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    Im tall about 6' 1", black hair blue eyes, weigh about 180 lbs.
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    Dont have one at the moment still in high school, worried about grades right now. I still live at home so i got nothing to pay for.
  1. I really need some feedback so can someone rate this out of 10 and please give me some more ideas before I post chapter 2 of the story. ~Dark~
  2. Chapter 1 ? Dark Times One Day we find our character Edward and his brother Alphonse in Central at the military base talking to Roy Mustang. ?Edward we are going to send you to the east to investigate some sightings of malice,? said Roy. ?Yes Sir, Fuhrer Mustang I will leave right away,? said Edward. ?Your train leaves at 7:00 pm Central time,? said Roy. Ed Left and Al had a question he wanted to ask. ?Brother why are we still working for the military anyways, since we already used the philosophers stone to get my body back?? said Al ?Because we need the pay
  3. I likeed this one to go look at my mine please it is really good ~Dark~
  4. Can someone be so kind enough to make me an avatar and signature that deals with KH2 any characters just not like peterpan,genie, and other crazy characters I was maybe thinking something like Organization 13, the Heartless, or the nobody's and i want it to be what ever the biggest size it can be like 500 x 100 maybe and i want it to be awesome i dont care about the color scheme just pick one that looks cool. Binding Chains By: Joel Hummel Let the chains that have bound you for all eternity break and shatter away, Let the god of destruction bring chaos and dismay, Let it d
  5. The Organization 13 for characters black or white i dont mind yeah how about something to deal with the heartless against the nobodies this that ok or darkness vs light
  6. I need some one to draw me up a awesome avatar and signature please i just want one that maybe deals with kingdom hearts 1, 2, and 3. Thanks to however excepts this ~Dark~
  7. Yeah they needed to revise vandread it is one of my favorite animes it is on my top ten list it is like 3rd so they just need to revisse it.
  8. I liked the poem alot and it was a great idea just keep writing ~Dark~
  9. Thanks for the feedback. Here is another one you can give me feedback on thanks This one was a 2nd place winner. Binding Chains By: Joel Hummel Let the chains that have bound you for all eternity break and shatter away, Let the god of destruction bring chaos and dismay, Let it destroy and rampage through our land, Let chaos?s womb hold the child of darkness, After he is born the chaos and Armageddon will start and never end, The only way to stop chaos is to accept and let it be, But you know our world chaos has to be, For our world to survive, God of destruction c
  10. This is my poem darkness I won alot of poetry contests [CENTER]Darkness By: Darkstorm12323 There is a door to lock the darkness, People say I?m black hearted, But I just mean for the best, People think that the door can?t be locked, Because beyond that door lies the light, Other than darkness, The door has been locked, But you broke the lock, When you were nice to me, Rather than darkness, My heart fills with light, Because my heart was black, I was mean, But my heart shines bright, And now I am kind hearted not black hearted, People always thought dar
  11. I agree Saiyuke Reload should be redone because it is just not finished in engilsh as you stated above so the other animes that i think sould be redone is Mirage of Blaze Silent Mobius Shadow Skill These animes weren't complete so they really weren't good to finish. ~Dark~ [COLOR=DarkOrchid][INDENT][SIZE=1][B]darkstorm123232[/B], simply listing some shows without bothering to explain [I]why[/I] you think they need to be remade, revised or redone is spam. Please put more effort into your posts. Further posts of this nature will be deleted. ~Aaryanna[/SIZE][/INDENT][/COLOR]
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