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  1. Darkhood Dexter

    Anime Which Anime should i watch??

    Gungrave is a must
  2. Darkhood Dexter

    Anime Anime suggestions?

    I think School Rumble is good if you are looking for a comedic school life anime
  3. Goku vs Dr Manhattan The two most powerful fictional characters ever created
  4. Darkhood Dexter

    Gaming if there was a batman fighting game who whould u have in it?

    I think you pretty much covered every Batman villain Except for Scarface but he would be terrible to play as lol.
  5. [quote name='Desbreko'][COLOR=#4b0082]. I'd also recommend getting [URL="http://www.safer-networking.org/en/index.html"][U]SpyBot - Search & Destroy[/U][/URL] in addition to whatever anti-virus software you get. It can detect malware that anti-virus programs might miss.[/COLOR][/quote] I'll second this. Spybot is a God send. Norton is also awful. AVG is probably the best free antivirus. However, Spyware Doctor I find to be the best but it's not free.