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  1. cardcaptorsnaru

    Anime New series, new seiyuu cast

    i think the lust this time is more full of herself she sounds like she carries a mirror everwhre she goes but that doesnt really show the character im really looking foward to the changes in the cast and the series:animesmil
  2. cardcaptorsnaru

    Anime Ouran High School Host Club

    you know i just love ouran its a really good show that deserves more props than it gets really i think that alot more people should watch it. i made some awesome amvs lol ahhhh memories but its been a really long time since i have seen anything about a season 2. first its being made next its not then they dont know then there are problems man i wish they would just tell us if it was coming out or not!!!!!
  3. cardcaptorsnaru

    Anime Who's your favorite Fruits Basket character?

    ummmmmm honda really shes like the perfect person if thats possible!:animesmil
  4. cardcaptorsnaru

    Anime DNAngel

    i really love DN angel in fact i loved it so much i actually bought it it was the first anime i had bought but i just couldnt help it! the action is great and i really liked it though i hate the usually romance comedy togetherness i really could say that DN angel totally brought down my veiw of the romance comedy thing:catgirl: