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  1. You're right, it's not. But i'm lazy, so i was wondering if it could be done. >_>
  2. That would be forgivable if this forum existed back in the stone age, but nooo. You've got topics for Claymore and Death Note, but not the best anime this season? It's about a twosome who live underground, Simon the main character, and Kamina, the manliest man....ever. Kamina recruits Simon to go with him to the surface. After thier attempts are thwarted by the village leader, the celing shatters and a giant mech comes down, called a Ganmen/Gunmen. Following it is a scantily-clad girl named Yoko, and once Simon finds a small mech, which Kamina names the Lagann, the trio destroy the mec
  3. Just about everyone has thier own type of font/color style, and i'm wondering if there's any way i could save it as opposed to have to enter it manually every time.
  4. [QUOTE=Sojiro47][font=book antiqua]That really depends on whether or not I die if I resist the lion's, umm....Sexual disire. No, really, I think I will go with option two, just because I'd rather see than not. Would you rather... Be one of Toocan Sam's nephews (Fruit Loops) and be forced to live on Fruit Loops for the rest of your life? Or... Be one of Ben and Jerry's assistants and have to test everyone of their icecream flavor ideas?[/font][/QUOTE] Ben & Jerry's. I
  5. [quote name='Crazy Kev']Food addcition huh?........Pie is definately that best answer for me. Why? Because one, I'll have a huge craving for pie whenever I smell it or see it. I like pies of all kinds, so it doesn't matter what kind of pie I see or smell! And it's been going on for a very, very, very long time! :-) And also because I'm the Pie Overlord!!!! Mwahahahahaha!!!!![/quote] Would it be considered cannibalism if i agreed with you?
  6. Okay, i get the point that i ned to make a move on her, but i'm not exactly sure what to do since i'm a complete and total noob with women. Me and the friend zone are good buddies.
  7. [QUOTE=Felix Santiago][SIZE=1] well, that's like asking "what's the purpose of life?" 1. there are so many different interpretations [reasons why they hate you, or give you the "we're just friends, you know that right?" thing] 2. and those different interpretations vary from person to person [maybe your not her type, etc.][/SIZE][/QUOTE] The meaning of life is 42. Haven't you ever read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?
  8. [QUOTE=Charles]Yeah, but bulletins aside, it's just an opening to show that you're interested. If you haven't been hanging out for too long then don't worry too much yet, but if you hand out for an extended period of time and nothing comes of it, and you feel like you're just one of the girls to her, be prepared to make your interest known in some way. If you're young enough, you could do that whole thing through third parties too, like have a friend tell her that you like her. If you're too old that might just come off as weird instead of cute though. And Nerdsy--I'm not saying th
  9. [QUOTE=Charles]You can use that to your advantage though. Just casually ask her if she's interested in dating anyone. Her answer might give you an opening or enough information to know to back off. You could also say that you know a great guy for her and jokingly gesture to yourself or something. You can make it playful so that you don't have to feel so awkward. If you do ask her out and she refuses it will probably be a little uncomfortable at first, but at least you'll know where you stand in the whole situation.[/QUOTE] I know she is. She makes several comments on myspac
  10. [quote name='Charles']Maybe she feels that you're "safe" though and that's why she wants to be around you. You have to make a move of some sort here to establish where you stand.[/quote] I'll give you this. I'm pretty shy around girls, so i can see how you'd get that.
  11. I doubt i'm in the friend zone. Her best friend became one of the guys she liked, for one. Secondly, i'm not particularly good friends with her [we talk in school sometimes and stuff, so that's about it]
  12. [QUOTE=Shy][size=1]For a second I thought this thread was about [i]pie-people[/i]. Don't scare me like that! Anyway. It seems like this girl is using you to boost her self-confidence after this other guy destroyed it. There's nothing wrong with being the 'nice guy' but at such a young age the girls are bound to go for the less stable, jerk-types. -Shy[/size][/QUOTE] Honestly? I don't think he's a jerk. I don't know that much about him, but going on her ex-boyfriend and the guy she liked beforehand, they both weren't jerks.
  13. That's true too. I just may be overthinking all this and turning it into my own personal hopes just to be dissapointed, but i usually end up doing that.
  14. Yesterday, i hung out with this girl i like. I went over to her house, we watched a movie she liked, went bike riding, and i invited her over to my house, and we watched yet another movie! All while she's wearing not much [although she never really shows off like that in school...] Yet, she likes another guy. A guy who doesn't seem to return these feelings. Yet she seems to desperately want a boyfriend, and i'm unsure what the crap to do.
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