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  1. I'm assuming that codebreaker 7.0 is like GameShark or Action Replay, and I'll try the best I can. My first suggestion is the official site. They usually have all of the codes there (at least, that's how it is for Action Replay). My second suggestion is Google. If you type in the right thing, you'll usually easily be able to find anything you want on there. Just be sure to be specific enough, but not too specific, so it only comes up with a couple sites. My last suggestion is to try and use Gameshark or Action Replay codes on your CodeBreaker. If you're lucky, you'll find some GS and AR codes that also work on GameBreaker. Sometimes, even if they do work, the results won't be as good as if you had used them on the right peripheal (like for Unlimited HP, it will be Max, but not unlimited, etc.). And if none of my suggestions work, I'm sure someone else can help you, because I'm not the best with these cheating things.
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    Gaming Pok

    I normally wouldn't even consider buying another Poke'mon game, but for Christmas this year, I finally got Ruby version. After playing through it, I became obsessed with Poke'mon again, even more than I was when the games first came out. In fact, after beating Ruby, I went right ahead and played Blue version again, then Gold, and I can safely say that I've been playing all of them a lot lately. Anyways, yes, I am definetly buying one of these games when they come out this summer. It may just be Blue/Red, with Ruby/Sapphire graphics, and all the Poke'mon available on one game, but it sounds enjoyable to me. Also, after reading the FAQ for it, I can confirm that yes, every Poke'mon is catchable on these new ones, and yes, you can trade with Ruby and Sapphire.
  3. All I know about this game is that Dave Chapelle and 50 Cent were supposedly doing voice acting for the game. It was in EGM a couple months ago in the rumor section, so it's not 100% reliable. Anyways, I would kind of like to play as Vercetti again, except this time with an affro, and a roller disco club. However, Rockstar recently not only copyrighted GTA: San Andreas, but GTA 5 and 6 as well, which makes me think that this will be another side story, starring Vercetti once again. I'll probably buy this game anyways (along with millions of others), so I guess it really doesn't matter.
  4. Yes, you bring up a good point there. Girls in TV shows are usually obsessed with boys, even in some cartoons. The only TV show I can think of that doesn't have this type of stereotype in it is Even Stevens. Ren is super smart, and she has little 7th grade followers or something, and is also one of the most popular girls in school. I doubt most people here watch Even Stevens (let alone Disney Channel), but I'd be happy to be proven wrong. Also, in Barbie toys are going that route now. I don't know if any of you have seen the commercial forthe new "Hangin' in Jamaica" video, but from what I can see from the commercial, Barbie and her friends go to Jamaica with their boyfriends for a band contest, and it looks to me like Barbie and the other girls are portrayed as the groupie-type people. This sounds more like a plot for teens than little girls who play with Barbie dolls, but ok.
  5. Sniglefager


    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by lea2385 [/i] [B]if there was no god, then, anything can be right (it would be right to many people to burn houses, rape and pillage for no reason, all be cause they think its right) what makes right right, and wrong wrong? there is no such thing as a straight line between right and wrong....so, in my opinion, if there was no god, there would be no black and white, everything would be gray....and things would be very very chaotic. [/B][/QUOTE] Some people [i]do[/i] think it's right though. I mean, there are way too many rapes for no reason. Same with burning stuff (of course, I like burning things, but not houses) and pillaging. Some people just have warped minds, and/or are insane. Things arn't gray, but things are very chaotic, with all these suicide bombings, wars, and everything. I still belive in God though.
  6. Sniglefager


    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by WW2 [/i] [B]Ok, I'm just gonna throw this into the fray. Forgive me if it's off topic. :D Hitler also said God spoke to him about Germany winning WWII. Also Joan of Arc believed God spoke to her, and ordered her to lead an army. Was these people crazy, or do any of you believe it actually happen?:therock: [/B][/QUOTE] I don't know about Joan of Arc, but isn't it obvious that Hitler was crazy? I mean, he tried to kill all the Jews, but wern't his parents Jewish or something (that's what I've heard)?
  7. Wow, this could become quite a gruesome thread. Well, a couple months ago, I made a neuce (sp?) out of an N64 controller, and hung it down from my ceiling. My friend tested it out, and it worked pretty good from what he told me. I just decided to keep it up as a decoration, since I have another N64 controller to play with anyway. When my grandma came in the room the next day (when I was still asleep) she thought I was gonna hang myself, and almost made me see a psychiatrist. After that, I took it down... Anyway, I'm not saying I'd want to hang myself at all, because I'm not depressed or anything (quite the opposite, actually). The only reason I would kill myself is if a giant Leprachaun from Russia came and told me that it was my destiny to do the worm for eternity. Then, I would probably shoot myself in the head, so it would be quick.
  8. Sniglefager


