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  4. [font="Arial"]If you actually believe in the 2012 hoopla, that is one unfortunate season for your deal in your signature to be coming out, Sangome. [/font]
  5. Nathan

    RPG The Mansion

    [font="Arial"]It was so peaceful and quiet in the room she loved best. It was all too easy to spend hours and hours sitting in the old rocking chair. If not lost in reading a book, she was often lost in her own thoughts of the things she had wanted so much in life and never got due to death. At least, she thought that was why, she couldnâ??t really remember. Angel knew she was delaying the inevitable and yet, she found that she simply couldnâ??t help herself. There was something soothing about the old room up above the Mansionâ??s library. Even in death she spent most of her time in that room. At some point it had been closed off and the door leading to it covered by tapestries. She couldnâ??t recall whenâ?¦ wait, even in death? Puzzled, she looked about the small dusty room with its handful of furniture and smallish bookcase loaded with all the books she liked to read... That was right, the books [i]she[/i] liked, books that she herself had stored in the bookcase, but why had she forgotten something so important? She stood up and walked over to pick up one of the books. Her hands trembled as she opened up the front cover and read the little handwritten note inside. For my little Angelicâ?¦ the sound of the book hitting the floor was shockingly loud in her mind. [center]---------------[/center] The sound of footsteps on the stairs pulled Angelic out of the book she had been so engrossed in. With a guilty start she hastily got up and stowed it away. Mother would be so angry with her for losing track of the time. Tonight was the big celebration and she would be expected to be present. If only she was a bit older, then she could work full time as a nurse and these tedious parties would be a thing of the past. Mother liked to pretend everything was okay but she had heard enough to know better. The glory days of Rosengard would soon be a thing of the past, unless things changed, and soon. The sound of the steps came closer and at that moment she realized who had come up into the room. She frowned slightly at the sight of the twins. That they were here could only mean one thing. â??[b]You two really need to stop doing that.[/b]â? She admonished them. â??[b]Stop what?[/b]â? They replied innocently. â??[b]You know what I mean,[/b]â? She replied crossly. â??[b]Why do you torment the poor maid like this? You know Mother will take it out on her.[/b]â? â??[b]Oh, that.[/b]â? The pair giggled. â??[b]Youâ??re so boring sis. You should have played more while you had the chance.[/b]â? â??[b]What?[/b]â? One of them looked back towards the stairs. â??[b]Oh! Sheâ??s coming, time to run![/b]â? She looked back at Angelic with a smirk. â??[b]Playtime for you is over.[/b]â? And with that the pair dashed off. Angelic stared in that direction for a moment; confused. Play time for her was over? What in the world did they mean? The sound of someone else entering the library cut the thought short. Whoâ?¦ She froze at the sound of Motherâ??s voice coming up the stairs. â??[b]What do you want Harry?[/b]â? Marion said crossly. â??[b]The guests will be arriving soon.[/b]â? â??[b]I would have thought what my master wants is quite clear, my lady.[/b]â? Marion laughed. â??[b]Is that all you wanted? I told him that he would get his answer tonight.[/b]â? â??[b]Of course,[/b]â? he replied deferentially. â??[b]I am mainly here to inform you that not only are your terms acceptable, but that he will raise it by ten percent.[/b]â? â??[b]You should have said that from the beginning.[/b]â? Marion chided him. â??[b]I was already planning on giving him my blessings for joining our two houses together, though.[/b]â? â??[b]I see, my master will be most pleased to hear this news, but what of Angelic?[/b]â? â??[b]What of her? Sheâ??s a child, Harry. I donâ??t need her permission to sign the papers.[/b]â? â??[b]Of course, my lady, I was merely referring to her [i]disposition[/i] towards my master.[/b]â? Marion laughed again. â??[b]Like I said, sheâ??s a child, Harry. Marriage and a few kids will settle her down and put that silly nursing business out of her mind.[/b]â? She gave a slight sigh. â??[b]Anyway, if that was all you wanted, I need to go and see to the twins.[/b]â? The sound of footsteps leaving the library echoed up the stairs to where Angelic was standing, a shocked expression on her face. [center]---------------[/center] Howâ?¦ how could she have forgotten that night and all that had followed? Angel shuddered and then stalked out of the room, furious. What did it matter? She couldnâ??t change it, much like she couldnâ??t change what was happening now. By the time she had found out she was going to be used it had been to late then, and though she didnâ??t know how this timeâ?¦ she was sure that once again it was too late. All she could do was play out her last few cards and hope for the best. [center][img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/life.jpg[/img] [img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/belle.jpg[/img][/center] It didn't take her long to find the Harpy. With a sigh she picked up the heart and gently placed it on her chest. A warm glow briefly surrounded both as the two were united once more. Being brought back again could drive the creature mad, but what choice did she have? Unlike the other, she at least had the strength to do what needed to be done. She didn't bother to look at Belle when the Harpy warily got to her feet. "[b]I think you understand why I brought you back again.[/b]" She gestured in the direction of Wyatt Bishop. "[b]You and I both know what it's like to have others decide our fates. Since that one took it upon himself to kill those who had done him no wrong, I think it's fitting that you teach him the error of his ways.[/b]" Angel turned and left. She knew that Belle would understand and the shriek that filled the air as the Harpy launched herself towards the man told her everything she needed to know. Angel continued on her way without looking back, not even when the horrible sounds of terrified shrieks filled the air. [center][img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/death.jpg[/img] [img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/wyattbishop.jpg[/img][/center][/font]
  6. Nathan

