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    Name: Larry Jr., dragoon of the Jade Dragon!(sorry Lavitz/ Albert!)
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  1. :excited: Me and my friend have come up with a theory about ki energy. Here goes: One's ki energy may be obtained by harnessing each of your cells' mitochondria energy output, therefore being able to produce products of energy (i.e. kamehameha waves, finger beams, etc.) depending on concentration of energy and one's own tolerance. Now the saiyajin race is capable of higher concentrations of energy and tolerance upon their bodies due to a life under high gravitational pressure on their planet. Humans however have a sort of energy "plateu", which is the brink of spontaneous human combustion
  2. I want to major in computer programming, specifically game designing and stuff.:tasty:
  3. I don't know about the whole saline thing, and this happened a while back, but it was more of a ice-pack type gel in rubber, and it froze solid.:whoops:
  4. :D this brings me back... i remember once, my sis had a sleepover thing and one of her friends had a water bra. well, i stuck it in the freezer and, when it was good and frozen, ripped a tiny hole w/ a needle. she awoke, saw my prank and thought it was nothing more than frozen, so she thawed it and wore it:o . later, one side of her shirt was soaked and it looked like a tit was deflated!:laugh: :devil: :laugh: :bawl:
  5. Beavis and Butthead kick major *****! It crushed my fragile, impressionable mind when they were doscontinued! ... and you misspelled Metallica."matallica":)
  6. I would transform into a roach so that if there is ever a Nuclear War, I can survive to fight another day! ... or something like that.
  7. :freak: Describe BRIEFLY your life hero, and why. Mine's Tom Green because he's so GD funny!... ok in a wierd sort of way.
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