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  1. [quote name='pax et agape']I think you made me never want to watch that show.[/quote] oops. hey, just skip that arc, the rest is really good
  2. goldenboy

    Anime Moments that move you

    In bleach when rukia [spoiler]]told ichigo not to follow her when she was captured by renji and byakuya[/spoiler], and then when orihime [spoiler]almost kissed ichigo before going to hueco mundo[/spoiler]; those are kind of obvious though; they're supposed to be really sad I was really moved in black lagoon in the yakuza arc when the girl [spoiler]who was taking over the washimine clan[/spoiler] talked about the night. it really made me think about how darkness is always used to represent evil, but it can also be beautiful.
  3. goldenboy

    Anime What Anime Giant Robot Would You Like To Pilot?

    gotta love lagann from Gurenn Lagann. I mean, it can take over other gunmen, for cripes sake. since its powered by one's state of mind, id just listen to some metal and get really freaking pumped and BAM! pull out the giga drill
  4. goldenboy

    Gaming What I learned from Video games is...

    -you can take multiple shotgun blasts from your team mates, be ripped to shreds by a pack of zombies, and restore the majority of your health with a standard first aid kit -any all powerful, god-like villain can be defeated by a band of teenagers with unlikely hairstyles
  5. goldenboy

    Gaming Xbox 360 vs XBox 360 Elite

    even if they have the same risk of rrod, elites have a 3 year warranty, so unless [I]you[/I] break it, you're covered.
  6. goldenboy

    Gaming Has a game ever made you cry?

    [quote name='Citric']The only video game that's ever made me cry was the Kingdom Hearts ending and I'm sure you all know how that went down.[/quote] that was sad. and in kingdom hearts 2, i actually felt sad when goofy supposedly died. it surprised me, because i [I]hated[/I] him at first.
  7. goldenboy

    Gaming Mythology in Games

    yeah, i like it better when its subtley in there. sometimes the storyline is based on mythology, like rise of the argonauts (which i havent finished yet), and that can be fun, though i feel like i know what's going to happen.
  8. goldenboy

    Gaming What Are You Playing?

    Lord of The Rings Conquest. Everyone said it sucks, but i like it. Left 4 Dead. just finished metal gear solid 1.
  9. id be ichigo from bleach. he's so powerful just naturally, which is kinda cheap cause other soul reapers have to work at it for centuries, but i don't care. plus i have rukia and orihime to choose from. that part would make my head explode
  10. rangiku from bleach yoruichi from bleach orihime from bleach (yes, i like bleach) revy from black lagoon
  11. goldenboy

    Anime How did YOU start watching anime?

    last spring break my friends showed me bleach. they had been trying to get me to watch it for a while, but i didn't want to because i never saw anime before and all i knew about it was from stereotypes and parodies. our other mutual friend watched it, and he loved it, so i caved. i ended up watching the first two seasons in about 24 hours. those same friends then introduced me to black lagoon and code geass (the only other two ive seen). so i owe my love for anime to them
  12. kaname tousen vs daredevil. twice the "blind justice" puns
  13. goldenboy

    Anime Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

    i like the show, but i see where people are coming from when they say its very metaphory. it's not very realistic in that most of the characters aren't regular people, they are symbols, sort of. it is kind of thought provoking. like, if the government is corrupt, should you try to take it down and remake it (lelouch) or try to change it from within (suzaku)? anyway, my friends showed me the first season on the internet, but failed to mention that the second season is nowhere to be found. they saw season 2 on tv. so here i am, waiting indefenitely on a cliffhanger. sigh.....
  14. ichigo- id be friends with him, cause if i ever got kidnapped he'd fight like hell to get me free orihime- marriage, if i wanted a sweet, romantic, mushy relationship rukia- marriage, but for a more casual, best-friends-but-still-deeply-loving relationship
  15. probably orihime. she could give us a force field for shelter, could heal us, and could hunt with her little offensive power dude. she eats weird stuff already, so she could whip up some kind of island casserole. besides, i love her