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    I grew up on a military base, where my grandmother taught me art.I'm currently in my junior year of college and working to become a zoologist/musician/web designer/manga,anime artist.
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  1. sensei fuzzball

    Anime Sad Anime Deaths

    [quote name='Gunslinger' date='10 December 2007 - 06:12 PM' timestamp='1197335521' post='641270'] I would have to say the saddest ending ive ever seen in an anime ever was the end of Cowboy Bebop. Spike was my fave :animecry:(avatar) but i still love it to this very day! I had a manly breakdown <_< where i almost cried when i saw it end. The ending to Evangelion was also a heart breaker. [/quote] [size="4"][font="Book Antiqua"][color="#FF00FF"]]To me this was probably one if not the most bummer death in all the animes to me as well. Just something about Spike was soooooo cool. Why did he have to parish? **Soft machine gun sobs* -Sensei Fuzzball[/color][/font][/size]
  2. sensei fuzzball

    Your most outrageous purchases.

    [FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="2"][COLOR="Magenta"][I]Oh me, oh my I have blown some astronomical amounts on things in my day.Such as: 1.$700 pageant dress worn twice in my life. 2.$300 in anime and soundtracks at animekrazy.com in one shopping spree,which is a butt load of stuff. 3.Somewhere around the neighborhood of $120,000 on my instruments that I play; not including repairs,new parts,etc. 4.Countless amounts of shoes that I don't wear very often.I'm definently a shoe w****. Anyway there are countless other things that I really gave my wallet a workout on. Sensei Fuzzball:catgirl:[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  3. sensei fuzzball

    How Long Did You Believe?

    [I][COLOR="Magenta"]In my opinion I never really have lost any of my beliefs besides the whole Santa,Easter Bunny thing, but I admit to believing in them for the longest time.Especially Santa, only because my mom made up the best story ever.If you want to know about that you'll have to pm me, but back to the real question at hand.I have many days where I doubt alot of my beliefs, but my scientific nature in me always comes out and there's always that little'" what if factor", to keep those beliefs going.In truth what can we really truly and utterly prove.Everything has small gaps in it no matter how concrete we may think some evidence shows.In my opinion if we don't believe in something miraculous or magical, the world would be a very dull place.The real magic in the world is our hearts and imaginations that form beliefs in anything whether it be scientific or mystical.I think if everyone could hold on to some of the whimsy of their childhoods the world might be a better and easier place to live in, because there would always be something to believe in to bring the child out in us. Sensei Fuzzball:catgirl:[/COLOR][/I]
  4. sensei fuzzball

    Manga The Artist & Writer Recruiting Thread

    This sounds like a story I'd be interested in doing. Unfortunantly at this time I'm limited in my mediums as well as my sacnner useage.I NEED TO BUY ONE! Although maybe take a rain check with me in about a month I should have some art posted on my Otaku site.Just check out Sensei Fuzzball at the Otaku in artists portfolios. Anyway what style of art are you looking for? [quote name='peachandbetty'][CENTER][B]Recruiting *waves banner*[/B][/CENTER] Hi. :p I'm a writer, a serious one. I've had works published but now I want to do manga. This is where you come in. I'm looking for someone who can draw my story. The story is a Fantasy, see below for the plot. I need an artist who draws a particular style. It's a serious manga with comic undertones and most of the characters are adults so you have to be able to draw adults well instead of specialising in tennagers or adults who look like teenagers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The very basic plot (because I'm too far along in the writing to give a summary without spoilers) - Anyone can be born a Babel, women and men who have the gift of original life (maghic) and Agora was one of them. She was sent to the centre of the world where the University of Babel stands in the form of a circle of seven towers and a central, sky-piercing tower none have been able to enter since an incident time forgot. In her premature studies in maghic, she quickly became a Babel supergenius, studying constantly for an end ambiguous to her. In her early studies, she then finds a book on top of a library shelf which turns out to be the diary of one of the greatest Babel from before the central tower, known as Ziron, became impregnable. From this diary she learns a completely new way of casting Maghic which in her early adulthood leads to the victory of what seemed an impossible war, the Shadow Revolt. She was branded a hero and a genius of Babel but 300 years on her legacy has gone either to the graves of her comrades or to the elder Babel who do not involve themselves often with the younger Babel. Thus, in her current lifestyle as a teacher of original life in the 7th tower, her past seems to have died. This is about the change as her lover is killed in an attempt to assassinate the Bebal leader, the Onarch. Agora falls into deep conflict between her fierce loyalty to Bebal and to the man she cannot believe a traitor. In her persuit of the truth, she is taken out of Bebal and beyond the boundaries of what she calls 'the world' to be set on a different course; to find the seven keys to Ziron...without triggering another Shadow Revolt. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OK, turned out a little less basic than I thought but it's there. I'll appreciate any replies but replies with sample art would be great! So email me. I can then give you some of the manuscript. Thanks XXXXXX Peach[/QUOTE]