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  1. wow, me and Drizzt pretty have the exact same viewpoint on the subject ;) on the flipside, I like to inject mythological methods into my creative works. I like the reaction I get from people when they go to look it up. The "ooooooh! I get it!" moments are priceless.
  2. I think [B]Trigun[/B] deserves a repeat. I love that series, but I felt they rushed it too much in the latter half of it to fit it into twenty or so episodes.... If they flushed it out a bit it would be [I]AWESOME![/I]
  3. [B]Umineko No Naku Koru Ni[/B] for me. It starts out OK, but in my opinion just keeps getting better after the first few episodes are out of the way, though it's still going so I'm not sure how the ending will be. It might be more popular than I realize though, since it was a video game originally.
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