    Discuss The Mansion: Backstage

    [font="Arial"]Perhaps you could take a moment to clear up how this post seems to have confused me. [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/index.php?/topic/44564-the-mansion/page__view__findpost__p__700319"]CaNz[/url] Unless I don't understand it correctly, didn't CaNz take ownership of Mathis? If so that would mean he is not out of the game. [/font]
  7. Nathan

    RPG The Mansion

    [font="Arial"]Angel had lost control of her pawn, but to be honest she didn't really care. He could keep the curse but as for her power, she would give it to someone else. At least this time it would be someone she didn't want to rip in two herself. She knelt next to Belle and with a touch used something she had in reserve, bringing her back to life. [center][img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/life.jpg[/img] [img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/belle.jpg[/img] [img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/ghostcard.jpg[/img][/center] With a startled gasp, the harpies eyes opened and she looked up at Angel, clearly confused. As if sensing she could not affect the specter she got to her feet and backed away, watching her carefully. Angel smiled. "[b]I bet you'd like to make all the humans pay for what they've done to your kind. Turning you into pets to show of whenever they please.[/b]" Belle's eyes narrowed as if she was considering what Angel was saying. "[b]Just focus on letting nothing stop you and my power will let you even fly through the very walls of the Mansion.[/b]" Belle turned a hate filled look towards the building and then back to Angel, but the ghost was already gone. She reached up for the thing that had hurt her neck but the skin was smooth as if she had never been injured at all. With a shriek of rage she turned and headed for the building.[/font]
  8. Nathan

    Discuss The Mansion: Backstage

    [quote name='Heaven's Cloud' date='13 October 2010 - 07:09 PM' timestamp='1287018559' post='701079'] [color=indigo]So I waited for Nathan...and waited, and waited. Now I am just going to post.[/color] [/quote] [font="Arial"]Sorry, I've not only been busy with work but fighting off a cold at the same time. I'll try to get something up on my break later during work. I'll just make it quick and to the point so we can get going. EDIT: Actually, I'll try to do that right now since I still have about 25 minutes before I have to leave for work. EDIT2: And done. Sorry for the terrible post but at least it will let us get things moving. [/font]
  9. Nathan

    Discuss The Mansion: Backstage

    [font="Arial"]I also have something to play but since I thought others hadn't posted yet and I've been busy with work I didn't worry about it too much. Once I clarify something with Shy I'll get that post up so we can move on.[/font]
  10. Nathan

    Discuss The Mansion: Backstage

    [font="Arial"]Just a little something for the story surrounding the spirits. I thought it might be nice to include a little more of that this time around. Especially since Angel is convinced that The Gravedigger is totally up to no good. [/font]
  11. Nathan

