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  1. In eight years, I'll be hitting the age of 30. My god. Anyways, I do have some expectations of myself in the future. [b]Main priority:[/b] I need a solid job in a hospital, great benefits would be very nice. Gotta pay off those dreaded student loans too. That'll probably take a good year or two� maybe three. [b]Dream future:[/b] Combined with everything else above: Happily married w/ a great house or condo somewhere in the tri-state area.
  2. Gaming

    [B]XBL:[/B] Asher SK [b]Steam:[/b]
  3. Gaming

    I feel the same way. I want to get good, but to the point where my skills are respectable. I wouldn't mind playing in a tournament setting once to see if my experience w/ the game has any meaning, but I wished I had the time. Is it a Madcatz TE stick? They have these fightpads out that have button configurations similar to stick, but it keeps the D-Pad. The only downside is a handful of fightpads that I saw online are of questionable quality. The Hori fightpad coming out in August looks decent. Hope this helps!
  4. Gaming

    [quote name='Magus' timestamp='1313041063' post='708855'] I dropped playing as Guy. Don't get me wrong, I'll still use him for fun, but he's way too tricky and difficult to use, so now I'll be using Fei Long as a main, Abel and possibly Cody as secondary's. I've been watching way too many videos lol. I shouldl be putting in the practice since I'm still trying to learn how to cancel and FADC properly[/quote] After dabbling around in the SSFIVAE community, Fei is S tier. I'd say if you put a good amount of time into Fei, you'll survive Ranked Matches more often. His pokes are way too good. I get a feeling that you're getting really serious about this game! Do you think it's about time to invest in a stick? Just wondering, lol, but I do understand that they are very pricey. And as I mentioned before, if you feel like you're still lost w/ some of the basics, pick up Ryu and you'll learn quite a lot. Try starting w/ Ryu's basic SRK FADC into Metsu Hadouken. Then when you get that down, you could learn FADC into mixups like fireball FADC into throw or low roundhouse. That's what I'm trying to get down. Right now, I feel like I'm progressing w/ Ryu. I almost made it to 1000PP, but then I had a really bad losing streak which brought me back to around 550PP. My Ryu is close to Grade B (3000+ BP), but that means nothing if I can't prove my own worth w/ player points.
  5. Gaming

    Right now, I'm almost done w/ [b]Catherine[/b] by Atlus. I'd say that there's at least 8-10 hours of gameplay and cutscenes. I thought that I wouldn't enjoy the puzzle aspect of the game at all, but it's kinda fun despite how frustrating it gets. However, I do feel like I have to force myself through with it just to get to the main plot, but it does feel good when I get past a wall that I just can't wrap my head around. The puzzle game is the only drawback that I can see turning this game off to a lot of potential customers. Other than that, the presentation and story are fantastic. I like the morality system, but there were some instances where I felt like my answer was indeed a good (paragon) answer, but it was the opposite. There is also a neat online polling system. After a level is complete, you'll be asked a morality question and you get to see what the community put as their first answer. Most of the time, they do pick the morally "good" answer. I would love to discuss the the story of the game further, but I don't want to spoil anything. I'll just say that the ideas and discussions that are brought up are very dark, but it's up to you to see the light through Vincent's messy situation.
  6. Just got out of working the night shift and I had to return to this thread. I drank a herbal and black tea blend before going to work and then drank coffee on my break. Never going to do this again. Although I did feel a caffeine boost shortly after the coffee, my stomach didn't agree w/ the mix. I'm hoping it's because of the quality of the coffee beans used at work or the cream + sweetener I mixed in.
  7. I need coffee or any form of caffeine (black tea is a good replacement) to keep me focused at work because I work night hours. The max I could go in a day is 2-3. How do you guys like your coffee/tea? I can drink coffee/tea black or w/ very little skim and brown sugar.
  8. Hey Asher, welcome to OB. I've been enjoying your posts so far - hope you're having fun!

