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    Okay, so I'm a bit of an addict on chocolate, so? Hurray for video games (is an unknown addict in denial). HATE INUYASHA: MAY HE BURN IN-... I like pie. I'm an MMZ lover!!!!!! wOoT! *is a Genis fan*
  1. One of the few everyday things that bug me is a warm bed right before I go to sleep. I don't know why, really. Whenever someone's on my bed before I go to sleep ends up with either a pillow in their face or a bed sprayed with Axe, perfume, and water mixed together. An odd thing, really.
  2. Gaming

    [font=papyrus][color=olive]Hmm...The last game I bought? Whew, that was a long time ago. It was Shadow the Hedgehog, but I just love that game. Naturally, there are some who hate the fact that he uses weaponry, but they're just upset that Shadow wipes Sonic off the floor with them. Besides, he doesn't have to use them. You can beat any boss/enemy with or without the weapons. Anyways... One of the main reasons why I don't have anything recently is due to parental watch (my mother hates any video game console). :animecry: I need my games! But, I compromise with my sister and play Tales of Symphonia. I usually just play with my brother and sister's games(they have money, I don't).:D[/color] [/font]
  3. There's this "mathematical formula" for money being the root of all evil, but I forgot it. It's funny how money buys things that bring you or someone else happiness... Buying a cake for someone and making them happy makes you happy too, right? :catgirl:
  4. I have different views on plastic surgery, actually. For those that wish to have plastic surgery just to make themselves look nice really quickly, you're putting your body on the line for pretty bad reasons. However, I believe that those who have disfigured faces, such as a birth defect that isn't their fault and makes them medically hadicapped, are acceptable for plastic surgery. To my view, there's a good reason and a bad reason for considering plastic surgery. When some people say "plastic surgery", many think of people wanting to get rid of "all that flab hanging out", or slight differences on their nose that they just can't accept as being part of their look that makes them individual. They don't take into consideration that plastic surgery is also for the unfortunate that would rather have a slightly disfigured face than keeping their cleft palate.
  5. I think of Niagra Falls, an easy way to get to Canada, and...(no offense) one of my hated cities...NYC. Honestly, I don't think many people hate New York City, but there's exceptions to almost everything...
  6. First thing that comes to mind: COOL WEATHER WoOt! After that, its Ayer's Rock. Then shampoo. Hehe... :animeswea
  7. Art

    The fox... kinda reminds me of a horse, really... I do like the last drawing of the girl, though (see, commentary AND criticism!! :animesmil ); She's really cute. I do agree with Fehize on one of the drawings, though: the hands are really small compared to her body. However, all that needs is a bit of practice with making the hands larger, and you'd be great!