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  1. Madmax

    Gaming Why are there never any new 2D Mario games?

    If they Put it on the gamecube and maxed the harware of the gc the game would be big. Because even if the character looked as good as the mario sunshine version (or ever better) It still save space by not having to do extra coding for a bigger engine. in fact it would a very small engine that it could be like at leas 20 hours long even looking the best it could.
  2. Madmax

    Gaming Mario sunshine help!

    cool thanks a bunch
  3. Madmax

    Gaming Mario sunshine help!

    I have about 43 shines and I need to now what do I do about the ray of light at the docks? Its realy messing with me P.S I came back for the fact that I like this place more than I originaly thought.
  4. Madmax

    Gaming Wierd

    still dsent work. :bawl: but hay I judt beat the game with mullen so I dont care.
  5. Madmax

    Gaming Rock man pics

    .txt files are fine unless your comp is a mac. :rolleyes: I did that cause it cant put on that stupid geo. I have a ton screens ror the new dbz game that I uhhh... got.
  6. Madmax

    Gaming Finally

    [URL=http://www.tritonlabs.com/]Someone is finally made/working on a good light kit that you install to you gba!!![/URL] ^ Clicky for linky I I
  7. Madmax

    Gaming This isnt nintendo but...

    I was wondering if any of you have gp32? [URL=http://www.upstategames.com/gp32_hw_sys.phtml]Hers a link[/URL] Its made buy a korean company and its supposedaly the Gbc/a killer. They had a site but to my best efforts it was untranslaitable. sorry if this dont belong here.
  8. Madmax

    Gaming Wierd

    Hmmm on THPS3 the code "MakedCards" dosent seem to work. I winder why all ther others do.
  9. Madmax

    Gaming Rock man pics

    I got some rockman zero 2 pics [url]http://us.share.geocities.com/madmaxdude/rockit.txt[/url] dont ask how caude I just did. :rolleyes:
  10. Madmax

    Gaming Some mildly interesting news.

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by James [/i] [B][color=royalblue]I think that this news is enormous -- maybe you can't see it. This is huge news primarily because it deals with Nintendo entrusting SEGA with one of its own franchises. This is a very rare thing -- Nintendo has never really done this before, except with second parties (and even they are owned partly by Nintendo itself). Nevertheless, the creative potential is huge. There is already talk of players being able to make tracks in the GameCube version (using the SD Memory Card, which has yet to be released) and actually taking that to the arcades...and playing your custom track on the arcade version. Of course, it's just speculation...but what other reasons would there be for using memory cards between arcade and console? Certainly, other things could be done (such as custom vehicles and bonus features), but this could really be the feature which will sell the SD Card.[/color] [/B][/QUOTE] That would be sweet. And it's on the gamecube so the grafix should be great.
  11. Madmax

    Gaming Sonic 2

    What levels on hero/dark to get the kart race in 2 player? I'm stuck
  12. Madmax

    Gaming blah join my pok

    C'mon please join I beg Ill make some mods.
  13. Madmax

    Gaming new game

    Opps i mean [url]http://lugia.pgamers.com[/url]
  14. Madmax

    Gaming new game

    If tyou want a good site go here [url]http://lugia.pgamers.net[/url] dang i love these smiles :angel: :angel: :butthead: :freak: :naughty: :whoops: :mrt: :blush: :laugh: :tasty:
  15. Madmax

    Gaming blah join my pok

    go to the bottom to get your pokémon [size=1][COLOR=red]Don't advertise anywhere outside your signature. -Justin [/COLOR][/size]