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  1. FoxRider590

    Gaming Please Help

    Thank You ^^
  2. FoxRider590

    Anime Eqiuvalent Exchange The 1st Law of Alchemy

    No I guess I probley wouldn't bring back a love one bc that was there time and one of my friends is in the army and he says if he dies that means his time was up and that is the way of life some people live long lives and others are short just like KungFuChan said.
  3. FoxRider590

    Gaming Please Help

    Does anyone hear know what the chip is called ????? O and THANK YOU Kurayami Oji
  4. FoxRider590

    Gaming Please Help

    Hey if I did buy the pure pure game would I need a special chip to add to my PS2 because the game is from japan . I was once told that if you buy a game from japan I need something to make it work on my PS2 since mine PS2 is not from Japan is that true ?????????????????????????????????^^
  5. FoxRider590

    Gaming Please Help

    THANK YOU vary much ^^
  6. FoxRider590

    Gaming Please Help

    HI does anyone have any info on the ps2 game Pure Pure Mimi to Shippo no Monogatari also known as Pure Pure The Story of Ears and Tails. I have been looking for this game forever and have found nothing or any information so if you could tell me anything about it, anything that would be great :animesmil THANK YOU :animesmil