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  1. jobypollard

    What Country Are You From?

    i am from English, born and raised. I've never lived anywhere else but South England, even though my extended family is spread right across the country. i love to live alone.
  2. jobypollard

    What's your style of clothing?

    Hi Guy's, I've never been spend much money on clothes at all but I wear a variety of cloths . Sometimes I just wear normal jeans (which are actually men's anyway) and a black shirt or T-shirts.i prefer to wear formal cloths mainly.
  3. jobypollard

    Cats or Dogs?

    Hi Guy's, According to me Cats are great furniture, but a dog will save your life, man. Best concomitant in the world.i love dogs specially mutts are the best kind of dog. I don't know why, but I believe it. Every dog I've ever owned has been a mutt and they're all the best.
  4. jobypollard

    What's In Your Car?

    Hi Guy's, These things are always in my car [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Sparring gear CDs Books/manga CDs and iPod Gameboy Spraypaint[/FONT].