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  1. Darkside Dexter

    I Just Dont Understand

    [quote name='Japan_86']High school relationships are lame anyways.[/QUOTE] That is so true a "QFT" doesn't do it justice.
  2. Darkside Dexter

    Request Death Note Avatar request

    Thank you so much Lucy I did lose hope for a second. Looks perfect.
  3. Darkside Dexter

    Request Death Note Avatar request

    Sadly I still need time to perfect my art skills so I'm no where near good enough too make a half decent avatar for myself. If someone could just make a Light(The Death Note character) avatar with a blood splattered text that says Dex on it I would be very greatful. Any picture is fine but you could use these for reference. [url]http://blog.newsarama.com/gallery/albums/userpics/10002/normal_death_note-light.jpg[/url] Thanks OB
  4. Darkside Dexter

    Anime Sad Anime Deaths

    Just about every death in Saikaino is hideously depressing. Gantz also has some very powerful death scenes [spoiler] Nishis death almost broguht me to tears just hearing him cry for his mother[/spoiler].
  5. The movie and anime/manga have a bunch of completely diffrenent events. Seeing one won't ruin the other .It's like the Dexter novel to the Dexter TV show. Same universe different events. So they are completely different telllings of DN story. The movie is no where near as good as the manga or anime but it's still a good watch.
  6. Darkside Dexter

    Art Graphic Design Programs

    Aghhh I aplogize I knew from the begining my question wasn't worded ideally. Just a program where I can make stuff like this (not bleach in particular) but all the kind of details that are implemented here. [url]http://www.animewallpapers.com/wallpapers/bleach/full_6.php[/url] Thanks
  7. Darkside Dexter

    Gaming They Should Bring Back...

    [quote name='Zen'][color=royalblue][size=1] [b]Def Jam: Fight For NY:[/b] They did a newer X-Box 360 game with the Def Jam name, but that travesty held no comparison to the Fight for NY game. Easily the best wrestling-style/brawling game around. If they did an MMA game, it should be something like this. Its my third favorite fighting game ever behind Soul Calibur and Tekken, and for good reason. It's just such a great game, and I've only been beaten in it once by one guy. The fighting style fusion system and character creation were amazing, and the clothing was actually cool, unlike almost every other wrestling/fighting game around with the same feature. They need to bring this back, and give it a sequel. What about you? Does anyone agree with me?[/color][/size][/QUOTE] YES! Why wasn't this fighting systme done for ICON? I hated ICON oh so much FFNY had an excellent fighting system and the interaction with the enviroment was incredible. I loved it's Fight Club vibe. The story was also great and it had a lot of depth.Specials and subway fights were great. Managing a label and using an analog stick to fight using a turntable sucked. I reallly hope the next Defjam game is done like FFNY or even Vendettta.
  8. Darkside Dexter

    Art Graphic Design Programs

    I'm looking into using art programs however I don't know which one to invest in. What are the programs some of you guys use for your artwork here on OB? Photoshop etc... Something that's very beginner friendly. I apologize if this is in the wrong spot I was torn between the Help and the Art section but it's both so I came straight to the artists. Please help me out here all help is greatly appreciated.