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    Anime Anime Stereotypes

    Meh. I have some deep underlying issues, so I do appear to act like some of the stereotypical anime fans. However, I've stopped caring what other people think, so I don't really see what they think of me, and since I went to boarding school, I found more accepting people. Now, I don't bite people's heads off because they don't like what I like, I can hold a decent anime conversation. It's just that I don't have a lot of friends (not because of anime), and I do spend the majority of the time in my room. I do go out and do stuff once in a while, but anime is not the reason I dont. I'm gonna have some really homework piling classes next term, so I don't have the time to do stuff, not even watching anime. As for telling people that I like anime, I just wait for either someone else saying that he/she likes anime too, seeing their room full of anime paraphenalia, or if they ask a question relating to my interests. Other than that, I'm either quiet in a group, or I talk about something else.