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  1. RPG

    Final Fantasy at its best. -------------------------------------------------------- Name: Matt Age: 17 Gender: Male Bio: An expert mechanic, San follows in the footsteps of his idol, Cid Highwind. Matt is said to be able to drive or fly just about anything, and is skilled in the martial arts. Appearance: Long, baggy pants, a grease-stained t-shirt and overshirt. Wears worn gloves and new goggles. Coincidently, he looks much like Cid himself......:toothy: :rolleyes: Weapon: Spear/Polearm Limit Break: Leaping Assault (Matt jabs the spear into the ground, forcing himself into the air. Matt descends on his opponent with the spearhead first, impaling anything in front of him.)
  2. RPG

    Man this is getting reeeeeeeeeeeeeelly tedious.... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Matt: More! Matt takes a moment to eat a quick meal, then back to training again. He accelerates his training by turning the gravity up to 400. Matt: This should be enough. Must be ready.... He starts training again, with new difficulty.
  3. RPG

    Blood running down his head, Matt takes a break for sustenance. He turn the gravity back to normal, trying out the feeling he has missed. Matt: Time for mental preparation. After his meal, Matt turns the gravity up to 300 and begins meditation. Perhaps he is developing new attacks, or maybe he is training on a foreign plane. Whatever the case, he must be prepared for the upcoming war. Matt: I wonder how everyone else is doing.
  4. RPG

    After taking another ki blast, Matt falls to his knees in the gravity chamber. Sweat and blood drip onto the floor, while Matt watches it senslessly (sp?). He grins, becoming exited. Matt: Nope. That's not my limit either. He stands to his feet and turns his chin into the air, taking in a deep breath. Releasing it, Matt turns to the center machine and turns the gravity to 250. Matt: Keep it coming. He grins and continues his hard training.
  5. I sometimes sit on my roof and watch, we live in a very rural area so it's only there where the trees don't get in the way. There was once a sunset with a perfect arrangement of clouds, yellow and pink ray shot over the sky. I truly believe I've been to heaven once.
  6. RPG

    Matt enters his gravitational chamber, located in one of the saiyan cities. Reaching the dials in the center of the chamber, Matt intensifies the gravity immediately to 100 times Vegetto's normal gravity. He picks himself up and begins his training. Matt: I....wonder....how the others are doing... Shooting ki blasts, Matt phases in front of them in an attempt to improve his ki. Nonstop pushups, chinups, situps, he is intent on drastically improving his physical form. He wipes the sweat from his brow and laughs quietly. Matt: More.... He turns the gravity to 150 times normal gravity. The force is almost too much for him, but he begins training once again.
  7. RPG

    So I guess we're fighting two Rojins'. Hi yo. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Matt extends his arms out to the side, his empty palms facing the sky. Wind begin to rage in a funnel around him as he eminates a green aura. It shines brighter and brighter, then erupts into a fire encircling his body. Matt's hands are now chambered into fists by his side, his muscles tense. He bends his knees slightly, retaining perfect balance. His powerful arms are bent in front of him, ending in tight fists. His Sanchin stance. Matt's Stats.......it rhymes. Strength: 2,500 Speed: 5,000 Defense: 2,500 Ki: 3,000
  8. RPG

    Matt stares in awe at the decapitated Rojin. Matt: Guys, we better get out of here. Other Rojin's might be showing up soon. Blanka: Let them come. Matt: Not even you're strong enough to take that many, Blanka. Denra: The battle's over, let's head back. Blanka: .....
  9. RPG

    Matt: Haaaaaaaaa!! As the Rojin was distracted, Matt used his incredible speed to slash the oozaru's tail. However, it didn't cut all the way through. Rojin: You little fool! Don't you think we would have evolved our tail weakness as well?! The rojin effortlessly backhanded Matt into the side of a plateau. Matt gets up, shaking his head. He sheaths his blade again. Matt: You have never failed me before, this will be trully difficult...
  10. RPG

    Craig turns to find a hand on his shoulder. Matt: You okay man? Craig: I'm not finished, not by a long shot. Blank: You finally showed up then. Matt: Let's show this Rojin his place. Blank: That's what I was waiting for.
  11. Those belonging to older generations (i.e. my dad) tend to have lower opinions about people with piercings such as that. While it would be wrong for them to judge you simply by exterior appearences, I think you would better your chances by taking it out. That's just in case, I wouldn't want to risk it.
  12. RPG

    Name: Matt Age: 17 Race: Saiya-jin Height: 5'6 Weight: 150 lbs Bio: Upon training with his 10 brothers and sisters one day, Matt's family was ambushed by a band of Rojin's. Being the youngest, Matt was able to hide while the Rojin's killed his family in front of him. He has since been in constant training, attempting to follow in Vegetto's footsteps. In his travels, he has met up with Blank and Craig and has joined them in their quest. Over time, they have become comrades in battle, though their personalities clash at times. Description: A black martial arts gi with his family crest on the back. His arms, wrapped in cloth, can contain small blades and other weapons. A worn and dirty headband, which he never takes off, is his only momento of his family. Personality: Speaks frequently only to those he trusts, limiting that list to Craig and Blank for now. Matt is calm by nature, but when angered he is very unpredictable to even himself. He fights without remorse, and is quick to finish an opponent at the first opportunity. Stats: 10,000 to spread over Strength: 2,000 Speed: 4,000 Defense: 2,000 Ki: 2,000
  13. RPG

    Ha! Good timing for this RPG, I'm almost done with the game. Name:Trek Ronso Bio: First born son of Kimahri Ronso. With much of the Ronso race eliminated by Seymore, Trek sets out to eliminate evil and make his mark on the world, restoring respect for his race. Weapon: Spear
  14. RPG

    Name: Kirby Game: Kirby's Dream World Weapon: *edit* Hammer. But when I eat you, my hammer turns to your weapon! Armor: Whatever yours is when I eat you! Defense: My squishy self Level:1
  15. RPG

    Name: Matt Age: 17 Description: Matt is an expert in several martial arts forms, so he is physically adept. He likes to keep to himself, but he is always there when the others need him. Personality: Quiet by nature, Matt doesn't talk when it isn't necessary. Overall, he has a big heart. Depending on his mood, he may anger quickly or slowly. Weapon: Double bladed staff (often called a "swallow) Creatures... Name: Raziel Description: A large dragon with four great wings. Spikes cover his body from horned head to bladed tail. Element(s): Fire and Wind Main Attacks: Fury of the Underworld, Hurricane Force Name: Kai Description: A four legged dragon wolf. Two large horns jut out from his shoulders, and he is very muscular. The top of his head is thick bone and he is adept at ramming. Very fast. Element(s): Ice and Earth Main Attacks: Frozen Shower, Boulder Assault