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  1. Mercen-X

    Anime Worst Anime

    It's an especially fantastic place for aspiring writers as myself to lounge about and soak up the interests and hang-ups of potential fanbase. I know for a fact that one of my favorite projects is rife with cliche and action fan-service. I pretty much wanted to take aspects from BLEACH, Witch Hunter Robin, Ghost in the Machine, and combine them with the all-too-familiar concept of elementally powered youngsters. I've already been raled on by several college students whom are actually supposedly my friends. All of the characters have potential to become omni-telekinetic, their restrictions being their personalities. I try my best to develop every character because each one is modeled after an aspect of my own personality. My second project is mostly intended to be a PlayStation game modeled after Kingdom Hearts. I loved the Organization and wanted to expand on that and create more characters. It takes ideas from BLEACH, Naruto, and Kingdom Hearts. Pretty much, the only thing that keeps me working on it is the fact that I've got a killer artist drawing up character sketches that I absolutely adore and I can't not make something to allow these characters to move around in and express their personalities.
  2. Mercen-X

    Anime Worst Anime

    [quote name='Rick Hunter']1.)[B]Naruto[/B]: Fan boys are going to lynch me over this one, but the show started out pretty good, had a ton of promise. Then the fillers began....and ran for nearly 2 1/2 years in Japan...To make matters worse the story never goes anywhere half the time. They build up to really big events...and take forever to actually do anything....Literally there were five or so episodes of the main characters running through a forest trying to get to a major battle...that's just...bad...it took at least 15 episodes later before the important stuff happened. To be honest Naruto=DBZ clone....but even DBZ knew you could drag out the "only 5 mins till the planet explodes jank writing, for 15 episodes. Naruto takes that gimmick and drags it on for years....Shippuden is getting worse if anyone has been reading the manga.[/QUOTE][quote name='dizzyNatsume']im going to agree with that comment even though im a naruto fan o.0, i hated how they talked and talked and talked in a battle, explaining everything over and over again o.o. I hated the fillers, i just skipped them and went straight on to shippuuden :o[/QUOTE] Ditto. [quote name='skllngtn']Big 0 sorry if you like them but im just sharing an opinion.[/QUOTE]The only worthwhile concept I saw in Big 0 were the androids whose names start with the intial R. I decided to call them R-Humans as a race which led me to call them Romans. Aside from that, the show was just bleh. [quote name='SunfallE'] Oh and [B]Dead Leaves[/B] is just undeniable horrible.[/QUOTE]Up until seeing this, I was partially looking forward to seeing it... thank you for saving me the trouble. [quote name='Fabricate'][SIZE="1"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I hate [B]Speed Racer[/B] with the white hot intensity of a million suns. Every time I see the Speed Racer Next Generation which they are giving in Nicktoon Network I start twitching madly and fall into a foaming mouth, muscle spasm and eye twitching seizure. I don't know if it counts as an anime. It showed count as a tumor device. If we need to cut down on human numbers in the next couple of years for economy and ecological purposes just re-run Speed Racer on every channel six hours a day and that will cut our numbers in half. If they don't die from seizure, boredom or suicide attempts then they will when trying to reenact some of the car stunts Speed does in the show. The would be special Speed Racer Insurance which protects the owner and the car if they die in the hands of a fool who try to jump over the persons car by pressing a button to activate their home made wheel spring and the button gets stuck or the device doesn't work resulting in the car crashing straight through the other car at 70 mph. Of course the Speed Racer Insurance will cover other Speed Racer reenactment accidents. Speed is a murderer. He makes people fall off cliffs and make there car get off track with all his little gadgets. He should be arrest other then giving a trophy. He seriously is the old generation's Jigsaw from the SAW movie series. I just hate how he jumps out of the car and gives everyone a thumps up. The voice acting was horrible even if measured in old time dubbing standards. I can't believe they made it into a movie![/COLOR][/SIZE][/QUOTE]I think I recognize this. Your whole post matches the overfilled dialogue of Speed Racer whose American animators were too lazy to re-synch the mouth movements and just had their actors shove as many words as possible into one sentence. Die Speed Racer! [quote name='Miss Anonymous'][i].hack//Legend of the Twilight[/i]. Now, the manga is adorable and a nice addition to the .hack universe, but the anime is an eyesore. It goes off on this wtf plotline with two of the most annoying protagonists ever, AKA Shugo and Rena. If you [b]weren't[/b] annoyed in [i]Fushigi Yuugi[/i] and [i]InuYasha[/i] with the name-yelling syndrome, then you'll feel right at home with LotT. Also, please note Shugo and Rena are brother and sister, and they [b]really[/b] love each other if you know what I mean.[/QUOTE]Ahh, Rena. Shugo, my boy, I've known your heartache... let it go! I know it's hard since she's got BlackRose's hot body though. But hey, at least Rena feels the same way. Let creeps be creeps, we'll just keep to ourselves.
  3. Mercen-X

    Who Are You?

