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  1. A question for everyone, how do you express yourself?

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    2. Vicky


      I'm not allowed to express myself anymore. Danger to society an' all....

    3. CaNz


      I flirt with everyone... obviously....

    4. Linkukun


      Poetry, my piano, hugs...er...sometimes verbally...though I'm not so good at that...written word is the best thing for me.

  2. aww that's mean to say! friends never waste my time!

  3. What?! Only one comment??? Well, I guess there are two now....

  4. Well, it's nice to know I was missed!

  5. haha, yeah it would take some trampling.

    Hey! I actually made it online!! crazy idea right?

  6. so so sorry that she hasn't been online in a century or so!

  7. haha, it would take some trampling wouldn't it?

  8. I see, this seems to be a major case of an abusive fan

    .....I'll get the police.....

  9. you got stuck again?!

  10. deal! switch flipped!

  11. So true. But since I have begun to breathe again I think you might want to get off that fan. That could result in death too you know. (Or extreme dizziness.)

    By the way, would you mind answering a question for me?

  12. Yeah well I will have to PM you to tell you that story! If I post it publicly then waaaayyyyy to many people would have blackmail against me. Then again, how do I know I can trust you????? Hmmmmmmm

  13. Thanks for the advice. I wish it felt that easy sometimes. There are many days like these where I feel like it is simply impossible.

  14. Haha! I agree! Internet families and families made up of people that you choose to be close with in life are the best! Like the saying goes, God gave us friends as an apology for our families.

  15. I know he's hilarious and his voice rocks! But then again I seem to fall for dark haired guys........

  16. That's cool! I love families basically because you don't really have to be related to them. I have a similar group of my own. I love them because my real family has waaaayyyyyy to many issues.

  17. Haha! I feel bad for the people you pray for! (In other words, don't pray for me please)

  18. You had to read twilight? That sucks....

  19. Ah yes I should have known! You two look exactly alike. You related to anyone else around here?

    Thanks for the click