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  1. Here's one with Code Geass to the Gantz OP (this one went really well). [url="http://tubedubber.com/#JdTwjVBP4ac:F4kM1eaE7Wo:0:100:0:0:true"]Code Geass X Gantz[/url]
  2. I've started on [B]Ranma 1/2[/B] (it's the reason I haven't started Inuyasha yet). I like the fact that you can just sit down and watch it, plus it's pure comedy.
  3. Higashi no Eden looks really good from the trailer that I saw. I never did finish FMA, but I am reading the manga so some of this will be familiar. Higashi overshadowed my original Phantom hype, it still looks good. I saw bits and pieces of the OVA. (first time on otakuboards, XD)
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