    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by WW2 [/i] [B] Also, I can't stand people who expect God to help them with every little problem. If he/she/it wanted you to depend on him/her/them so much, he/she/it wouldn't have given people free will. People, need to see that humans need to solve human problems, and not rely so much on God. But that's just my opinion.:D [/B][/QUOTE] Yeah, that reminds me of one time, I was playing Hot Shots Golf for PS1, and I was trying to beat Ice Man. We got to the 18th hole, tied, so whoever got this hole won. I remember sitting there, and praying (it was a couple years ago) so I could beat him, lol. Well, in the end, Ice Man beat me pretty bad :bawl: So what does this have to do with anything? Well, I belive in God, and I know he'll help me in big situations, but when it comes to Hot Shots Golf (which is pretty insignifigant), it looks like I'm on my own :laugh: So yes, don't get too dependant on God to do every little thing for you.
  9. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Shippo [/i] [B]Heh, okay then, i guess ill take the next question... [color=darkblue] [b]Q[/b]What is Mr. Yamauchi's first name? [/color] [/B][/QUOTE] [b]Answer:[/b] Hiroshi is his first name. [b]Question:[/b] How many mini-games are in Super Monkey Ball 2, and name them.
  10. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Valen [/i] [B]Okay, first off, a relationship isn't easy to make. You can't just wave a wand and make someone love you. These things take some time. Ask her if she likes you like that, if she does, then tell her your true feelings and do [b][i]not[/i][/b] lie to her or yourself. Take it from someone who has been down this road many times, [[strike]Chicks[/strike] Girls [b]hate[/b] it when you lie to them.] [/B][/QUOTE] A wand doesn't work, but I have a feeling that hypnotism would ;)
  11. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SuperSJ3 [/i] [B]I think Evil Kid Buu saga was the best because the there super saiyan jin 3 level was introduced. And Goku had someone that was took the hold world to help him with. [/B][/QUOTE] If you think that's cool, [spoiler] then wait till the last battle of DBGT;) [/spoiler] Anyway, I liked the Frieza saga the best. I just thought it was cool seeing Goku transform, and just having a big one-on-one battle against Frieza, while the planet is being destroyed. My second would have to be the Cell games, because Gohan in SSJ2 is just awesome.
  12. Sniglefager


    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by maladjusted [/i] [B][size=1] I'm going to take a minute and try to beleive this. But I can't. How can there be a formular proving that God exists? I think it would be bigger news that a obscure article in the newspaper/[/size] [/B][/QUOTE] Yeah, it is kind of hard to belive, but my friend never lies, ecspecially about this kind of stuff. He's also almost literally a genius, so I belive him. Of course, he could have meant it was in the Enquirer or something, then it wouldn't be true. I should ask him about that next time I see him I suppose.
  13. Sniglefager


    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by maladjusted [/i] [B] I don't think so. I beleive many Christians just stay avid believers of God since their parents are probably Christian as well. Can you scientifically prove that God exists? [/B][/QUOTE] Actually, there is a scinetific formula that proves that God exists. My friend told me about it last year. I forget where he heard it, but I think it was in a news paper.
  14. Sniglefager


    I've believed in God all my life, and I know for a fact he exists. Why? Read on. When I was 7, we read some of those weird Arthur books. There was one about Arthur getting the chicken pox. He got to stay home and basically do nothing all day. Now, this was in first grade, and I hated the school I went to. They gave you detentions for talking in the lunchroom (no joke), and you couldn't even run at recess time. So, naturally, I hated it. After I read this Arthur book, I decided it would be fun to get chicken pox. Of course, I didn't know how to cath them, so what did I do? I prayed to God to get chicken pox, lol (yes, I hated that school [i]that[/i]much. Not even two days later, I got the chicken pox, and got to skip er....miss school for 3 weeks. Ever since then I knew there was a God. Coincedence? Maybe, but I belive it was God.
  15. Lol, I got an e-mail like that once, but it was a long time ago, at least a year. One e-mail that I got a long time ago, though, was quite funny. Some guy from Africa needed money to get to the US. He said he needed $20.00, and to e-mail back if I would give it to him. He also said he was rich, and would give me lots of money to help him out. Hello!? If you're so rich, buy your own airplane, you idiot. If anyone ever actually replied to that e-mail, I would personally like to track them down and smack them upside the head. My mom has also just gotten some e-mails just a couple hours ago, saying they were Patches from Microsoft. Here's the e-mail in it's entirety: "Dear friend , use this Internet Explorer patch now! There are dangerous virus in the Internet now! More than 500.000 already infected!" Yep, that's it. It also came with the so called "patch" but my anti-virus scanned it, so I knew it was junk before I even had the displeasure of opening it. These people are total morons.
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