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    Hi im a gundamwing finatic and a cowboy beebop finatic 2
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    Gundam & AC pilot & A humble Bounty Hunter
  1. chris00k

    Sign Up Digimon: The Descendents

    Name: Quatre Takaishi Who they descended from: Takeru "T.K." Takaishi Age: 14 Gender: Male Personality: He likes to do things on his own, he likes to try and take charge but he always messes up until it somes to technical thinking and stratagey thinking then he is on top of his game, he likes to be left alone to his work. Appearance: (i will draw a pic and post asap) he wears dark bluejeans, chains hanging off of them with his digivice on the end, grey skater trainers, he has a black shirt with a weird picture on it then a green shirt over that open. golden hair and sun glasses but his eyes are blue. Bio: he got his digimon when he was born but he didnt get his digivice till he respected and loved his digimon Grade:9th Partner Digimon: Terriermon (he calls him Ter) Partner Digimon's Digivolution Line:(will draw pics asap) Demi Terriermon, Terriermon, evo-gargomon, Speedmon, Gilacticmon Partner Digimon's Appearance: he looks just like terriermon just insted of the white parts he is grey and he is blue in the green parts. Digivice Style: S2 style. Color: Grey main and blue areal and grip parts. Attributes: circle screen on the upper half of the digivice with two blue buttons next to it a red one on the bottem right of the screen and a circle with a4 lines out of it on the bottom half.
  2. chris00k

    Sign Up Zoids: master warriors tournament

    Sounds kewl!! Name: Quatre Tiger Age: 15 Appearence: Blond hair, quiet short, blue eyes, wears army combat gear Team: Zoidien Chaos Bio: Quatre was trained by his father and when his father died his Zoid got passed on to him. Zoid: Lightning Tiger (he has suped it up for optimum performance)
  3. chris00k

    Sign Up Beast Wars Transformers

    Name:Tigertron Allegiance: Maximal Function: What part does your character play Alternate Form: White Tiger Armament: Wipp and Sword Biography: A wild Maximal He dosen't like taking orders but he dose what needs to be done! He also LOVES to fight.
  4. chris00k

    RPG The Elementals

    i guess this just went dead, just so u all know it was fun while it lasted thanx for a good RPG
  5. chris00k

    RPG Armored Core: The Ravnes

    [i] At the battle feild Chris00k is in Pheonix R1 & R2 are in their AC's and there are a fleet of 50 MT's [/i] R1: There are to many of them we have to work together! R2: Yeah!! Chris00k: this is only a war up to me so let me do all the work :smirk: [i] Turns the moonlight on [/i] [i] Pheonix plyes through about 15 MT's in one go [/i] R1: hey he is good come on lets give him a hand R2: ok, Chris00k we are coming to help ya!!! [i] 2 Multi missiles fly towards R1 & R2 with chris00k saying [/i] Chris00k: hey i can do this alone and next time i wont miss you ok stay there.. [i] A AC equipt with stealth jumps down from the roof shooting Pheonix, R1 Sees him and uses his rocket to shoot him because he couldn't get a lock on him [/i] R1: Chris00k behind you [i] a rocket flyes towards the ?AC? [/i] Chris00k: what the??? EX Raven: Chris00k we meet again.. Chris00k: Target is that you? Ex Raven: You do remember me R1: Target .... [i] types the name target in to his AC [/i] R1.AC: Target.. AC's Name overload, Advantages Stelth, Short range (hand to hand) Weaknesses Long range, Partner Raven Chris00k Partner AC Pheonix... [i] R1 pushed pause on the computer [/i] R1: did u hear that R2: yeah they are old partners, but the stars are wrong he has canged that AC so has Chris00k so they will have a challange.. [i] Chris0k has sustained quiet a bit of dammage and he call for backup R1 & R2 Call for backup from the Ravens nest to send some Self controles MT's and R1 & R2 Go and help [/i] .... [i] The Raven's nest call Scott and Albert for some assistance because there are no MT's To spair..... [/i] (Overload is the oposit to Pheonix)
  6. chris00k

    RPG Armored Core: The Ravnes

    [i] Pheonix takes out 2 MTs and sends them up in flames [/i] Chris00k: thats why he is called pheonix but it is better when i have a callange :o .... Pheonix: Systems switching to normal mode. [i] 2 Other ravens pull up [/i] R1: Well i see u have started to get a name for your self... R2: ...we would like to ask u to help us with a mission Chris00k: what is it? R2: to take out a roge ex raven Chris00k: how much will i get? R1: it is worth 543000 c..... Chris00k: well ok [i] Raven 1 sends the mission brifing, Chris00k gets back to his area in the ravens nest and sees his mechanic [/i] Chris00k: hey Harry got a new mission have a look at the brifing Harry: so u going to work with them? Chris00k: Now way!!!!!! ----------------------------------------------------------
  7. chris00k

    Sign Up Armored Core the Ravens

    will 2 more people join so we can start!!!!
  8. chris00k

    Sign Up Armored Core the Ravens

    when is this going to start? Thanx
  9. chris00k

    Sign Up Armored Core the Ravens

    Name:chris00k AC Name:Pheonix AC Advantages (Strengths):stelth , flight & missiles AC Weaknesses:close range Main Weapons: kawasaw, multi missiles x2, sheild, head long range radar Back-up Weapons:moonlight lazer sword, mashine gun, dule chain guns, extre amo Background:he was trained to be the best with a AC since he was 4 and nearly all he knows is to fight in a AC, Ac Is powerfull and Chris00k worked 10years to make it he biuld some parts him self. AC's color and Symbol:flame red, flame orange & yellow like fire looks like a bird. logo a pheonix bird (fire bird) -------------------------------------------------------------- how many people do u need to join?
  10. chris00k

    Sign Up The Yin and the Yang.

    Shade when are u going to start this rpg!!!!! i cant wait till it start it sounds good!
  11. chris00k

    Sign Up The Yin and the Yang.

    when will this rpg start? can some one tell me because im getting board waiting
  12. ????? What is the story line i have no idear????
  13. chris00k

    Sign Up The Yin and the Yang.

    Yin warrior Name: Pheonix Age:16 Appearance:He is 6.8 ft high and he wears a black, red and orange Samuri suit, he has blue eyes, Yello blond hair spiked up with a long ponie tail down to his back. Weapon: Staff of the pheonix (it is a stick the same hight as him , it is red with a blade shaped like fire on top.) Special Powers: Fire, able to fly for short pereods of time/ hover Bio: His real name is Quatre but he calls him self Pheonix from his power of fire, He is one of the youngest yin worriors, he found out about his power when he was about 7 years of age when he Parents died in a fire that he caused, He has a short temper but can be kind if you are on his right side. Other: When he gets angry his Flame power is limit less, so it is hard to fight against him.
  14. chris00k

    Sign Up Vice City: Islands of sin.

    Name: Quatre Affiliation: Vice City crimes (X member of Blacker heart) Default Car: Harley Weapons: Samurai Sword, oozy, sworn off shotgun, Sniper rifle, chain saw, machine gun, remote hand grenades x20 Personality Bio: Quatre lost his memory when he was at a young age he became a member of Blacker heart, till 2½ years a go when they turned on him, now every chance he gets to get them beck he takes it, but he has a bad rep with the police. He lives in the streets and he wears Army trousers & a black shirt with a Black leather jacket.
  15. chris00k

    Anime Dose any one know?

    my school as a system running that locks out what they dont want us to go on and when i type in any animi show it is locked out, the system is called i gear and it locked out otakuboards from my school internet till it got up graided to v6, so it is hard to find out about animi.