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    sorry if i'm listing any artist that have already been. mobb deep dmx devin the dude xzibit westside connection clipse ludacris ol dirty bastard (i know wu tang was mentioned but their solo albums are good) method man gza raekwon outkast young jeezy rick ross M.O.P.
  2. women giggle when changing clothes. -golden boy (prolly other animes too but i couldnt think of any)
  3. well i was playing f.e.a.r.2 but i beat the game in a week on hard so i moved onto the sims 3 (yeah i was playin bootleg :X) now i'm back on final fantasy 11 lol
  4. lookin back i'd say the scariest games i've played are friday the 13th for nes resident evil2 for ps1 fatal frame 2 for ps2 f.e.a.r. 2 on pc
  5. i think everyone just about covered things i was gonna mention but one that really stands out to me is from gundam seed when [spoiler]flay allster dies. [/spoiler]
  6. [quote name='Tallgeese-']Quick recommendation, I could probably give you 100 cause it seems you and I like the same type of anime. I've been watching Death Note, I'm like 10 episodes in and I'm not going to lie, it's pretty darn addicting, but it's pretty disturbing in a weird way. I'll drop by for more recommendation a little later.[/QUOTE] own the manga and the anime for death note ^^ [quote name='EyesOfHaruhi']I always wonder why people don't give a complete listing of what they have seen. This would make it easier for us to offer recommendations. Melancholy of Haruhi Su
  7. thanks for the recommendations i actually watched witch hunter robin and Darker than Black and i must say both are very good! i was actually really suprised to see that bones did full metal alchemist too ^^
  8. looking for a new series to get into but i'm not sure where to begin. i've seen alot of the big name animes like trigun, cowboy bebop, bleach, elfen lied, claymore etc. i'm mostly into the really violent typical guy animes though i did enjoy please teacher, golden boy, chobits, and love hina but thats mostly because they were perverted.
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