 2:[/B] Meh, never a dull day with double-sided sticky tape. [B]Box'd Bob:[/B] Curse you all!! [B] Guard 1:[/B] Rofl, can I kick 'im?[/SIZE][/QUOTE] Tape hurts ripping it off.... double sided tape is worse you have to rip it off what you ripped it off with etc.. :animesmil 2nd place: [QUOTE=The Boss][color=dimgray][size=1]Delivery Man: [B]Federal Express delivery, can one of you sign?[/B] Guard 1:[B] *signs* Just put it over their with the rest of them.[/B] Guy in Box: [B]Haha... Thank you, Fed Ex...[/B] [/color][/size][/QUOTE] Lol... so many jokes going around in my school making fun of Fed Ex and their commercials... 1st place: [quote name='Swedish Chef'] Guy in box: Crikey. Here we see tha two henchmen. Watch their mejestic moves. Tha slightest noise can startle them. Now watch me pull out my semi automatic and shoot at em jus fer kicks![/quote] Crikey. I think I spotted a winner. Crocidile hunter is funny to watch. Honorable mention: [QUOTE=Bláse][size=1][color=slategray]Box Man: I'm... trapped in a box. Guard 1: ? Box Man: With the daiseys and butterflies and... Guard 1: What's with him? Box Man: Swirls of pretty colors... Guard 2: Wild party last night. Box Man: The sheep... squished by the sumos... oh no... sex slave? Guard 1: He toked? Box Man: RACOONS!!!!!!! Guard 2: What do you think? [/color][/size][/QUOTE] Love the randomness... I'm a slave to randomness. GO Swedish Chef, serve us up a good one! :animeswea
  6. Wow, I won. Thanks Dodeca. Now for my Metal gear solid Pic. [IMG]http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/344/asnakeinabox3dd.png[/IMG] I have a short time on the comp so I don't have much time to go searching.
  7. [quote name='Stafal-chan']^_^ heehee smart cept i'm usually broke in that game to start ^_^ heehee i didn't know you could use fairy orbs in dungeons..hee hee :animeswea i never actually thought to try that ^_^[/quote] Lol, must've taken a while to beat, I usually open all chests and defeat all monsters in each dungeon... not the field it takes to long, so then I don't have to travel to random dungeon later on trying to level before a story dungeon.
  8. "Introducing a new show........... Pimp your face"
  9. [quote name='Senko']ok. well here is my perdiciment, i am playing the last .hack game, .hack//quarentine and im haveing trounle finding a J virus core right now. I am aware that you find them in the omega server and that you have to data drain the small monsters to get it but here's the catch... when ever i run into a small monster i start to fight it (just to weaken the monster and get the virus core) but by the time that it gets to low hit points it just croaks it doesnt even data break so i cant even use data drain in the first place. :animedepr well anyways if you have any advice please, PLEASE! tell me :catgirl:[/quote] Ya i had to do that in the mutation, but i was to strong for them so what i did was put the other party members on heal or something so they won't attack and have kite solo them by the time they almost die and it says core break, so i just wait for the data drain.... but i got struck with bad luck and had to data drain like 50 times before i got a core.
  10. [quote name='Stafal-chan]well mickey [spoiler'] mickey is put there to bring sora back to life but he can fight to ^_^ he has regular attacks with a keyblade and he has something where you can shoot the enemy ^_^ then when you build mickeys drive up he'll heal Sora[/spoiler][/quote] Hmmm.... I should die more ofter hehe, I've never experienced being mickey. I want to try that, it sounds like fun. So do you turn back into sora automaticly or do you have to use a command?
  11. [quote name='Stafal-chan']hee hee ^_^ yeah i'm always broke in that game..oh yeah well basically after many attempts in mutation i got annoyed with it and ignored it for all of outbreak...hee hee :animeswea[/quote] I found her quite easy since I used haste and bane and then a lvl 2 dark spell. Yay, 100% unlocked in mutation, I found it in the bathroom under the washing machine... the theify person must of dropped it or something... luckly. In Outbreak and Quarantine is there any special armor like goblin and goblin R? Also, I now have new hate for Marlo, gah what he says gets really annoying.
  12. This is my most treasured game on the gamecube, I've beaten it twice and once at a party when we had a four player story which is the funnest thing EVER!! But I got stuck with Raine the whole story, she's not my favourite, but I got alot of praise for helping out. I want to play Tales of Phantasia, but I'm on a tight budget at the moment so I can't. It would be an even better, but confusing obviously if it was an online game.
  13. "I didn't think they let blonds into the Jedi order" All I could think of.
  14. [quote name='Stafal-chan']ah that really sucks....ohhh haha hmmm there's an item quest ~_~ hmmm... hee hee yaay items...ah but i can't beat this one stupid goblin it annoys me :mad: ...the MartinaR i believe is it's name...even when i put it to sleep and attack it doesn't damage it and it;s magic tolerance T_T damn goblins...[/quote] umm... isn't that the goblin from the end of mutation? you can buy wolf bane or something that takes off the magic tolerance from the second town... I think it's called Theta and at the scroll shop they'll sell some to you only a couple hundred each. =]
  15. now, i'm super mad, i still can't get outbreak and quarantine and what makes it all worse is that someone broke into our house and robbed us, and most of my games are gone, i'm still searching to see if mutation was stolen, but at least i have infection, and they stole 110$ out of my wallet!!!! Well, to the gaming, how hard is it to get all the items for the item quest? Is there any reward from doing it other then 100% completion of items?
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