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    I've been drawing anime for the longest time.
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    Gotta find a job *sniff*
  1. Anime

    heres a small page (okay large) place about a mod for Quake[URL]www.planetquake.com/gundamuniverse[/URL]
  2. LOL I can remember sleep walking to the mailbox opening it then going back inside then (This was at like 1:00 am) I went to the kitchen then the next day I woke up in the kitchen:eek:
  3. goodness that sounded like fun! Well Happy LATE Birthday!
  4. I personally work out ALOT. I do many push ups and sit ups,I go to track and am 3rd best on teh team, I do basketball, I go for like 3 walks a day, and tehn I eat good foods.:mrt:
  5. Penny arcade is hiliarious:laugh: It always cheers me up(Um I've been dead for a while:rolleyes: )
  6. I personally like techno