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    I talk a lot and absolutly love to read manga. Naruto to be precise. xD
  1. -Ryusuki-

    Anime Eureka Seven: Psalms of Planets

    [SIZE=1][COLOR=Plum]Mmm. Eureka seven. It's one of my favorite animes so far. I always strain myself to stay up and watch it at night. It's worth it afterwards anyways. ^^ After watching the past few episodes, I've enjoyed it quite a lot. On my fav. anime list it would be...lets see..in between Naruto and Bleach, or behind them. =3[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  2. -Ryusuki-

    Anime Love Hina

    [SIZE=1][COLOR=Plum]I've only recently started watching it, but so far I like it. It's funny, cute, and has an awsome opening song. =3 It's on my fav. anime list too, right in between InuYasha and Fruits Basket. xD[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  3. -Ryusuki-

    Japanese Music

    [SIZE=1][COLOR=Plum]I love Japanese music. =3 My mom thinks I'm a complete nutcase for listening to it all the time. Bah..what does she know.. xD Most of the songs I listen to come from the anime's I watch or from random shows I guess. I pretty much come home afterschool and go on my laptop before doing anything else. Just listening to Japanese music nonstop. Rock too..sometimes. If I had to say what bands I like they would be...Last Exile,Asterik,such and such I dn't feel like listing them all.. I love to look for the lyrics for the songs so I can sing along with it. ^^ As I read the english and Japanese parts of the lyrics I'm actually learning some Japanese words as I'm reading. It's fun.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  4. -Ryusuki-

    Anime Has anime ever made you cry?

    [SIZE=1][COLOR=Plum]Well....sorta. >.< The only times I've ever cried over an anime was for Ouran or something. The main thing was that it was the last freakin episode and there most likely won't be a second season. =.= I didn't even really cry..much. xD[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  5. -Ryusuki-

    Anime Chobits

    [SIZE=1][COLOR=Plum]I've only seen a few episodes and I've found it interesting. It's actually pretty funny really. I haven't watched it since last year. >.
  6. -Ryusuki-

    Anime Naruto!

    [SIZE=1][COLOR=Plum]Yeah I watch Naruto. It's my favorite anime at the moment actually. =3 The first time I actually saw it was on Cartoon Network. Ugh. I hate that channel.. My cousin showed it to me actually.. Once I found out I could watch it on Youtube, that's when I actually got into it more. I prefered to watch it in subs instead, the dubs kinda suck to me. Then, I got into the manga and stuff. As I got farther into it..there came the fillers. They just kept coming and coming. Some were funny, but most of them were pretty boring to me. For some parts of Naruto, I prefered to watch it dubbed, but I mostly watched it in subs. This is the best ninja anime I've ever watched so far I guess. =3[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  7. -Ryusuki-

    Anime Subtitle or Dub?

    [SIZE=1][COLOR=Plum]Well..for me, it really depends on the anime. For example, Naruto. I like to watch it in subtitles. To me Sasuke sounds pretty weird in subs, but I could careless. I mostly use subtitles more than dubs. Most of the anime's I watch sound better in subs, but some sound better in dubs. Such as, Furuba, Chobits, etc. It really just depends on the animes I watch.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  8. -Ryusuki-

    Anime Ever Dream Anime?

    [SIZE=1][COLOR=Plum]Sometimes I have Naruto dreams.. For example, last night. I dreamt that I was a Hyuuga. >.< I was in a giant swimming pool and I was drowning. The rest is really a blur. I can't remember much. It was really weird.. xD[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  9. [SIZE=1][COLOR=Plum]There's a few things I look for. It has to have a great storyline and plot. That's an absolute must. Also, it has to be funny or something. I don't mind if it's really gory. I actually like gory animes. =3 Well..for what I dislike..I don't like Yuri or Yaoi. I hate it soo much. Ugh. Also, I hate it when they have really boring fillers or something. I don't mind fillers really, but if they are boring and piss me off, then..I hate them.[/COLOR][/SIZE]