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  1. The ones i have are in tri fold packaging and have UPCs on them. I do have one series that is bootleg or dubbed as a fansub. Really I dont mind buying bootlegs sometimes, since it takes forever for the US networks to get liscensing rights. For example, they are only going up to episode 57 in naruto so far, there are close to 200 episodes out there along with many specials. I cant wait for them to get rights for more episodes which could take forever. I dont think they will ever release Sailor Stars in the US. Due to the fact that many young girls like Sailormoon, and they wouldnt be able to explain the Starlights.
  2. If they are a bootleg, they are one hell of a bootleg. Coming in a fold out cover with a plastic slip over cover, the discs with manufacture information on the cover. Most of the anime coming from singapore, different sellers, is made the same way.
  3. I have found buying anime off of ebay to be a lot cheaper than in the store. I just finished of buying the last season of Sailormoon, I paid 20.00-40.00 per a season, Sailor Stars being the most expensive, though I have found it a lot cheaper now through a seller that I had purchased other anime through :animedepr Lot of the anime I have purchased has come from either the united states or Singapore, all of it being good quality.
  4. [quote name='Dagger']...I just watched the first episode of Naruto (although I already knew the basics of its characters and plot). I was slightly underwhelmed, especially considering all the wonderful things I've heard about this show; OB is chock-full of Naruto fans...[/quote] Naruto opening and closing songs get better and better, you cant really judge naruto by its first episode, the more episodes you watch the better it gets. Dont get my wrong I love Innuyasha just as much, but Naruto is now my number one anime, it's even knocked out Sailormoon which I was obsessed about. But yeah I am now seriously obsessed with Naruto ^-^ [color=navy][size=1]Don't quote a (fairly) giant post when you're just going to post a few sentences in reply, dude. Thanks. - Dagger[/size][/color]
  5. Legend of the Dragon Kings. About four brothers who are reincarnations of 4 Dragon kings. Pretty good. [COLOR=Seagreen][INDENT][SIZE=1]When suggesting an Anime series, a little more description should go into your, well, descriptions. For example you could have explained a little more about the series or even why you recommend it. Saying it's pretty good doesn't really explain it very well. Posts like this are considered spam so be sure to add more content to your posts so you can contribute to the conversation at hand. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or any of the other moderators. ~Aaryanna[/SIZE][/INDENT][/COLOR]
  6. I love this show. I love Ang. I think this is one of the best non anime cartoons that is out there.
  7. I saw Superman Returns tonite, let me tell you it was an awesome movie. Brandon Routh did an awesome job of playing Clark Kent/Superman, with being an actor that isnt known. I highly recommended it to everyone. Cant wait to see the sequel.
  8. I guess right now my favorite band would have to be slipknot. Corey Taylor is so hot and has such a beautiful voice ^-^
  9. I watch it, My favorites are Stella and Flora. I would like to get the series on boxset but all they have are individual dvds.
  10. My Anime Recommendation of the Week is Ceres... my friend introduced me to his anime and let me tell you, I couldnt stop watching it. Has a great story and great characters. My favorite character is Yuhi. I think him and aya looked cuter together than her and Toya.
  11. God I bought just the first 25 episodes off of ebay because I wasnt sure if I would like it. Now im obsessed with the series. I must get more episodes :animeangr but its still airing in japan, and i already bought episodes 1-187 off of ebay and now i have to get episodes 188-190 :animestun I absolutely fell in love with Kakashi, he's my absolute fav ^-^ ----- Naruto the movie: The Snow Princess I just received this movie in the mail, I really enjoyed it and recommended it to all. My only question is, at what point does this movie take place. Obviously it was before Sasuke left the Konoha village, but it has to be before he received the cursed seal from Orichmaru. Unless the cursed seal really didnt do much, considering they really didnt have Sasuke play a big role in the movie. I also like how in the movie they have a little more information about some of the adventures Kakashi took on in his past before becoming a teacher ^-^. [COLOR=#af992f][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1][B]MrsKakashi[/B] I merged your thread with the Offical Naruto thread, even though it seems like a good idea to make a new thread about a movie of an anime, if you wish to talk about it feel free to do so in the official thread. ~Ikillion[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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