    RPG The Mansion

    [font="Arial"]â??[b]Thatâ??s one way to deal with them.[/b]â? Angel observed calmly as The Butler returned to The Mansion. â??[b]Itâ??s certainly easier on whatâ??s left of the carpets.[/b]â? The Butler merely returned her gaze, saying nothing. â??[b]You know, you donâ??t have to look at me like that.[/b]â? She said softly. â??[b]I wonâ??t apologize for killing that monstrosity, but I am sorry for the damage I caused to the floor.[/b]â? She looked away, not waiting to see if he forgave her actions or not. Angel continued, â??[b]I acted hastily and did not think to drag that thing outside.[/b]â? She looked back and fixed him with a sharp gaze. â??[b]But thatâ??s not why Iâ??m here.[/b]â? â??[b]Then why are you?[/b]â? He finally replied to her. â??[b]Donâ??t you ever wonder about our past? Beyond what few memories we seem to have?[/b]â? She gestured to the house and the surrounding grounds. â??[b]Whatâ??s your point?[/b]â? The Butler looked skeptical. Angel sighed inwardly at his lack of emotion in his response. She wasnâ??t certain if he would forgive her for damaging The Mansion, though that wasnâ??t what really concerned her. The building would fall apart without her help and in time that too would be forgotten. No she was more concerned by how it seemed harder and harder to even remember who she really was. â??[b]What I mean is do you ever wonder if weâ??re really from this place.[/b]â? Angel folded her arms. â??[b]For all we know, we could have been just like them at one point.[/b]â? She indicated the remaining humans. â??[b]I think I would know if that were the case.[/b]â? â??[b]Do you really think so?[/b]â? Angel shook her head. â??[b]I canâ??t even remember my real name anymore.[/b]â? She turned to leave and paused briefly, turning back to face The Butler, â??[b]Anyway, Iâ??m more concerned about what our dear host is up to, and I think you should be too. I canâ??t shake the feeling that weâ??re all being used by him.[/b]â? Angel waited for a moment to let that sink in and then turned to leave. [/font]
  12. Nathan