  9. Gaming

    Just got [b]Bastion[/b] from XBLA. So far, loving almost everything about it. The art direction is unique and very vibrant, but it's a pretty formidable action RPG. I have to work on my blocking and dodging game because I barely survived after some long boss fights. The grizzly-voiced narrator adds a nice touch because he comments on everything The Kid does. You might think it gets annoying, but it helps out w/ my immersion into the game. I'd rather have someone narrating the story instead of me reading boxes upon boxes of text. I like to read, but I'm horrible at staying awake. Also, having to freely switch between two upgrades in the armory is sick. So far after 5+ levels, it's a game that everyone should try. I also just checked out a trailer from [b]From Dust[/b] and I'm dying to try it out. How the rivers flow and how natural the landscapes look are pretty phenomenal, esp. for an XBLA game. The XBLA summer line-up looks strong and I'm excited to see how the next set of games do as the weeks go on. Btw, is anyone getting [B]Catherine[/b]? I want to, but I don't feel like spending 50+ when I just want to enjoy the story. I might just rent it and see how it goes.
  10. TV

    Batman: The Animated Series: [media][/media] God I loved this show as a kid. Oh yeahh, I'm going here: [media][/media] [media][/media]
  11. I wouldn't say it's an amazing souvenir, but I use it often. The Metro Museum had a "guitar hero" exposition w/ all these classic vintage guitars on display. Neat expo, but I didn't realize they had a gift shop too. I ended up purchasing a keychain sized bottle opener in the shape of a guitar. Very convenient! I might have more souvenirs, but I have a hard time keeping track of them. :/
  12. As of now: Spotify > Pandora > Spotify is so worth the price of admission.

  13. Gaming

    [quote name='Magus' timestamp='1310683969' post='708387'] I'm also playing Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, but I have it for the PS3 (sorry). I'm not nearly as good as I'd like to be. As a matter of fact I'd say I practically suck since all the talk about plinking, and FADC is relatively new to me. I've been watching tons of videos though and I'd really like to start playing online so I can start getting some decent opportunities to develop a better Guy and Fei Long and perhaps Juri and Ibuki. I've always been fairly decent with the shoto fighters though, even though Ken gives me tons of issues when I play as him for some reason. I think it's that one kick where he hesitates a lot almost like he's canceling into something else. I can't find myself getting MK9. For me the game just looks a little too sloppy for me. BlazBlue on the otherhand is another game I've been thinking about buying as of late since I'm a fan of the Guilty Gear games.[/quote] Do you play w/ a stick? Plinking, piano-ing, and option selects, oh my! I finally got a chance to understand some of the terminology by watching [url=]VesperArcade's[/url] SSFIV tutorials. Just a warning: He has a lot of tutorial videos, but he explains the terminology quite well. He even shows you how to do it. Ooh, Ibuki! I have a hard time playing against her online. I always succumb to her vortexes and slides. You gotta have a really solid wake-up game to play against her. From other Ibuki players, she's really exciting to play as. MK9 does feel a lot slower than most fighting games. I do admit that it was very awkward playing this game after practicing SSFIV: AE for a day or two, but I still think it's really fun. I think the main focus of MK9 is the combos, so I can see how that can turn this game off to many people. If a good player combos you, you're bound to lose pretty much 30-45% of your health right away (even more if he/she combos into X-Ray!). So I think combos and doing breakers are the more important factors of a match. My main is Mileena and I know a handful of combos by memory already. And if you're a fan of GG, then do get BlazBlue! I'm probably gonna order it off Amazon once I find a really good price.
  14. Most likely changing to the Netflix streaming only plan because of the raise.

  15. Gaming

    I'm playing two fighting games at the moment. Btw, anyone ever felt the awkwardness of switching b/t 2 fighters? My buddy had it the worst when he switched from [b]Tekken 6[/b] to [b]Super Street Fighter IV[/b]. 1: [b]Mortal Kombat (MK9)[/b]: I got the season pass for the 360 DLC and I'm digging the new characters so far. I'm very excited for Rain next week b/c his combos are looking sick. He also has a special attack that literally kicks your opponent to the opposite side of the screen. The closest I've seen was Smoke's smoke-bomb thing, but that's about it. 2: [b]Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition[/b]: I have a love/hate relationship w/ this game. I started off w/ C. Viper when it first came out, but I was told that starting off w/ her, as a complete SF beginner, requires learning the game in a completely different and unorthodox way. Unsurprisingly, I probably had the worst luck playing online b/c my losing streaks were endless. From the SRK forums, I was told to play as Ryu to learn the basics. So far, it is paying off. Playing w/ the more basic shoto character is a rewarding learning experience. Anyone else play any fighters? I'm thinking about purchasing [b]BlazBlue 2: Continuum Shift[/b] since I have the matching tournament edition stick and my friends think that I have a decent Rachel Alucard. Add me on XBL @ [b]Asher SK[/b]. :) Also, I'm a little addicted to [b]The Sims 3[/b]. I got all the expansion packs, but I feel like I'm getting really bored of this game. I think it's about time to create a new Sim.