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  1. My newest, enjoy. [url]http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/55018778/[/url] [b]Edit:[/b] It's been awhile. My latest. Kind of hurried sorry. [url]http://tachikc.deviantart.com/art/I-will-keep-you-warm-72227040[/url] [size=1][color=green][indent]I've merged your last two posts together to prevent double posting. (: - Boo[/indent][/color][/size]
  2. Hmmm. Well everyone is different, but like I said, if you place a person to high, you are bound to be crushed. Were you already dating or did you ask them out and they refused if I may ask. And you SHOULDNT feel bad. Well sure you can be hurt, but dont beat yourself up over it. You cant do anything about it, you tried your best and hardest and its the other person who is having the issues, not you. And it obviously wouldnt have worked out, so just feel good that you finally know, if need be pull yourself together, and then move on. Unfortunately its all you can do. But in the long run its for the best because it frees you to be able to form new relationships. You live you learn.
  3. Dont put a person on a pedestal. Because if you put them way up high, you are bound to be crushed. You cant be blind with infatuation because you will only see what you want to see and not see that persons flaws, and when you realize them you will end up asking yourself "what was I thinking?" If you tell them everything, then there will be nothing left. There are two completely different mindsets from "Oh wow your so great I love everything about you, I want to be with you," compared to "You seem like a great person, and I do want to be with you, but I want to get to know you better before I commit or get serious." Having a decent amount of respect for a person doesnt hurt either. Just be cautious, but dont be afraid to take some calculated risks as well. If someone rejects you, dont feel bad. While it has some to do with you, its mostly them. You cant change who you are. It just wasnt meant to be. Move on. Just because you have one bad experience doesnt mean that everyone is like that. Get out, explore, meet people, get into relationships, date, have fun, break up, get hurt, live, and most importantly, learn. Get to know what type of things you like in a person and what types of people you like, and when you finally meet that special someone, you will know that they are the right person.
  4. tachiKC

    Art Anko

    C&C please. deviantart link: [url]http://tachikc.deviantart.com/art/Anko-64445818[/url] image [IMG]http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs21/f/2007/251/5/4/Anko_by_tachiKC.jpg[/IMG]
  5. tachiKC

