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  1. [quote name='NIKI12345]Yeah thanks I really needed that. Well back to drugs yes there are good ones and bad ones. The ones the doctors decribe you are ment to help you not for you to abuse them and hurt yourself more. No the computer doesn't have all the answers I checked. I typed and my name and asked what my future was going to be like and they said [b]No info found try search again. So happy joy the computer was wrong!!!!!![/b'] Well back to topic when I look at drugs not all reasherch has been confirmed. Its easy to say you have all the answers but its harder to prove them right. There still are drugs out there that no one has solved completly and people are different so one drug can make many people act different. Thats the hard part about this world. One cure for cnacer might work on mice but that doesn't tell us that it will work on people. That is my thought. :animesmil[/quote] Actually there are some illegal drugs out there that are helpful to your body. (ex. some help cure addictions to herion and Cocaine, but has no other side effects) Also, my personnal opinion is that what a person wants to put in their on bodies is their choice, but I only drink.
  2. Daasheus

    What grinds your gears?

    [quote name='Nerdsy][color=deeppink]Facts can be stereotypes. Nothing in the [url="http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/stereotype"]definition of stereotype[/url'] says that a stereotype has to be false; ironically, that is a false sterteotype that many people have.[/color][/quote] Point taken.
  3. Daasheus

    How to tell off.

    Thanks for the help! She is still a good freind of mine and she has given up liking me.
  4. Daasheus

    What grinds your gears?

    [QUOTE=Nerdsy][color=deeppink]That's not really converting, though, that's badgering. Sure, they're trying to convert you, but they're failing. You seem to be giving the word "convert" a negative aspect which it doesn't have. I recognise that this is just semantics, though, and I know you mean "forceful conversion."[/color] [color=deeppink]Honestly, who doesn't believe that? Most religions are contradictory, and if people thought their religion was wrong they'd change it. There are those who believe that all religions are true, but by believing this they are saying that there are parts that are fault. For example, the Christian God being the one true God?[/color] [color=deeppink]Are you saying it's okay to negatively stereotype Christians and not goths? Because that's what White was getting at: you were complaining about being stereotyped when, in the very same sentence, you stereotyped those who try to convert others.[/color] [color=deeppink]Just because you believe in [i]a[/i] god, does not mean you believe in [i]the[/i] god. I'm not saying that your way is wrong here, mind you, merely that what they're assuming is actually true. I don't know much about your religion, so I'm kind of taking a leap here, but I have my doubts that you believe in the same God as Christians do since you also believe in a Goddess. To illustrate my point a little better, two people can each say "I know Larry," and both be right, even though they are talking about two different people.[/color][/QUOTE] I take your point in the fact that I was a little stereotypical in that fact, I also accept your fact that if all religions did not believe that other religions are wrong, then we would have only one religion. I guess what I was trying to say was that I can't stand people that can't "accept" other people's religion and leave them be. Also, I get your point that we do not believe in the same God, but what I meant was people who ask you if you believe in their god, and when you reply NO, they say you are a atheist or Satanist. And, I don't Negatively stereotype Christians, I was just stating facts, which are not really stereotypes, though I admit I was wrong in some of the things that I mentioned. Just trying to clear some things up. Also, something else I hate: People who claim that they are emotionless, then get mad at every little thing you do. (Anger IS a emotion, people!!)
  5. Daasheus

    What grinds your gears?

    [QUOTE=White][color=dimgray][font=Tahoma]I've helped introduce friends to Christianity before. Does that mean you hate me? Just because I got someone to convert? That's not fair at all! You don't even know me. Kind of like how you hate anyone who just wants to invite you to their church? I can understand if they keep on asking after you've said no but it sounds like if I even mentioned the word Jesus you'd stab me. Also, this reminds me of something else I dislike. When people who aren't Christian see evangelists on TV and just assume all Christians are like that. There are some pretty weird evangelists out there (I once saw a man carrying a sign that basically said "You're going to hell!" which definitely is not what God wants Christians to be telling others).[/font][/color][/QUOTE]There is a difference between introducing someone to a religion and [i]converting[/i] someone to that religion. what I mean by converting is people who don't seem to take no for a answer and leave you alone. And, I have yet to see a Evangelist on TV. I was speaking through past experiences with "hard-core" Christians who believe that every other religion other than their own is wrong and that everybody else is going to hell. Also, on the stereotype note, I wasn't talking about religion, I was talking about "Goths" and the negative stereotype we seem to receive wherever we go. Plus, Though it does get tiring listening to TV announcements about Christmas, Easter, Good Friday, et cetera; I have many freinds that happen to be Christian. Also, most of what I think about Christians came from when I went to a Pentecostal church as a kid.. Sorry to insult whatever religous beleifs you had, but I believe that you interpreted my message [i]slightly [/i]wrong.:animesmil :cool: ;) also, This is something that most christians assume (at least from my own experience), yet is not true: just becuase we say we are not Christian, doesn't mean we don't believe in God, in fact we believe in a God [i]and[/i] Goddess. [size=2]Happy Mabon, Lloyd[/size]
  6. Daasheus

    What grinds your gears?

    [QUOTE=Felix Santiago] [size=1]I just cant stand girls who obsess over anime guys, I see it nearly everyday. jeez. so damn annoying to hear some girl squeal about how hot riku or sora are....[b] WAKE UP: THEY'RE JUST DRAWINGS![/b][/size] [size=1] so many kids have the emo look/goth, claiming that they are "individuals.[/size][/QUOTE]What is wrong with the "Goth" look? We are just people who have a very morbid or macabre veiw of life.Also, define "Goth". Everyone calls me "Goth" and the only reason is becuase I am not Christian, wear black rave pants and shirts, have a morbid veiw of life, and hate the sunlight. (also, everybody is "Unique" and a "Individual") I hate people who try to convert you to Christianity, insult your religion (In my case, Paganism), and people who unfairly judge everyone in a stereotype by the actions of a few. But, I do agree with your statement about girls who obsess over anime guys. Other things I hate: 1. Any music other than Gothic Rock, Metal, Techno, Electronica, Darkwave, Rock, and "Emo" Rock. 2. Sunlight 3. Annoying people 4. Jerks ~Lloyd
  7. Daasheus

    How to tell off.

    What is a nice way to tell a girl that likes you that you don't like her without losing her as a good freind?
  8. Daasheus

    Weapon of Choice!

    Nice choice on the Kama.
  9. Daasheus

    Weapon of Choice!

    [font=Garamond][size=2]Does nobody choose the classic Sythe? I would use a sythe after all. Very easy to use and if you are good at spinning it, you can take out everybody around you in a few seconds. Also, if my sythe breaks or is taken away, I would use a couple of Ninja Ken or Kodachis.[/size][/font] [font=Garamond][size=2]~Lloyd[/size][/font]
  10. [QUOTE=MistressRoxie][color=#9933ff][size=1] To be honest with you, though, if he hasn't shown [u]any[/u] signs of liking her, he's probably not interested. Teenage boys are ridiculously transparent with their feelings. [/size][/color][/QUOTE][font=Garamond][color=blue]Actually, Some teenage boys are not transparent with their feelings. I never show mine. and to NIKI12345, it is best for her to just go up to him and ask him directly. Most guys like it when people are more straightfoward toward them and don't beat around the bush[/color][/font]