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  1. [FONT=Arial][COLOR=DarkBlue]OOC: Since sakazaki says that we can control any members of The Apostles in the Underground? IC: After Creed dismissed them, those at the North Pole base began to do their job. Every one of them feared their leader; his actions are his words. Creed Cascade is the twelfth generation of the Cascade family tree since many years ago. His family is known for their harsh decisions, which often leads to death to those that doesn?t contribute or succeeded as a proud member of The Apostles. Clive walked towards his room which was three rooms away from the meeting room. Currently, he is in charge of the North Pole base because Creed was doing something at another place which he rather not say. He sat on the comfortable bed that was prepared for him and stared at the steel covered ceiling. It has been a very tiring week for him, especially today, when he was given a new mission to guide the members. *knock knock* Clive sat on his bed after hearing the knock on the steel door. The door opened slowly and Catherine came into his room. She looked very tired to Clive. [B]??Ummm?am I disturbing you, Clive?? ?No, not at all. Are you okay Cath? You looked pretty pale,?[/B] he replied. Her white uniform brushed against Clive?s shoulder as she attempted to sit on the bed. [B]?Must have been overworking myself?heh??[/B] [CENTER]=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=[/CENTER] [RIGHT][I]?Back at the Gangirock?s shack?[/RIGHT][/I] After eating breakfast, Sho decided to kill some time. He thought that doing the daily exercises shown in the television could help. Without telling anyone, he went outside to do what he will do. Sho did some squats and ran on the beach. While jogging, he saw another guy on the beach, staring at the turquoise ocean. ?What are you doing here??[/FONT][/COLOR]
  2. [FONT=Arial][COLOR=DarkBlue]After listening to what the hologram had said, Sho finally understood why he is here for. From where he stood, he can see all the bearers talking to each other trying to get into groups to stop The Apostles? plans. He remembered the hyperactive tomboy who dragged him into this shack. She was walking in his direction. [B]?I think you may know this. I?m Ash.? ?And I?m Akuya,?[/B] the winged girl added. [B]?Our group currently has two members?? ??and if you?re not in any??[/B] Ash continued. [B]??we warm-heartedly welcome you in ours!?[/B] Sho chuckled. He knew that both of them had been friends since they?ve met in this very shack and the way they talked to him was very amusing indeed. Sho got up and smiled at the two. Both of them are still waiting for answers with an innocent look on their faces. He got into his thinking pose; creating suspense for the two girls who were eagerly waiting for an answer from him. Seconds later, which was like hours to both Akuya and Ash, Sho gave a nod. Both of them were so happy that they began to do a little dance together in front of him. [I]This is going to be a long day?[/I][/COLOR][/FONT]
  3. [FONT=Arial][COLOR=DarkBlue][SIZE=1]After giving his master a proper burial in the ruin, he tries to find a way out of the ruin. Carrying the scroll, he traced his steps back to where he started. It was bright outside. He closed his eyes so that they can adjust to the blinding light. Within a few seconds, his eyes were able to adjust to his surrounding. Sho look back at the ruin that he left for one last time. Feeling tired, he made up his mind to get back home. [B]?Go to the beach and enter the deserted house? Together with the other Gangirock Bearers??[/B] [I]Huh?[/I] A voice can be heard behind him. He looked back and saw a man who was wearing a white robe. The man gave him a smile and then disappeared. He rubbed his eyes several times to make sure that he wasn?t hallucinating. Sho was surprised at that incident. He walked a few steps forward and then gazes into the horizon. [B]?Go to the beach, eh? At least there will be something to do.?[/B] He took a bus ride to the beach and when he arrived there, it was night time. He tried finding the deserted house that the sage was saying. He look all over the place until he reached a cliff. Under the cliff was a house, a deserted house. A force seems to pull him closer and closer towards it. [I]It must be the deserted house that he mentioned?[/I][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
  4. Cool...just awesome. Thanks to Who am I? for making the set although it wasn't as good as jigglyness set. I like the effort though...^^ I'm speechless...heh
  5. Well, I'm requesting for a Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles set. Color scheme and dimesions are up to you. In the avatar, please focus on Syaoran and place the text 'dragonoid' somewhere in it. Then in the banner, both Sakura and Syaoran are focused. The text 'Love breaks boundaries' is placed somewhere in it. Here are some pictures to work on: [URL= http://www.galeon.com/daniellahimura/saysha1.jpg]Picture 1[/URL] [URL=http://tsubasachronicle.blogspirit.com/images/medium_s_ys_de_la_manito_.jpg]Picture 2[/URL] [URL=http://mangaamoi.mon-blog.org/images/41343/m-tsubasa_reservoir_chronicle.jpg]Picture 3[/URL] Unless you have a different picture (from Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles) that you think is better on the set, go ahead. Credits go to the one who makes it. Thanks.
