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  1. I haven't been on here in ages, but here I come clawing my way out of the abyss to deliver a terrible pic.
  2. I'm back in my hometown of El Paso, TX and WOW I missed it so much!   Living on my own has taught me that I am a terrible cook and I'm equally terrible at keeping up with dishes and laundry.  On the plus side I am getting better at these things, slowly but surely.
  3. Go to your profile, click on the 'Edit My Profile' button, and changing your avatar will be one of the first options.
  4.     Trapped forever due to my lack of foresight.
  5.   I'll get right on that. *remembers origin of the phrase* Wait does this mean I'm part of a dating sim 'cause I did not sign up for that.
  6. My parents gave me a crock pot yesterday and they tried to explain it to me, but all I got out of the discussion was that a crock pot is a magic food portal that cooks things so slowly that by the time you get back from school/work/etc. 5 hours later you have an effortless wizard meal. Also add some water???   I am excited to use this thing.   Oh! I used a cast iron mold to make cornbread fish the other day!
  7. I'm moving back to El Paso at the end of the month so I'm packing all my stuff, but this is much more difficult than I had anticipated. Like why do I own 3/4 of the crap I own??? I thought all my stuff could fit in like 4 boxes. Nope.   I STILL DON'T KNOW HOW TO COOK   Incredibly nervous about living on my own.
  8. I don't know how my sleep schedule got so messed up but it did. I've been getting 2-4 hours of sleep on average and the weird thing is that i'm not tired at all!  So I guess it can't be that bad.   Flying to Austin for a few days on Friday! I expect that it'll be fun, but I'll be missing a convention that I usually go to this time of year so I'm torn. ;^;
  9. Well everything was on track for my joining the army until around Thanksgiving when I received a work-related injury that would set me back a couple months. (A tower of boxes came crashing down on me in one of our industrial freezers.The results were not pleasant.) I was really upset about the whole situation until I got an interesting phone call from one of my best friends who I had grown up with in Texas.   At this point I have decided to move back to Texas in the spring (hopefully the Dallas or Austin area) and I'm going to get my RN license before I join the army. I'll make four times as much and I'll be joining as an officer as opposed to an enlisted man.
  10. Oops double-posting~   Hey guys, don't ever offer Allamorph skim milk. He's a milk purist and he'll throw a hissy fit (hah get it?) if you do.
  11.   NO WAIT DON'T-!   Don't act like that's weird, because you legitimately have a freaking voice-actor voice!!! I am going to figure out who you sound like, so help me!
  12. So Iâ??m on a vacation trip and I was in my motel room while my family all went to dinner. (I was tired and stayed in to sleep.)   I wake up a couple hours later because I hear some angry dude screaming and yelling outside my room and it sounds like heâ??s arguing with someone though I never hear a second person. Heâ??s banging on walls and eventually ends up hitting my door and I am just like â??The heck?â? and I start checking the room for weapons and preparing to escape out the bathroom window if need be. I would have loved to call the main office but OH WAIT thereâ??s no phone in my room and I accidentally left my phone in the car.   But then he stops yelling and I hear a door slam and thatâ??s when I realize that this guy is in the room next to mine?????   I wait 5 minutes cause the guyâ??s completely silent now and then I grab my keys and sprint to the office which is right next door. And they didn't hear anything???   Now some creepy dude is hanging out in a pickup truck outside the rooms and I think itâ??s the yelling guy from earlier.   I just hope he doesn't wake me up again later.
  13.   Bah. Foiled again. *scurries back into the shadows*
  14. Ah, but the question is: Do you still have a thing against telling people your birthday? I've wanted to send you birthday PMs! :T
  15. Allamorph: Whoa. That's the most information I've ever seen you share about yourself! O_O   Boo: You sound incredibly busy!
  16. Sunburn has to be one of the most tedious things.

  17. Go to the top of the site and you will see your name with a little down arrow. Click the arrow and a menu will drop down. Click on 'my settings' and you can change it there.
  18. .....Is that a serious remark or a play on your new 'username?'
  19.   Eh, I'm fine. Everything passes, for the most part, right? :)   I think the only service I ever provided here was annoying moderators and bouncing off the walls! XD
  20. I'm currently getting ready to go into basic training for the army and who knows where that'll take me. :)   I'm kind of at that point where I'm fresh out of high school and I have no clue what's going on and just the mention of the word 'future' makes me flee and hide under the nearest table in a panic. Like, I signed up with a bank??? And I have a driver's license??? How do adults function???   I kind of miss being the hyper-active, spamming 13 yr. old that signed up here 5 years ago and had no clue about how the world worked. But I think I'll be okay. I survived a lot of stuff this year such as the deaths of 3 people in my graduating class, two of whom were close friends of mine... And homelessness. I was homeless for a little while after my dad tried to hit me and I fled the house.    At least all of that taught me that my ridiculous amount of optimism gives me superhuman resilience. I'm pretty much emotionally indestructible at this point. Now I just have to work on the physical aspect for the army...
  21. It's a new laptop so it seems I don't have a restore point on it yet. At least that's the only option I'm getting from the search.
  22. GRAH   My cousin just screwed up my new laptop... I lent it to him for 5 minutes and in that time he saw I did not yet have Microsoft Office installed on the laptop (he's at that age where he's just discovered fonts and colors in Microsoft Word and he's fascinated by it). He decided to be "helpful" and downloaded some 'FREE MICROSOFT OFFICE DOWNLOAD RIGHT HERE I'M TOTALLY NOT A VIRUS' crap and now there are freaking pop-ups and junk all over the place and the laptop is slow as dirt now.  Every single security scan I run says that there are absolutely no problems with my twitchy laptop. *grinds teeth*   I'm pretty sure I have no other option than to stab my cousin.
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