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    i'm always bored.....well most of the time XD
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    Manga Fruits Basket?

    [quote name='Solo Tremaine'][COLOR=#503F86]I'm a really big fan of Fruits Basket. I even got one of my manga volumes signed by Laura Bailey at an Expo in London last year! Aaah, I was such a nervous nerd >.>; Anyway, there's a lot in it I can really connect with. It's a very emotionally sound manga that draws on a lot of different insecurities and confronts them. In a sense I find it a very 'hopeful' manga, because I can identify with a lot of the feelings inside it and can really empathise with the characters and their struggles. The designs are really lovely too. I've not finished reading it yet. I think I'm on volume 15, but I can't be sure. I'd like to see a second season animated. I know that's incredibly unlikely, but it would be cool ^_^[/COLOR][/QUOTE] really? i'm on book 15 goin on 2 16! i don't want 2 read it on the internet cause sometimes ppl fill the words in withe something else and it's just more fun reading them in the real book but sometimes i can't stand the suspense!:animestun
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    My real name is Lynna,my nicknames r lynnie,lynn,lynn-chan,yuki-chan,and nao-chan! :p
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    New Members: Introduce Yourselves Here

    HI! I guess i'm a newbie,so plz be nice 2 me!:animeswea