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    This is a Vlad. It's small and fuzzy. It eats grubs and flowers, and likes to make its nest with unsuspecting Prinnies.
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    I work retail, but am also a second year college student studying psychology.
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    Lucky Star, Higurashi, Disgaea, Sailor Moon, Kingdom Hearts, Kashimashi
  1. I just completed my Sailor Moon anime collection. I'm really happy about it. Sailor Moon is a major comfort anime for me, so having the whole thing is almost like reuniting with a childhood friend or finding a stuffed animal you loved when you were a kid. What items in your anime/anime-related collection are you most proud of, and why?
  2. [quote]what is the most disturbing thing you have seen in an anime? I think hansel and gretel from black lagoon were freeking weird. they're these little twins that were raised in as (etc)[COLOR=#000000].[/COLOR][/quote] I really want to watch this now. XD
  3. Oh, another one that pax et agape's post reminded me of! Even though high school entrance exams are super difficult and most Japanese students spend all of middle school preparing for them, in anime really dumb characters who would've never passed the exam for a good high school still manage to go to school with characters who are super smart. So anime has taught me-entrance exams are in fact completely irrelevant.
  4. 1. If you are a magical girl with a completely unique appearance and no means of covering your face...no one will recognize you when you are in your normal, everyday guise. Even if your face is all over newspapers and TV (Sailor Moon, Wedding Peach, etc) 2. No matter what kind of phenomenal, cosmic power a girl has her only real dream is to get married. (most magical girl animes). 3. guys will get nosebleeds if you rubs your boobs on them, if they think about your boobs, if your boobs accidentally brush them. (any romance/comedy series) 4. you can be a completely boring, generic, and otherwise irrelevant dude and women will fawn all over you (Ah! My Goddess, Tenchi, Sakura Diaries) 5. Everyone, no matter how cute, has a dark and terrible secret (Shuffle, Higurashi) 6. It's okay to fall in love with an AI, even if she has the conversation skills of a four year old (Chobits) These are all I can come up with...
  5. Why does AT&T require two phone numbers to sign up for phone service. If I had access two freakin' phones do you think I'd need to call AT&T?
  6. [COLOR=Blue][FONT=Verdana]I'm playing [COLOR=Red]Disgaea 2[/COLOR][/FONT]right now[/COLOR],[COLOR=Blue] hence my icon. I love prinnies, even though I never use monster characters. After that I've got [COLOR=Red]Disgaea 3[/COLOR], [COLOR=Magenta]Tales of Symphonia[/COLOR], [COLOR=DarkOrchid]Grim Grimoure[/COLOR] (is that spelled right? Im not sure) and some older [COLOR=SeaGreen]Final Fantasy[/COLOR] games. The only FF games I've played are X, X-2, and XII and I didn't stick with any of them. My boyfriend says the older ones are better, so I'm gonna play VI when I finish everything else. [/COLOR]
  7. Aside from the normal stuff you'd bring anywhere overnight, throw the following in a messenger bag or backpack: -snack foods. This is really important because you can end up blowing a lot of cash on food. If you're staying at a hotel and you get a fridge in your room, bring stuff to make sandwiches. -bottled water. -sketchbook/notebook. -PSP, Nintendo DS or something else to entertain you if you're in line for one of the larger events -camera and batteries -list of things to buy -no more than $100 dollars. Leave the rest of your money in your room, and if you find something expensive just run back and get it. If your bag is lost or stolen your money will be spent/eaten/gone when you recover it. This happened to a friend of mine at a con and she lost around five hundred dollars.
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