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  1. The only time I ever check something like that is if I need something to laugh at. The other stuff like palm reading I outright ignore. Fortune cookies are just for fun. I never take any of them seriously though.
  2. [quote name='Lady Asphyxia'][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]It's sad. Apparently the father and daughter don't even talk anymore. Can you imagine going from choosing to live with someone to not even talking to them -- over a field trip? There were cracks in the relationship beforehand. There's no way that a fully functional relationship could disintegrate over something so stupid.[/SIZE][/FONT][/QUOTE]That is what I was just thinking. You know there had to have been other issues going on for something like that to utterly destroy the relationship. To stop talking over something like that is just stu
  3. I haven't been around for the past two months, but I am now caught up on what's going on. If there's anything you want me to work into the story Shy, just let me know and I'll get it done.
  4. [QUOTE=Allamorph][FONT=Arial]Well, that's all from me, guys. Heh. What'd you think of the big reveal? :p Oh, and Kathy, ma'am, probably the reason this bit has felt kind of familiar to you is because I pulled the concept straight from [U][I]The Cardinal of the Kremlin[/I][/U], one of Tom Clancy's novels. I encountered that technique for the first time in that book, and I remember being struck by how singularly effective it was, and how cruel it was at the same time. I had fun shaping this section. Thanks for giving me the opportunity.[/FONT][/QUOTE]Has it already been two months
  5. My bed is up high enough that I have some plastic containers that hold extra blankets and sheets for the bed. And other than perhaps some dust as well, that's it.
  6. I was just reading about this, including this bit here: [URL="http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1144244/Teenage-sister-boy-father-13-baby-age.html"][U]Teenage sister of boy who became a father at 13 had baby when she was the same age[/U][/URL] You'd think that the parents would have seen his older sister getting pregnant at such a young age, an indicator that they should be more alert when he got to the same age as well. The rest of it is pretty messed up so other than to find it sad, I'm done.
  7. Sorry for the slight delay with my post since I know a couple of you were waiting on me to get that up. I think I got the details straight. It is a bit late for me so I'll check it again once I've rested.
  8. [CENTER][IMG]http://i228.photobucket.com/albums/ee132/Runaway511/almagest%202/Davos_Frost.jpg[/IMG][/CENTER] There was no morning that Davos was not up early, hard at work behind her desk, reviewing Church matters. There was too much to be done for her to allow herself the luxury of sleeping in. This morning was no different and as soon as she entered her office, it was to see that there were several sealed messages waiting for her. She opened up the curtains to the French doors leading to the balcony. It was still just a tiny bit too cool out to actually open them up. She could see a
  9. [CENTER][IMG]http://i228.photobucket.com/albums/ee132/Runaway511/almagest%202/Davos_Frost.jpg[/IMG][/CENTER] Davos?s gaze swept the desk scattered with numerous reports still waiting for her attention. When she had first become Sief, she had almost felt like a prisoner, trapped behind a lock of paper as she attempted to keep up with the seemingly endless ledger books. At the time she had been mystified by why so many aspects of the Citadel?s upkeep had required the current Sief?s initials to prove it had been certified. Since then she had made minor alterations and delegated responsibi
  10. [QUOTE=Lunox][font=trebuchet ms] I said Raiha said having black history month is like saying it's more important than the rest of history, which allowed me to make another argument against the idea of"white history month". You're not really proving anything here. And don't belittle and mock what I said about other minority groups, or try and twist them into something negative. I do not doubt for a second that all cultures have contributed something important to history, but to say Asians or Native Americans have had as much an impact on US history and culture as blacks is ridiculous. Shou
  11. [quote name='Retribution][font=Arial]The best part of your comment is about how teaching "was different" in the 60s. I find this hilarious, because yes, it was indeed quite different. Teaching in the 60s was [i]even more eurocentric, biased, whitewashed, and ignorant of African achievement[/i']. It stands to reason that, if most kids haven't learned about it in 2009, how the hell would they have heard about it in the bitterly violent, racialized times of the 60s? And in the midwest? I'm pretty sure she's from Utah, which would be even more homogenized than the rest of the nation. To assert she
  12. [quote name='Lunox][font=trebuchet ms'] Both Vicky and Raiha brought up the idea that having a black history month seems like saying "black history" is more important than the rest of history. They both also brought up the idea of white history month. My arguments against white history month were a natural extension of my response. [/font][/quote]Actually that's not entirely correct, someone else brought it up before her and this was her response:[QUOTE=Raiha][COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][U]Why shouldn't there be[/U]? The achievements of white people are just as important. Mad
  13. [quote name='Lunox][font=trebuchet ms]I'm still pretty sure the majority of high school students have no idea what Songhai and Mali are. I didn't know what they were, and I went to a well-respected high school. [/font][/QUOTE]I'm well aware of this. And yet I did point out that perhaps my history teacher was better since we're talking about High School kids from over thirty years ago. I haven't had a world history class since back in the late sixties early seventies. [QUOTE=Lunox][font=trebuchet ms]One might ask why there isn't a white history month- it's because in school you learn about a l
  14. [quote name='Retribution'][font=Arial]I guess Google really is magic.[/font][/QUOTE]That was really beneath you hun and uncalled for. Are you so sold on everyone is ignorant about history that you have to resort to insults?
