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    Gaming help im stuck in forest temple (oot)

    Yes.... VERY confusing... once you get the first three Poes, in the center of the main room will be Poe #4... the purple(?) one. keep an eye on the poe herself, because she splits and you have to follow her and shoot an arrow at her. Use Z Targeting to keep your eye on her. Good luck! And watch out for the boss... I think you'll have fun...
  2. We have had a topic on this before... and it turned into an argument and spamming and it got closed... same will happen with this one if it stays open. Pokemon- no human talking, not machines, has annoying little rodent. Digimon- human talking, machines, has annoying BIG rodents. Both- a pathetic excuse for a cartoon... but watchable if your bored enough. No offense to the Pokemaniacs or Digimaniacs here... retired PKMN/DGMN fan here... So, close anyone please?
  3. Valen

    Gaming Help I stuck

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Sarsy [/i] [B]I wouldn't want to have another Pikachu, I would evolve the newly caught one to a Raichu because my mate loves them. Thanx everyone. I finally caught Growlith, I got the teeth and strenght and now I stuck trying to work out the bloody rock bit on Seaform Islands. [/B][/QUOTE] Ok, seafoam is a bit harder than a few areas... first when you get to the room with the bolders, you have to be patient for this. First take the first boulder and push it just far enough for you to cross through. Next all you have to do is be careful witht he next one... it is harder. you have to push it just one past the corner of the cliff. Then bring it over to the hole and drop it in... do the same with the next. [BTW... I haven't played Yellow in a while, so i'm doing this from memory... so sorry if its not all correct...]
  4. Valen

    Gaming How do you DESTROY that robotic spider on FF8????

    Well, he has about 5000 HP if you are around level 15-20... so get quetzi and blast the fickie out of him and watch out for the ray bomb... that's a pain... and when you can, Renzokuken his arse!
  5. Valen

    Help me..

    Yes, if they can't help him quickly... just do it... get it over with...
  6. Valen

    Help me..

    Ummm no.... Mr Pooples says that [i]is[/i] 105 in dog years and 15 in human years. And Mr Pooples is ALWAYS right! Ahem... sorry to hear that *hugs* If there's anything I can do, let me know... and yea, what [i]was[/i] he poisoned with?
  7. Valen

    Gaming Rate my Team

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Lady Katana [/i] [B][COLOR=blue]Feraligator lv. 92 AI: Amulet Coin Ice Punch Bite Surf Dig[/COLOR] [COLOR=sandy brown]Pidgeot lv. 51 AI: Sharp Beak Fly Steel Wing Agility Swift Furret lv. 49 AI: Mint Berry Thunder Punch Amnesia Rest Slam[/COLOR] [COLOR=sky blue]Suicune lv. 58 AI: Mystic Water Whirlpool Waterfall Aurora Beam Mist [/COLOR](Note: I'm basically using it a Field Move Pokémon) [COLOR=red]Entei lv. 52 AI: Charcoal Flamethrower Strength Ember Stomp[/COLOR] (Under normal circumstances) [COLOR=yellow]Raikou lv. 52 AI: Magnet Thundershock Spark Reflect Quick Attack[/COLOR] (Currently training) [COLOR=red]Flareon lv. 20 AI: Exp. Share (Change to Pink Bow) Ember Tackle Sand-Attack Growl[/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE] Well... They're all good... but I would lose Sand-Attack on flareon and teach it fire punch...
  8. Valen

    Gaming Help in Oot

    Hehe silly BG... you can't get that yet until you light the torches... DO you have Din's Fire from the hole by Hyrule Castle? If not, go through the gates of the castle and where the boulder is, bomb it and crawl through.
  9. Valen

    Gaming Im so happy

    lol need help with Fossil Roo? I know that place pretty well... maybe I can help?
  10. Valen

    Gaming unowns

    Well, it is true that after you collect all 26 Unowns you an print all 26 out with a GBP (Game Boy Printer) and just do whatever with em... but the whole point of them in the game was sorta ok... except they only learn Hidden Power.... but when you have them at 100 with good stats, they kick butt.
  11. Valen

    Gaming Im so happy

    Exactly. If you would have taken your time and played through the game doing every side quest in the game, it would have been a bit more satisfactory... and the ending was nice... the play went a bit too fast though.