    RPG The Mansion

    [font="Arial"]â??[b]Youâ??re up to something.[/b]â? A voice from the darkness accused her. Angel smiled sweetly, not taking her attention off of the remaining â??guestsâ??. She recognized The Butlerâ??s voice. â??[b]Of course I am.[/b]â? Her gaze settled on Edward Nelson. â??[b]I had to settle for a different target earlier, I wonâ??t be denied this time.[/b]â? Her voice was cold. â??[b]Thatâ??s not very ladylike of you.[/b]â? The Butler chided. â??[b]You didnâ??t hesitate to deal with the child,[/b]â? She shot back. â??[b]At least this one has lived a long life, unlike the others.[/b]â? She turned and bowed briefly towards the shadows before heading for Edward Nelson. [center][img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/edwardharries2.jpg[/img] [img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/danielmathis.jpg[/img][/center] â??[b]Come on,[/b]â? Edward tugged on Danielâ??s sleeve. â??[b]Even I can see from here that the back of the poor womanâ??s head was smashed in. Itâ??s not your fault the other girl got angry and shoved her.[/b]â? â??[b]How would you know?[/b]â? Daniel pulled free. â??[b]I saw the whole thing or did you forget I was in the next room?[/b]â? â??[b]I shouldnâ??t have been so hard on her.[/b]â? Daniel looked in the direction Charlotte had run. He didnâ??t want to go after her, but somehow he knew his dear wife would never forgive him if he didnâ??t. â??[b]We should go after her.[/b]â? â??[b]Now youâ??re talking.[/b]â? Edward agreed. â??[b]No way am I letting these damn spirits take us out without a fight![/b]â? â??[b]And just how do you intend to fight?[/b]â? A femaleâ??s voice echoed through the room. â??[b]You canâ??t even leave this place let alone stop what is happening.[/b]â? â??[b]Holy Hell.[/b]â? Edward swore, stepping back hastily when a young woman dressed in an old fashioned dress appeared between them and the direction Charlotte had run. â??[b]Stand aside, specter![/b]â? Daniel tried to sound brave but he couldnâ??t stop shaking, there was something terribly cold about the ghost before them. Angel smiled. â??[b]I think not.[/b]â? She reached out before Edward could pull back and touched his cheek. â??[b]Your time here is long overdue, old man.[/b]â? Edward tried to pull away but found he couldnâ??t move. In a flash he aged before her eyes and then his body turned into dust. She ignored Danielâ??s gasp of horror, only turning to him once Edward was dealt with. [center][img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/hastecard.jpg[/img] [img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/edwardharries2.jpg[/img][/center] [i]HASTE CARD: (Play this card ONLY before any Death Cards have been played this round.) Kill one character.[/i] â??[b]Oh my Godâ?¦[/b]â? Daniel choked as he backed away frantically in an attempt to escape. â??[b]You can stop running,[/b]â? she snapped. â??[b]I donâ??t intend to kill you, at least not yet.[/b]â? Daniel froze in place. â??[b]I donâ??t understand.[/b]â? He finally stammered. â??[b]Itâ??s simple really.[/b]â? Angel moved forward until they were only a few feet apart. â??[b]Youâ??ve destroyed promising young minds for daring to be smarter than you are. Do you know what itâ??s like to have your intellect crushed by the very one who is supposed to help it grow?[/b]â? She glared at him. â??[b]Do you know how that kills someoneâ??s spirit? Makes them despair?[/b]â? â??[b]Iâ?¦[/b]â? â??[b]Iâ??m going to show you.[/b]â? Angel reached out before Daniel could pull away and touched his cheek. She ignored his cry of fright as he stumbled backwards and fell. She glared down at him scornfully. â??[b]Now only Life will set you free. You have become just as undead as the rest of us.[/b]â? She mocked him. â??[b]I also grant you my power to freely move through things as if you were a ghost, so that you wonâ??t miss one little detail of whatâ??s happening to the lives you can't protect.[/b]â? [center][img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/undeadcard.jpg[/img] [img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/danielmathis.jpg[/img] [img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/ghostcard.jpg[/img][/center] [i]UNDEAD CARD: This character is immune to Death Cards for the remainder of the game, but is still subject to the effects of all other cards. A Life Card may be used to kill this character.[/i] [i]GHOST: This card grants the bearer the ability to move through solid objects. How long it lasts or how often they can do so depends on their current level of alertness.[/i] â??[b]You disgust me,[/b]â? Angel said coldly before turning and leaving Daniel sitting there on the floor. It was one of the few memories that were still her own since sheâ??d been trapped in this place. How she had been held back by a cruel teacher who couldnâ??t accept that a mere woman could be smarter than he was. As much as Angel wanted to kill him, she would have to settle for making him suffer. There were others who needed to die more than he did. She didnâ??t waste any time. The pathetic humans might be fooled by the Mimic but she was not. A moment later she found the creature cozying up to the other remaining humans. [center][img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/charlottehamilton.jpg[/img] [img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/jacquelinemasey.jpg[/img] [img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/evelynnedecoeur.jpg[/img] [img]http://i619.photobucket.com/albums/tt278/PandasQ/dopplereffect-1.jpg[/img][/center] Angel ignored the frightened and shocked looks from Charlotte, Jacqueline and Evelynne when she appeared before them suddenly and went straight for the Mimic, reaching into his chest. With a swift twist she ripped it's heart right out of it's chest before it could react. As it fell to the floor, blood gushing from the ghastly wound she dropped the heart on the floor and crushed it with her foot. She smiled as the thing shimmered back into the odd featureless form it had been upon birth. "[b]Let that be a lesson to you ladies. Things are [i]never[/i] what they appear to be.[/b]" Her work finally done, Angel left to return to the library. She needed a good book to calm her nerves. [center][img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/death.jpg[/img] [img]http://i619.photobucket.com/albums/tt278/PandasQ/dopplereffect-1.jpg[/img][/center][/font]
  13. Nathan