    I tend to call myself Jason or James due to the initials in my name being JAS. Recently, I tried to start people on a nickname for myself based on the anagram for my middle name. WANDER. Kind of fits my personality well also. My mom has a tendency to call me Dude and Juice. My dad calls me Snide. I'm 24 as of last month and am dating a really short caucasian girl who turns 20 in March. She calls me Comfy One. She reads novels and doesn't really understand anything I say in reference to Manga, Anime, TV, or movies. I've always been a fan of Johnny Depp because of his ability to adapt to any role but she's a total drooler over him. She loves Josh Groban and Gerard Butler (neither of whom I knew existed). I like Gerard Butler since I found out he was Leonidas. She also loves AJ McLean whom I've always thought was cool. She and I differ on Michael Jackson. I've lost love for him ever since he started talking like a shy eight-year-old and hiding his face. The only manga she and I read together is Hot Gimmick which one of her friends got her into. I'm a huge fan of Star Wars, BLEACH, Naruto, Medabots (should return), Final Fantasy VII Compilation, Kingdom Hearts, most RPGs in general, the Shippuden manga (because it's in english), .hack & GU, Zack Snyder, Quentin Tarantino, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Will Smith, martial arts, swords, quickdraw, the PlayStation franchise, Doritos, french toast, raisin bread, Pepsi, water, and... oh yeah, Jesus Christ. I'm a fanfic writer of FF7, Kingdom Hearts, Dragonball, Okami, and .hack (among others). I use what little is leftover of my creative individualism to write my own stories which always feature power and struggles. My favorite characters are my red-head and my snowtop: "Brothers" separated by different views of the world and connected only by a common past. My best friends are my parents, my girlfriend and her friends, a chick obsessed with annoying me, my left hand, my right brain, my computer, my TV, my games, and once upon a time a cousin of mine.
  4. Mercen-X

    Anime Fullmetal Alchemist

    I like the later seasons better than the initial seasons personally. I loved the ending and the movie released afterward. SHAMBALLA!!!! I like the fact that I can't decide between the alchemists (and homonculi). Sometimes, I think I focus more on Roy... sometimes Ed. I like Scar too.
  5. Mercen-X

    Anime Ouran High School Host Club

    I watched pretty much the whole first season in Japanese my first semester in college. A lot of people tend to complain that English dubbing is not worth listening to. Most times this is the result of a bias developed by watching a few shows with bad dubs. Personally, dubs don't bother me unless they're as bad as most vg dubs usually are. I hated Axl's debut in Megaman, the voice actors sucked so hard. Where am I? Am I done posting?
  6. Mercen-X

    Anime Worst Anime

    Legend of the Crystals: The most memorable moments for me out of this were as follows. Giant guy with tiny sunglasses. Sephiroth-length sword being swung into bare hands. The pulsating glowing panties. Witch Hunter Robin: Why? Why? Why? Why? WHY!? Kill off the other characters, turn off Robin's brain and put her to work. I want those flames to hunt down more witches and I want it now! Where's my action!? OnePiece: With the exception of a few characters (like Tony & Usopp), I like the show, actually. Dragon Ball Z/GT: The show itself... not so stupid. It's mostly Goku and Vegeta that make the stupidity rating lurch off the scales. C'mon. How much power can two guys accumulate? InuYasha: I like Sesshomaru, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, Koga, and even Kohaku... I would've liked to have seen more of Bankotsu. Or maybe I just wish he were good. But I really don't have any severe problem with the show. Naruto: Seems to me they were trying to combine a decent amount of story-telling with a fair amount of action. This makes some of the episodes brim with crappy filler. But I still be fanlisted. I don't like Ghost in the Shell. The underlying plot and the storytelling are too convoluted for me. I feel like an idiot when I watch the show. Maybe I am, but I don't like being made to feel like one. Obviously, that doesn't qualify it as a worst anime... Demon Lord Dante: I didn't like the dub. Wasn't fond of the art-style. The plot made me sick. Maburaho & Magikano: The former is eh-okay. *shrug* The latter is just plain weird. I'm really not sure as to the point or nature of these shows or even the genre they're supposed to be in. I just have major problems with some of the characters and the situations they're put in... just freaking weird. Naturally, I hate Pokemon. That's an obvious choice. I also hated Digimon until the characters started turning into their Digimon. That was interesting. I don't like anything that revolves around a game. Battle B-Damon, Bakugan Brawlers, YU-GI-OH!, hell, I even had tweaks with Megaman which was one of my favorites as a kid. Pretty much any anime that starts with some fresh-face pop-band trying to hype-up what sounds like a toyline or game is one that will quickly die to me. Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo: The name itself does it in. I didn't like the show up until the point when a single word was introduced. Wiggin. To me, this "wiggin" finally explained all the weird things that Bo and friends consistently did to win battles. That at least, made it easier to relax and watch the show just to watch it.