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  1. I don't think she will be or we would have heard something about it by now. It seems pretty set already. The 3rd OVA and GXP. Mayuka will not be in GXP for sure as none of the other original characters are in that series except for some cameos. As for the 3rd OVA -- why insert Mayuka? She's not gonna fit in the storyline. And MnE isn't part of the OVAs anyway.
  2. There are seven girls? ONLY in the movie =P And that's only 1 movie =P
  3. Mishi

    Anime New Question?????

    In your opinion, it is the worst. IMHO, it's the best. I like better than TU [TU was boring, IMHO] and the OVA tho the OVA is better depth-wise. I like the art in Shin. Again, to me, it's a whole lot better than TU and the OVA. The music ain't much tho but other ppl tell me they liked it.
  4. Mishi

    Anime The Last Tenchi Female Thread

    Aiya. Well, Kiyone is hair color is teal. That's a form of green =P As for Ryoko vs Kiyone. Uh, I have no opinion. Though I think Mihoshi looks better than Kiyone :p
  5. Mishi

    Anime Still more questions

    There are 3 Tenchi movies: Tenchi Muyo in Love- one with Achika Daughter of Darkness- with Mayuka Tenchi Muyo in Love 2 or Tenchi Forever- Haruna IMHO, TMiL2 is the best of all 3 ... TMiL being second. I didn't like DoD though. And nope, Mayuka doesn't and will not be in any of the series or OVA.
  6. Mishi

    Anime Kumashiro Sakuya: Not a 2D character

    I can relate to that =P When you're attached to a character, sometimes it's like their feelings are your own =P You just can't help it =P Not really pathetic ya know, just sensitive =P
  7. Mishi

    Anime The Last Tenchi Female Thread

    OK, I totally read that wrong =P Anyhoo, girl with white hair? None of the Tenchi characters have white hair ne? But then Ryoko's cyanish one has like white highlights a bit. So maybe you're talking about her.
  8. Mishi

    Anime Kumashiro Sakuya: Not a 2D character

    DBZChikaGhan- LOL, it's alright if you don't feel the same way =P But can you at least tell why you don't think her character has depth? Or do you think that she did undergo character development but you just still hate her? Thanks for visiting my site even ^^ And for the compliment on it. We don't have to agree but I'm glad you appreciate what I've done and accept my opinions ^^ Not a lot of Sakuya haters are like that =P And btw, I go to that Anti-Sakuya site you posted. I know the webmistress ^^ She's cool with my stuff, too.
  9. Mishi

    Anime The Last Tenchi Female Thread

    I was just wondering kool_aid, how do you know Tenchi loves Ryoko more?
  10. Mishi

    Anime Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo

    DrunkenMaster88- I'm just glad I was able to articulate all those thoughts in that post =P I just read it again and was amazed that I was to the point LOL On Topic- There's a reason why there's a lot of Ryoko fans and although most of them are [i]probably[/i] men, I'm hoping it's not just because they think she's hot =P
  11. Mishi