    RPG The Mansion

    [font="Arial"]Angel took her time as she considered those who were still alive, for now. Bound by the rules of this particular â??gameâ?? she could only choose one and that meant she had to be careful with her choice. There was Charlotte Hamilton, the failed nurse. She liked to believe that she was innocent of any wrong doing, but the harsh reality was far from it. Always in a hurry to be done with her shift, she had a bad habit of not double checking a patientâ??s chart. It was true that Daniel Mathisâ?? wife had an allergic reaction, but if Charlotte had followed up on her bad feeling and double checked the patientâ??s records, she would have seen it listed there. The doctor was the one who made the mistake, but Charlotte was the one who rushed in a hurry to be done. She knew it not, but her careless attitude had cost many patients their lives. Then there was Daniel Mathis. On the surface he looked fine, but he couldnâ??t stand students who were smarter than he was. He had, by giving into his ego, deliberately flunked out students, costing them their scholarships. Only a few, but still the act of a man who didnâ??t care that he had screwed over someoneâ??s life. Jacqueline Masey had no trouble whatsoever using her body to get what she wanted. Her artist skills werenâ??t enough but being a well paid mistress along with a touch of blackmail had always seen her through. She had wrecked several marriages. Angel could see that she thought nothing of what she had done. And what of the Doctor, Alicia Mills? She was too much of a coward in so many ways, just looking at her made Angel grimace in disgust. Every time she had a chance to do more, to advance and help others, Alicia had run instead, just like she had here. She was always hiding away from harm because she couldnâ??t face her fears. Edward Nelson didnâ??t concern her. For the moment her power could not touch him and the harpy, Belle, was only following her nature, though she delighted in tormenting her prey. And the Mimicâ?¦ Angel sighed. It was time to make her move. The Gravedigger had been patient so far, and she knew he wouldnâ??t wait on her much longer. [center][img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/danielmathis.jpg[/img] [img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/aliciamills.jpg[/img] [img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/charlottehamilton.jpg[/img][/center] â??[b]Weâ??re all going to die here.[/b]â? Aliciaâ??s voice was trembling. She had thought that leaving the safety of the room was a good idea, now she wished she had never left. â??[b]Donâ??t say that.[/b]â? Daniel tried to reassure her though he didnâ??t feel much hope of getting out alive either. â??[b]If we stick together weâ?¦[/b]â? â??[b]Will what?[/b]â? Charlotte interrupted him harshly. â??[b]Somehow make it out alive?[/b]â? She laughed, a touch of hysteria coloring her words. â??[b]My God youâ??re naïve. Theyâ??re toying with us! Those damn ghosts donâ??t intend to let any of us live.[/b]â? â??[b]You donâ??t know that! As much as Iâ??d rather leave you here to rot,[/b]â? he sneered slightly. â??[b]Iâ??m not one to give up so easily.[/b]â? â??[b]Perhaps Iâ??d rather die than allow someone like you to help me.[/b]â? Charlotte shot back angrily. â??[b]Quite frankly Iâ??m sick of you. You have no idea what itâ??s like to work your butt off trying to help others only for people to blame you for things you have no control over.[/b]â? Daniel started to retort and then stopped himself. â??[b]We donâ??t have time to fight. Whether we like each other or not doesnâ??t matter. Trying to work together is better than going alone.[/b]â? Alicia timidly stepped forward, resting her arm on Charlotteâ??s shoulder. â??[b]Heâ??s right you know. Please, we have to stick together.[/b]â? â??[b]Shut up![/b]â? Charlotte shoved Alicia away angrily. â??[b]Youâ??re aâ?¦[/b]â? She gasped in horror as she realized just what she had shoved her towards. â??[b]No![/b]â? Daniel shouted desperately as he reached to grab Alicia. But he was too far away and could only watch helplessly as the shove sent her over the edge of the huge hole in the floor they had fallen through earlier. Aliciaâ??s startled scream as she fell was cut short by a sickening crack. Afraid to look yet unable to stop herself, Charlotte stepped over and looked down, a moment later Daniel joined her. [i]Oh Godâ?¦ He was right! She did kill people.[/i] With a strangled sob she turned and fled, not looking back. She thought she heard Daniel calling after her to stop but she kept running anyway. [center][img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/death.jpg[/img] [img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/aliciamills.jpg[/img][/center][/font]
  14. [quote name='chibi-master' date='15 August 2010 - 05:46 PM' timestamp='1281915991' post='699461'] I did. Still, that was just way too fun to watch! XD My grin kept on growing and now my face hurts... I wish I could pull off something like that... [/quote] [font="Arial"]From what I've heard, you'd end up tripping and breaking your neck if you tried. Therefore, don't. [/font]
  15. Nathan

    Discuss The Mansion: Backstage

    [font="Arial"]And I have played my card. Sorry for such a long post though.[/font]