  6. [FONT=Arial][COLOR=DarkBlue][SIZE=1][I]Master? Why did you left me?[/I] He saw it all too clearly; the figure of his master, a world-renowned treasure hunter and ruin seeker died right in front of his very own two eyes. Sho remained sitting there beside his breathless body sobbing to himself. In his arm was the scroll, the treasure of the ruin which his master has been seeking all this years. He has to learn to accept the fact that people die, no matter how powerful or weak they are. Sho was bummed. He opened the scroll to find out what has been attracting his master to it. After opening it, the only thing that can be seen there were some weird characters Sho has never seen before. Being an apprentice treasure hunter and ruin seeker, he has to know what the scroll says. [I]It must have existed for a long time?[/I] [B]?Sho?bring peace back to the?world??[/B] He looked around him and saw no one else except him and his master. Sho became more alert than before, another principle in treasure hunting. Then, his master?s body began to move into a sitting position, a position where elderly wise men used to sit in. His head was hung low with his eyes closed. [B]??The equilibrium of the world is shifting? Use it?? ?Use what, master??[/B] he asked politely. [B]??The power of the scroll, Gangirock?? ?Power of the scroll?? ?Only the chosen one will be able to do it??[/B] As soon as his master said those words, he came crashing down like a log onto the floor. The words ?power of the scroll? is swirling in his head. He knew that it has something to do with the scroll he found. Sho closed his eyes and thought very hard, concentrating with all his might. Then a loud thump can be heard from his right, breaking his concentration. He stared at the rock which came falling down the ceiling just now. Putting that aside, he stared into the scroll again. This time, the weird characters in the scroll started swirling around and began to form some Roman characters. Sho began reading the scroll. [B]??The scroll of Fire has been activated. Gangirock Bearer of Fire, the power of Crimson Blades is yours. Find the others and bring peace back to the world??[/B] [I]Gangirock Bearer of Fire?I guess that?s me then?[/I][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
  7. [FONT=Arial][COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Just as you wished, bro... Name: Sho Katashi Age: 17 Gender: Male Appearance: Sho is taller than an average man?s height. He has orange eyes and hair. He has a black headband across his forehead. For his attire, he wears a sleeveless black sweater and brownish trousers. His belt is black in colour and has a picture of a sword on the buckle. His boots are dark brown in colour. Sometimes, he can be seen carrying a brown bag pack with him. Personality: Sho is very playful and he loves to joke around. But, he knows when to keep his mouth shut. He has a weak point to very cute animals? Gangirock: Crimson Blades (He can throw balls of flames towards the enemy and manipulate the flames to a melee weapon) How did you obtain Gangirock?: He used the Scroll of Fire What did you lose after obtaining Gangirock?: He became color blind after obtaining it. Bio: When Sho was a young boy, he was alone. His parents dumped him when he was six. He is always seen in the alleys where he would be asking for donations. Not many people pitied him though, except for a man. This man was a traveler; he travels around the world finding legends which he would turn into stories. One day, this man adopted Sho. Together they travel around the world seeking for legends. One day, they went traveling in a ruin called ?The Ruin of Memories?. When they were halfway in the ruin, an earthquake happened inside it. The surface of the ground cracked and began to split open. Both of them struggled to stand, but eventually, the man fell into the bottomless pit. Before he fell, he told Sho about the treasure that lies within the ruin, a treasure that many ruin seekers wishes to obtain. Whoever obtains the treasure can either bring light or darkness to the world. Eager to continue his master?s wishes, he went deeper into the ruin, seeking for the treasure. After dodging many traps and mazes, Sho finally reached the heart on the ruin, the place where the treasure is located. He walked slowly towards the treasure and when he got there, he opened the box. Sho was surprised when he saw a scroll inside. Curiously, he opened the scroll. A flash of light came and that is all. He tried finding the scroll but it was no where to be found. Feeling tired, he went back home with full of regrets.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  8. [FONT=Arial][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]I didn't believe that you actually did it! Name: Tony Maxwell Age: 18 Gender: Male Appearance: 169cms. He has light-brown hair and black eyes. He wears a black t-shirt and a black jacket zipped up till his chest. He also puts on a pair of black trousers and shoes. Personality: Tony is the silent, serious type. He rarely laughs and jokes around. Outside he may seem like an evil assassin but inside he can be really supporting in a different way. Gangirock: Crimson Blades (He can throw balls of flames at his enemies or goes in close to activate his flaming blades) What did you lost after obtaining Gangirock: Almost all his emotions. Bio: When he was still young, his parents tortured him without mercy. One day he can?t take it anymore so he fled out of the house and arrived at the STAG HQ, exhausted. He was also involved in the Gangirock Compatibility Test. When it was time for him to receive Gangirock, he passed the test easily; meaning that he is destined to have this power. Ever since that day, his friends hardly see him smile and so they strayed away from him because they think that he is a freak.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  9. Name: Tony Maxwell Age: 27 Gender: Male Blood type: A Height: 5"9 Weight: 162 lbs Allergies: Dust (Will only sneeze when there is lots of them) Phobia: Astraphobia (fear of thunder and/or lighting)
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