    Anime Kumashiro Sakuya: Not a 2D character

    Shinigami- Thanks ^^ Squashed Snail- LOL, well, I had some free time =P Glad I could shed a lil big of light for ya ^^
  12. What makes a character 2-dimensional? A character who is 2D is lacking depth of characterization. In other words, he or she scored low in character development. So what is character development? An article from [url]www.utarpa.org/anime101/[/url] tapped into my definition of character development: [i]"Most anime series are designed to be watched in order, and tell one big story instead of a bunch of small ones. The characters are allowed to develop along with the story. Within a series, viewers can watch the characters unfold emotionally and psychologically. It then becomes possible to relate to the characters as they suffer through life's trials and tribulations."[/i] People grow and change all the time and so does certain anime characters. These characters are known to possess depth and sometimes human-like personalities that the viewers can relate to. Kumashiro Sakuya is one of these anime characters. A lot of people have argued that she's simply 2D. That there wasn't a single aspect of her character that grew throughout the Shin Tenchi Muyo series. She's overly cheerful and ditzy and that's all that there is to her. Why have these people penned her that way? Have they actually paid attention to the whole series? Watched it without harboring any bias towards the character? In the very beginning of the series, we see Sakuya as an outgoing, positive, cheerful, and forward type of girl. It was established that she was the most popular girl in school. The moment she sees Tenchi, she began to like him. This was due to some sort of pre-ordained feelings that Yugi instilled in her when she was created. A sort of attraction, something that made her want to get to know Tenchi. And that's what she did. Sakuya was assertive, she immediately went out of her way to spend time with Tenchi. Asking him if she could eat lunch with him and his friends, asking him if she could walk him home and etc. She wanted Tenchi's love right away. Wanted him to confess it to her during the Love-Knot goddess episode. And yet in the end of that ep, instead of happily seeing Tenchi being forced to commit to her, she changes her mind and decides that she herself wasn't ready for such a commitment. From then on, I saw her grow up emotionally. She began to loosen up more and not constantly push her feelings on Tenchi. It was during Ryoko's date episode where Sakuya releases her full-blown emotion towards Tenchi, humbly stating her faults and how maybe he wasn't the guy for her. Since then both characters were left to re-examine their feelings. Tenchi later on tells her that he's not sure of what he feels and he'll let her know when he is. It was painful for her but she accepts the situation and decides to be just friends with Tenchi. In the later episodes, Sakuya's maturity can be observed. Such emotional growth can be seen from her feeling left out and jealous of the girls during the Tenchi anniversary to her understanding their importance to Tenchi during the Carnival episode. How she recognized their bond and how she can forgive them for the actions they've done because of it. Also, here's a quote from an editorial on Sakuya from vader2000 that exemplifies her growth: [i]"I also recall an instance when Tenchi asked her to come in and have some tea at his house after she dropped off some food, after which she promptly turned him down. This clearly illustrates her true feelings for him. She cared enough about him to know when not to intrude in on his personal time."[/i] Instead of wanting to be with Tenchi whenever she can, she has learned that giving him space is in important. The emotions that she expressed were definitely human-like. How she didn't want Tenchi to leave her when Washu came and told him about what happened in Okayama. She was selfish. I can relate to her in that way. Even when you want your love one to be happy, sometimes doubts and insecurities can cloud your decisions. Yes, she pushed her needs and I can understood why she did it. This was during the time she was discovering that she can't recall her past. Scared to be alone, Tenchi was the only one that she can hold on to that would reassure her reality. In the end, the ultimate proof of her emotional and psychological growth was when she accepted the purpose of her existence. And when she finally lets Tenchi go, knowing that his happiness is hers as well. And her sacrifice was a sign that Yugi didn't plan for her to fall inlove with Tenchi. She was simply there for Tenchi to fall inlove with. And yet she did [b]really[/b] fall inlove with him which was an advantage at first for Yugi but eventually brought about her demise. It is because of character development that makes an anime series such an experience to watch. And Sakuya displayed her growth in Shin Tenchi Muyo which is one of the reasons why I liked this series. For more of my opinions and about Sakuya, you can check out my site at [url]http://www.geocities.com/sweetsakuyadreams/[/url]
  13. Mishi

    Anime more series?

    I believe the 3rd OVA is Tenchi Muyo: Ryoohki, the same for the first OVA and 2nd.
  14. Mishi

    Anime Haunted Junction

    For $136????????????? My Goddess! That is a rip off! I bought the whole collection for about 40 bucks. Oh wait, dude that's the VHS collection huh? Man, the DVD one is SO much cheaper. Although I got ripped off too. If you want the DVD collection cheaper than 40 bucks. Buy it online at [url]http://www.bestprices.com[/url] for only 28.19 If you don't have a DVD player. Well, oh well.
  15. Mishi

    Anime Remembering old school anime

    Well, the first anime movie I saw was Nausicaa of the Valley but I had no idea it was anime =P and a Miyazaki at that! =P