  15. [quote name='Ezekiel'][SIZE="1"]The phrase was, I believe, originally 'There is no God', but publishers wouldn't let them use it. 'Probably' was added as an afterthought to go along with advertising standards. Just pointing that out, seeing as a lot of people seem to be mentioning it.[/SIZE][/QUOTE]I find that rather sad actually. Are we so insecure in our beliefs that seeing someone declare God doesn't exist is something we can't handle? I understand the diplomatic nature of requiring it, but as a Christian, I find it sad that we seem to fine it acceptable for us to say there is and yet
  16. I often forget that it's supposed to actually mean something. Until I saw this thread, it hadn't clicked that today was Friday the 13th. I guess I'm just not superstitious enough to actually believe in something like this.
  17. [quote name='Retribution'][font=Arial]Tell me something about Songhai you learned in school. Now tell me something you learned about ancient Rome. Tell me something about Mali you learned in school. Now tell me something you learned about ancient Greece. This is just a cursory example of what schools neglect to teach. I'm actually a bit surprised you don't readily acknowledge the academic bias that exists for pro-West history and the strange disappearance of most other histories. I bet you can label a map of western Europe correctly, but not of sub-Saharan or west Africa. It's no poor re
  18. I think what amuses me the most about this article, is how quickly people get offended over the concept of being responsible for their actions. I do agree that the idea of a carbon imprint is kind of besides the point and highly subjective considering the very nature of our economy. But that doesn't mean we should instantly slam it and not consider it. The actual distance is, whether anyone wants to admit it, important. For some, like Allamorph's parents it will work, but for others it can't be so easily overlooked. Being apart can be hard on anyone. Putting relationships aside,
  19. [quote name='Vicky'][size=1][B]"Welcome to Glasgow. Please turn your watch back 25 years."[/B] - Frankie Boyle..[/size][/QUOTE]I could use that for here. Just switch out Glasgow and put Provo and change the years to 50. You'd have where I live down pat once you did that. o_O
  20. [quote name='Vicky'][size=1]This is like when people used to graffiti on the North wall of our school and have arguments through the said graffiti. Except that was using cheap paint and markers, hahaa.[/size][/QUOTE]That makes both groups sound like silly little kids who need to grow up. And for some reason, I find it rather amusing. In the end, both were good for a laugh in my opinion. I'd still like to see those Atheist ads in Salt Lake City or even here in the Provo area. Can't help it. I may be Mormon, but just watching people get riled up would amuse me.
  21. [quote name='Dooane']well to me they shouldn't drop it. and what for? people of all races today are becoming more and more aware and its about time:animesmil we have a new head chief and you know thats going to be black history. as you can tell im black woot woot lol. and i cant see America dropping this[/quote]I think a better question to ask is why have it to begin with? The whole point in looking to do away with the concept is that it's not so much black history as you put it, it's [I]American[/I] history. Trying to turn it into black history is just continuing the [I]look at me[/I] mental
  22. [quote name='ChibiHorsewoman][COLOR="#9933ff"']So over the weekend this new cop (twenty-three years old) on the RPD was shot in the back of the head after he responded to a drug complaint in the city. Today the person who did it turned himself in and get this, he's fourteen years old.[/color][/quote]You need a better example than that. The death penalty can no longer be applied to anyone under 18 years of age. [URL="http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4518051"][U]Court Ruling[/U][/URL] And I agree with that decision even though I support the Death Penalty.
  23. Davos Frost, as Shy already said, will not be there. She would have no reason to attend. If she were performing the ceremony, the couple would be expected to hold the wedding at the citadel. I agreed to play as Davos Frost since she does not require as much posting as other characters would. I'll still drop stuff in from time to time though and I'm certainly keeping up with what's been posted so far.
  24. Both of them had stories that fit the six story guideline quite well, making a choice rather difficult in my mind. So with that in mind and looking at this:[quote name='Sabrina][FONT="Tahoma"']A tiny smile, they were thrilled.[/FONT][/quote]I give my vote to [B]Sabrina[/B] for having the one I enjoyed the most out of all of them.
  25. [B]chibi-maste[/B]r, you have an excellent concept and though it lacks in execution, the emotions to it are still quite powerful and downright shocking. Putting the grammar issues aside, I think you got the childlike nature of how such a world would be seen from the little girl's eyes down rather well. [B]Anomaly[/B], your story was equally as sad in a different manner. Two people in a failed relationship that in many ways was going no where. You executed it rather well and brought both characters to life, even the ending left you wondering what would happen next. Both stories were q
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