    Art Cammy

    This one is of Cammy of Street Fighter. Free hand - pencils, colored in Adobe Photoshop CS2, time = 1.5 hours. Enjoy, and as always, feel free to comment. Thanks! For those who wish to see the uncolored version, just click the link [URL="http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/58595507/"]HERE[/URL]! [IMG]http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs18/f/2007/178/d/e/Cammy___Street_Fighter_by_tachiKC.jpg[/IMG]
  6. 2 years. but maybe it is infatuation. but it has to start somewhere right.
  7. As far as I can tell, from what shes told me, he broke up with her so he could mess around, smoke pot and drink and stuff. Shes over him, but NOT over the feeling of being used.
  8. Im curious, because there is a girl I really like and have feelings for, and really, if these feelings are love, then Im in trouble, because it makes things a lot more complicated. I dont know if Im just setting myself up for getting hurt, but this is the first time Ive ever felt THESE exact feelings. Like, I dont know what to do lol. I was in college this past year and there honestly was not a day when I did not think of her. Even with all of the pretty ladies over there, I had opportunities, but I just didnt want to, ya know. And she was going through alot, and her ex wasnt really there for her shes told me, but it really tore me apart knowing all that crap that she was going through and not being able to be there for her. I mean, honestly everything about her, makes me crazy. About 4 months ago, she broke up with her ex badly, and right now shes told me that she wants some space. Ive told her a lot of what Ive been feeling and shes taken it all in stride, but I get the feeling that she might like me back, but Im not sure. Maybe shes just scared ya know, kind of like I am, haha. Shes kind of hinted at it during or conversations and messaging. If only we could hang out! Thing is, that there are like 4 other guys going for her, and I dont know if I have the experience or whatever to do this. I mean, I just want her happiness, and if that doesnt include me, haha, Ill probably be hurt, and cry, but I cant blame her lol, I could never be mad at her. Anyways, my friends tell me to just let her go, but I cant. I just cant. Right now, I mean, I want to be more than friends, but a good friend who has been through alot of what Im going through says thats all you can be, and that you just have to be confident, persistant, and wait, and if SHE wants to, she will do it. He said it sucks having to keep all of the feelings inside, but thats all you can do. Man, why does "love" have to be so complicated, and honestly, girls and feelings and all of this crap.
  9. Emo yes, but Im sure many of you can probably relate. [I]This is just something I wrote about some of my past heartaches.[/I] [B]*** WHY? ***[/B] When you put all of your passion towards someone, When you tell them everything. When you open up your heart, Do they tear it away so fast, Not care at all how you feel, Leave you feeling the worst kind of pain. That one pain that only the opposite sex can give. That pain in your heart. That twisted ache. Why? Does it matter now? Does anything matter now? Why? Just why? [I]The girl I like was going through alot of stuff, and I wrote this about her.[/I] [B]*** I WISH ***[/B] I wish for you you to never hurt again. To hold you in my arms. I wish I could take away your pain. Make it my own. To be there for you in your greatest time of need. I wish I could make you feel well. To see you happy. Make you smile and laugh again. I wish I could just sit next to you. Gaze into your eyes. Kiss your lips. I wish I could be your rock. In this world full of lies. I wish I could be stronger. And catch you when you fall. Your love is all I could ever need. To be with you through it all. [I]I wrote this when I got back from college, she is still in highschool, and we were apart for a year.[/I] [B]*** WHERE DO I GO... FROM HERE? ***[/B] Where do I go from here? What do I do, To make you see That you mean everything to me. There you are And here I am. We have been apart For so long. I miss you so much. All I want to do Is to see you again. Your pretty smile Your brown eyes. Hear your voice. I lay awake at night Thinking of you And asking myself Where do I go from here? [I]This I wrote about that same chick.[/I] [B]*** SOMETIMES I WISH... ***[/B] sometimes i wish that i could lie with you and gaze at the stars on top of my roof and whisper to you all of my secrets sometimes i wish that i could tell you how i truly feel tell you everything how you make my heart race whenever you smile how you make me laugh how youve made me cry sometimes i wish that i could kiss you on the forehead on the nose on the lips gaze into your eyes and tell you how beautiful you are sometimes i wish i could take away your pain hold you tight whisper away your fears shelter you from the rain make you whole again sometimes... [B]*** Deeper ***[/B] deeper, deeper you dig yourself deeper into your hole to cry alone to get away from this world of pain and doubt i want to be there to comfort you but youre in your shell that i cannot break so i gaze down calling out your name but you dont hear the blackness consumes you pulling you down ever deeper into the abyss and all i can do is watch helplessly as you drown in your tears digging deeper, deeper...
  10. this is just to make a point, you can delete this double post, but 14 VIEWS with no replies? one reason why i dont post in these forums. *i meant views
  11. [url]http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/56515887/[/url] Please critique, and tell me where I could do better. I hope to have the colored version up by the weekend. Enjoy!
  12. sorry, but ive just been really busy, this is the first time ive been to this forum in a week or two. someone can take the "lust" category if they havent already.
  13. Hey, or you could do what alot of people do and watch the animes for free on youtube, or alluc, or many other sites, like anime-eden.com or veoh.com. Or heck, you can just DL them. I dont watch Cartoon Network anymore, I dont have to. Also, while I agree that Cartoon Network has gone downhill from the good ol' mid to late 1990's, it still has much to offer. Currently, Ghost in the Shell, Eureka 7, and Samurai Champloo were the 3 best when they were airing. Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece (non-filler) are quite enjoyable. And before, Wolfs Rain, Witch Hunter Robin, and FMA were also very enjoyable. The only reason one would put up with the (very often) bad dubs, having to wait a week between episodes, and commercials, is if you do not have a fast computer, your parents dont approve of DLing, you have "morals", or you cant stand to watch the original Japanese with subs. Honestly. The animes are out there, and the sites I listed are some very good ones to go to. So dont go out and waste $50 on a DVD that you will maybe watch once, and instead do what most people do, and watch it for free via internet.
  14. i wuold like to call lust if you please. so basically, its just a drawing or whatever, based on the theme? so for gold for example, if you draw a gold coin, than that is acceptable?
  15. [quote name='SaiyanPrincessX][SIZE=1']This used to be my most visited forum. However I don't post my art here much anymore because I'll get maybe two replies and the thread dies anyway./SIZE][/quote] Basically that was the same way I felt.
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