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  1. Hylian

    We WON!

    Wow congrats!!! Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I have been to state and placed in Wrestling and Swimming...And I am a professional gamer for ssbm lol. So I have some experience with tournaments. And my little brothers went to the world series for baseball for their age group..they got 4th I think losing to japan which is still really good >_>.
  2. Hylian

    Gaming Competitive/Professional Gaming

    [quote name='Desbreko][color=#4B0082']Wouldn't that line of thinking also apply to professional sports, though? Or really anything that you enjoy and can make into a career? I would think that most people would love to get paid for doing something they enjoy. Sure, it wouldn't be as fun as doing it on your own time, at your own pace, but it's definitely better than a job you dislike.[/color][/quote] I agree with this. I hate it when people degrade professional gaming >_>...It's not like I live off video games and the tournament money. I actually pretty much only play at tournaments or when a bunch of friends are over and want to play or something. And look at it this way, would someone look down on you more for being a professional gamer or a garbage man? Professional gaming takes talent and skill just like professional sports do and is hard to get into.
  3. Hylian

    Gaming Super Smash Bros. Melee

    Big characters are generally bad because they can be combo'ed so easily. Fox can infinite combo a DK all day if he is technical enough. Not to mention DK's shield is horrible..the worst in the game. And fox is hard to grab in the first place and that is what DK is best at. Grab combos. Fox's shine prevents DK from getting those grabs in easily. I am really suprised he beat chu dat though. IC's have the best grab combos in the game. One grab especially by Chu Dat and you lose a stock. Everytime. IC's do especially well against DK as well so its suprising that Bum won >_>. Good ****.
  4. Hylian

    Gaming Super Smash Bros. Melee

    Heh. People who spam 1 move are boring to play because they are so easy. Run up to them. Wavedash backwards. Watch them do their laggy move then punish for it everytime. One good way to beat shiek with fox is his grab. Dashdance around to get a grab in then upthrow uair them. Works at almost any %'s if your opponent doesn't DI correctly. On another note, a DK player named Bum just got 4th in a huge tournament taking out the best falcon player in the world and the best IC player in the world(who also happens to be the second best in america) Crouds were amazed! lol. Just more proof that Skill > Tiers. He ended up losing to a fox though of course.
  5. Hylian

    Gaming Super Smash Bros. Melee

    [QUOTE=Tatsubei Yagyu][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I will always hate the fact that Shiek is high/top tier, because everyone always says that that's why I choose her... T_T I chose Shiek even before I knew of tiers, and all that "good" stuff before I really liked her in Ocarina of Time, and that I could switch into Zelda, who was never playable before in any (good lol) game. And I happen to like speedy ninja-types too, and Shiek even has senbon (the needles)! But nooooo... :animeangr I play as Shiek because she is "teh uber and 1337" apparently... :( So usually, I have to use other characters just so people won't yell. Oh well...I guess it isn't fun to always win a match, anyway... ;) [/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE] Haha yeah alot of people hate playing shiek because she is so easy to learn and so good. Fox and falco do well against her though.
  6. Hylian

    Introduce me to OB!

    [QUOTE=DeathKnight][color=crimson]Partially. When you said that about inflammable I looked it up and forgot about it, lol. Don't be sorry it was my bad. Infamous however, having just looked it to make sure I'm not having amnesia, I was correct about regarding the prefix. :) We can split the wrongness/rightness.[/color][/QUOTE] Haha ok split it we will. I was thinking of Flammable/Inflammable when I saw infamous >_>. *slaps head* XD! Oh wells. Soo...What is your favorite game series? Mine is Zelda/SSBM >_>. I also use to play DDR alot.
  7. Hylian

    Introduce me to OB!

