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  1. Since I don't have the Anime Network [I]channel[/I] where I live, what I wish for is mostly anime. It would be nice to have an Internet connection so I don't have to bum of the Internet connection from my local library. Here is my list of anime I want to get my hands on: This is just a short list of anime I wish for. [LIST=1] [*]Azumanga Daioh (yeah you read that right :animesmil ) [*]Excel Saga [*]Fooly Cooly (An expensive series just for six episodes) [*]End of Evangelion [*]Outlaw Star [/LIST] Also, I would wish for some Family Guy and The Simpson DVD box sets. Later and Happy Holidays ~WiiGamer
  2. Hi my name is WiiGamer86 and I been obsessed with Anime since I was eight. I new here and I hope this is the place where I can express my love for anime. Even though I use a gamer tag, trust me I [B][I]love[/I][/B] anime. :animesmil The first anime I remember watching was one of the Project A-Ko movies; this was back then when the Sci-Fi Channel show anime on Saturday mornings. Now a days, I watch anime via [B][adult swim][/B]. There is a ton of anime I love to own (not steal) but I don't have enough cash on me. Well Later everybody.
  3. For me it was Death Note. A friend of mine recommended that I should watch this anime when it premiered on [adult swim]'s Saturday line up. And sure enough, I was hooked on it; I could not stop watching it. It was a great anime.
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