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  1. that's funny man! actually,it's kinda creepy.
  2. yes I agree with you. some people also want the Bible Banned! (this may not affect some people,but I am a Catholic,so I won't let it stand) That's utter bullcrap! I watch the anime [I]FLCL[/I] & someone wanted it yanked for "inapropriate material". here's a little info,folks. (on other forums,I go into a hyper rage quite often due to the stupiditty & hypocrisies of the world) [SIZE=4]IT'S RATED TV FOUR-FRICKIN'-TEEN!!![/SIZE] [SIZE=4]THEY COMPLAIN THAT THIER CHILDREN ARE SCARRED FROM THIS,YET THEY GO OUT AFTER SENDING THIS TO THE BOSS OF THE NETWORK & BUY THIER KIDS GTA:SAN ANDREAS!!![/SIZE] :flaming: woah,that made me tired... must sleep... :sleepy:
  3. I just say have a warning on these things other than censoring. for one thing,they are censoring things that needn't be censored(they edited the word 'choking'!), two,they're changing thier rules(you used to be able to say *** in a censored song,now they won't let it through), & three,they have double standards(on 1 CD,they censor 'sodomy',on the other it's okay). so I hate censorship. damn that was a mouthful. :animesigh & I just got censored.
  4. hello this is that really annoying new guy that won't shut up,Harukofan. I was wondering what you all thought about censorship I,personally,think it is utter bullcrap,telling us what we can & cannot hear,say or see. your thoughts,please.
  5. WTF? I posted in here didn't I? :animeswea ...can't seem to find it... :animeangr anyway,if I didn't post here already,FLCL official soundtrack #1. I bought the 3rd 5 months ago,now I just need #2. it's hard to find though,seeing as FLCL is hard to find merchandise for...
  6. :animenose ... [I]that's[/I] what they mean? ... wow,that went over my head. (& I watch FLCL,too...) (should've caught that...) anyway I wanted it locked cuz I figured we were all done mocking me. [COLOR=Green]WILLIE:oh we're never done mocking you![/COLOR] shut up,willie! [SIZE=1](in case your'e wondering,when I put a name in front of a text,then put it in a color,that means someone else is talking via my connection)[/SIZE] [SIZE=1](this was made famous by me on the flclw.com forums)[/SIZE] the "whores w/ bad feet" seems obvious,though. just stop & think about it.
  7. wow,this is... odd. most everyone back on flclw.com is a HUGE fan of SOAD. (by the by,'terracotta pie' is actually called 'vicinity of obsenity') even the mods & the leader of the site himself,takai! farto,you,well,(creep the hell outta me!kidding!) :animeswea are rather straightforward,aren't you? [SIZE=1]willie,put him on my "to kill" list.kidding again![/SIZE] :animeswea well at least there are some fans. [SIZE=1]hmm,tical blue reminds me of amy...[/SIZE]
  8. hey I'm new(hey wait I already posted that...) :animeswea ... hey who's a fan of the greatest nu-metal(at least that's what corporate zombies call them...)band,System of a Down? [SIZE=1]& why the hell did my other post get locked[/SIZE]
  9. hey wassup! my name's harukofan,an anime fan & recent discoverer of theotaku.com! I am a fan of(please see name of topic). anyone a fan of those titles?
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