    [QUOTE=DeathKnight][color=crimson]The prefix in- in this usage means not. Infamy is literally not famous but is used to say someone is famous for negative reasons. Inflammable is not flammable. I'm not sure if you are trying to be cute but those two words become antonyms when the prefix in- is given to them.[/color][/QUOTE] I'm sorry but you are REALLY mistaken. [url]http://wsu.edu/~brians/errors/inflammable.html[/url] [url]http://www.randomhouse.com/wotd/index.pperl?date=20000919[/url] "In" In the case of Inflammable is not a prefix. It is a warning. The negative of flammable is "nonflammable". And I was wrong about infamous sorta. They both mean the same thing but infamous does have a negative meaning to it.
  8. Hylian

    Introduce me to OB!

    ...Famous and Infamous and be used interchangibly in any sentance >_>. Just like Flammable and InFlammible...they mean the exact same thing. People only add meaning to infamous thinking it means someone famous and bad. No. Yes, english is weird. You are supposed to use them based on the sentance structure..like who and whom. That is the only difference in the words.
  9. Hylian

    Gaming Pok

    Ummm I'm pretty sure you can catch a Mr Mime Jr in Pearl...Go the the Pokemon mansion and on one of the days he will have mr mime jrs in his back yard...he did for me anyways >_>. I just breeded like 10 eevee's lol. They make eggs FAST!
  10. Hylian

    Introduce me to OB!

    [QUOTE=Chaos]I joined a day before 9/11...with similar results to the stability of the board. ...Good God, what am I doing posting? I'm supposed to be lurking. The number one fad on OB? Find a rival, eat him, get banned. At least, thinking back, that seems to be the fad, seeing as how many times it has happened. *shrug* *tilts head* Am I famous or infamous? Hmm. I shall muse on that for a while.[/QUOTE] LOL. You know that Famous and infamous mean the exact same thing right? Kinda redundent >_>. And wow many of you have been here for a long time and I'm sure you all know each other pretty well ^_^.
  11. Hylian

    Gaming Pok

    To the above post: I have not run into a steel coat yet but you do run into wild Steelix...>_>. On victory road there is an abundence of them..seriously >_>.
  12. Hylian

    Gaming Super Smash Bros. Melee

    ... I am not degrading him in any way. I am just telling him he has some information wrong. There are way to many misconceptions in ssbm >_>. And besides its not lile we are at each others throats...well I'm not at least..its just a friendly debate.
  13. Hylian

    The evisceration of your name

    My name is Jordan. You'd think that would be easy to remember..but I guess not. Because soooooo many people when they first meet me call me Justin or Jacob...OMG ITS SO ANNOYING! heh >_>. It really is though...it makes you feel like no one remembers you. And some people try to spell it Jorden or Jordon >_>. It's JORDAN! lol. My last name is really uniqe. Fruin. Easy to pronounce - Fru in. Just like its spelt. But apparently no one can pronounce it lol. I have heard Froin frun and all sorts of stuff >_>. My middle name..well no one knows my middle name ^_^ lol.
  14. How many of you play games competitivly or professionally? I play SSBM and go to tournaments almost every or every other week. I have traveled to other states to play with people in tournaments and enjoy playing competitivly. I am the best Samus player in Texas(well..best samus main anyways). Do you know anyone who plays games competitvly? Some popular games are SSBM,MVC2,Third Strike,Tekken,Halo 2... And I am talking about consol games not computer games like counterstirke or Quake >_>. Just wondering how many other competative games we have here :). Playing for money is exciting and tournaments are really fun as well as travveling and meeting new people. And if you have any questions on how to get into the competative gameing scene just ask. And who knows what EVO is? I went to the last one for SSBM and got to the quarter finals..I was knocked out by the 3rd best person in Texas >_>.
  15. Hylian

    Gaming Pok

    I have had the game for exactly 7 days and have been playing the crap out of it. Here are my stats: Name: Hylian Time: 60:07 Badges: 8 PokeDex: 197 lvl 57 Luxray lvl 50 Staraptor lvl 51 Palkia(Though I want a glaceon instead) lvl 52 Aggron lvl 60 Infernape lvl 53 BronZong Yep. I beat the elite 4 when my highest pokemon was 49 and the last peson was REALLY REALLY HARD lol. I had to use so many items :(. Its easier with higher lvls though.