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  1. Gohan15

    RPG New Beginnings

    **Gohan15 appears from behind the rock** Gohan15:**telepathicly** well I must save my mother. I guess I'm coming to train too. **Gohan15 closes link with Jaxx** Jaxx: Why are you so insistant on following us?:shifty: Gohan15: I need to be The strongest I possibly can.... to get revenge on that bastard who kidnapped my mother. I think the others are coming too... mabye.:naughty: **Gohan15 turns around **:Who's there, Friend or Foe.
  2. Gohan15

    RPG Superheros sign ups

    Name: Morphion appearence: average 17 year old, dark hair. tatto of baby dragon on my back. skills: mastered every martial art. unbelievable reflexes can instantly absorb energy from anything eaten. energy begins and ends with stomach. real name: Dave Skie Bio: a sneaky 15 yr. old boy into eating and practicing martial arts. is assistand instructer at dojo.
  3. Gohan15

    RPG New Rpg (sign up) <FACELESS>

    Name: Jrake class:human, warrior des: average height. short hair, very fast in reflexes with monk-like abilities. shyish hopes: to be liked by everyone/ dreams: to be the greatest monk/warrior around. abilities: above average speed. able to fight better hand to hand. able to throw rocks with moderate accuracy
  4. Gohan15

    Anime i am new and tenchi is the best

    Hey lilac girl welcome to the boards. ________________________________ Tenchi is the best. I read the comic, watch all the anime, and i have seen both Tenchi movies. [QUOTE]Tenchi you don't want that monster woman Ryoko[/QUOTE] -Ayeka
  5. Gohan15

    RPG New Beginnings

    :naughty: Gohan15: Well, This seems to be working. Young Warrirors lets finish the rest of the mercanaries with one rush of brute force. **Party circles around last group of mercenaries** Gohan15:Kool use your strongest magic now!! **A black aura surrounds the house and all mercenaries instantly die** Gohan15: alright there gone **A Mysterious man appears and takes Gohan's mother. then Disapears. He leaves a note in Gohan's hand** Jax: What does it say. Gohan15: it says "follow me to the Ash mountains". ... looks like I'm going to the Ash mountains too. Who is going to join me.
  6. Gohan15

    RPG New Beginnings

    The other team is Red Wake. ______________________________________ **Gohan15 jumps next to his new ally, relieving a mercenary of his head in the process** Gohan15:Glad somebody came to help me. I'm Gohan leader of Young Warriors. Welcome to the team. **Gohan's eyes turn red** Gohan15:Bloodrush!!! **Gohan15 runs strait tward the commander and throws his sword strait at his head**
  7. Gohan15

    RPG New Beginnings

    On the small island of Wake tinsions are brewing between the two royal families. A small band of teenagers are at my 15th birthday. Soon a deamon posseses the mayor of my hometown Grathiner. He sends an army to the park where my party is being held. Gohan15: (Grabs new iron sword) Lets show tese clowns just what fighting skills we know. **Gohan15 sidesteps and slashes the nearest mercenary. he jumps and back hands Gohan15** Gohan15: I could use some help now!:help:
  8. Gohan15

    RPG New Beginnings

    this is me
  9. Gohan15

    RPG New Beginnings

    [QUOTE]"at the darkest hour, the chosen warriors appear..."[/QUOTE] Takeing new members anybody want to join? Teams will start forming soon here are my stats: Name:Gohan15 Age:15 weapon:Iron sword skills: Bloodrush Team: Young warriors. :cool:
  10. Gohan15

    RPG X-men RPG (play)

    Can I join :cool:
  11. Gohan15

    RPG Dragonial RPG

    Can I join? I'm new here and I just joined last week.:cool:;) :help: