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  1. I would have to go with super speed, both because I would be able to help a lot of people with this power and because I could travel long distances in a short amount of time without having to use fossil fuels. Another reason it might be nice is because in real life my running speed is not unlike that of a turtle.
  2. Justice League Unlimited! The animation was terrific, the voice acting was suberb, and I can count on one hand the number of episodes I didn't think were great. Quite possibly the best comic book based cartoon ever. But now it's gone and Bo Bobobo Bo is still being aired. Stupid Cartoon Network.
  3. My Morning Jacket-Z: I had never heard this band before I got the CD, but I'm really glad I took the chance. All of the songs are well written and the singer has a really unique voice. Good stuff.
  4. If you did, what were your thoughts? I think that Godsmack gave the best tribute performance, although that's really not saying much because I missed the Kiss tribute and the All American Rejects just really didn't do anything for me. I think Queen gave the best legendary performance overall, even though the new singer doesn't even compare to Mercury. Priest and Def Lep were both really great, too.
  5. Hi, me again. Yesterday I had my attention pulled elsewhere so after I fillled out my basic info I shut down without thinking to ask or answer any questions. But I'm back now, so... Question 1: If you play video games, what is your favorite console and why? Question 2: Which is more important, the destination or the journey? What is my most embarassing memory? I tripped walking down the stairs and slid on my butt about half of the way down, and standing at the bottom of the staircase was this super hot girl who was just laughing away. What is my favorite sport? B
  6. Name: Jake Age: 17 Description: Brown hair, hazel eyes, about 5' 7", 132 lbs., generally calm and easy going, I've been told I'm funny, I have a fondness for wierdness Location: I'm at my computer Brief Personal History: I lived in Arizona for 10 years of my life before moving to Nebraska. I live with both my parents and my little cousin Favorite color: It alternates, but green is in the top spot pretty consistently Likes: My friends, music, comedy, Mexican food, anime, video games, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Invader Zim Dislikes: Needless violence, being told my opini
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